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Melissa McCarthy is genuinely one of the funniest women on the planet, and we love her even more (how is that possible?) after last night.

The actress and her husband Ben Falcone opted to attend the Vanity Fair party after the ceremony in somewhat unconventional attire; Adidas tracksuits.

The comedic pair were matching in their black outfits with white stripes, choosing comfort for the red carpet; "It's not less glamorous to me guys, I've doubled my diamonds – I feel great," the actress joked to Entertainment Tonight.


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McCarthy was nominated for the Best Actress category for her portrayal of Lee Israel in Can You Ever Forgive Me? but ultimately lost out to Olivia Colman, who gave a memorable speech when accepting for her performance as  Queen Anne.

McCarthy admitted that it was her decision to choose the tracksuit, rather than her husband of 14 years; "When I heard it, I was like 'Oh god, yes'" said Falcone

He starred alongside his wife in Can You Ever Forgive Me? as well as Bridesmaids, Identity Thief and Tammy. His unsurprising response to Melissa's suggestio was; "150% yes, let's do this." Absolute heroes.


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Despite losing out on the award of Best Actress, she presented the Best Costume design award hilariously impersonating both Margot Robbie's Queen Elizabeth and Olivia Colman's Queen Anne.

The Favourite and Mary, Queen of Scots were a major part of her costume; she even had the numerous rabbits surrounding her, and ginger mess of hair. We're crying. Her and Ben are couple goals for life.

Ruth E. Carter was handed the award for Black Panther and became the first black person to win the coveted prize, deservedly. Those Wakanda costumes will forever be inspiring.

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DC fans have woken up to a MASSIVE treat, thanks to the gift that is Margot Robbie.

The Suicide Squad star has posted the first look at Harley Quinn in the new flick, Birds of Prey. She's sporting the character's icy blonde hair, only shorter with a sharp fringe, with her classic bright red lips.

She uploaded the stunning selfie to her Instagram, cheekily captioning it: "Miss me?" Um, YAS.


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We're also drooling over that tassled jacket she's wearing, which is sure to spawn a load of knock-off versions. Knock-off versions that we will obviously be buying…

It's a definite change compared to the pink and blue-haired, baseball bat wielding Harley that we know and love, but we're going to embrace the change.

The 28-year-old actress shared the lewk from the solo film set, which is set to produce the film for a 2020 release.


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In the newest flick, Harley Quinn will join forces with Black Canary and Huntress to save the life of Cassandra Cain from Gotham City crime lord, Black Mask.

We're also ADORING the fact that the movie has a female director- Cathy Yan. The look is definitely Japanese-inspired, but we're here for it. Gwen Stefani also has a clear influence, style icon that she is.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing the role of Huntress, and Jurnee Smollett is acting as Black Canary, so it's a female-centred plot THANK GOD. Jared Leto took way too much credit away from Robbie in the last outing.

Harley deserves far more attention, she's an absolute BO$$.


Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie are hitting international screens in their roles as Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots.

The 24-year-old Irish actress has just opened up about the hugely emotional experience of finally coming face-to-face with co-star Margot Robbie in costume.

Ronan was candid while visiting The Graham Norton Show, explaining that the duo were kept apart for weeks while they settled into their roles in the flick, Mary, Queen of Scots.


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The actress explained: "Mary and Elizabeth never actually met so we took a bit of artistic license and lied about what really happened."

"We only met once in the film and because of that Margot and I stayed apart so we didn't know what each other looked like. When we finally met for the scene we cried. It was very emotional," she continued.

The Lady Bird actress also spoke about her time working with animals on the set of the period piece, which proved challenging.


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"The horse I had to ride had starred with Wonder Woman and was very good looking and he knew it," she said. "He just wouldn't do anything, he wouldn't move."

"Then I realised that every time someone shouted 'rolling' he would do a little cough. He was actually nervous!" she added.

Ronan plays the titular Mary, who was Queen of France at just 16 and widowed at 18, and defied pressure to remarry and returns to her native Scotland to try and take the throne.

But Scotland and England fall under the rule of her cousin Elizabeth I, who was played by Margot Robbie.   


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Speaking of the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth on ITV's This Morning, Ronan said;

"Elizabeth, is this shell of her former self – she’s completely not human, Mary is bloody and dirty, it’s two women meeting who have been pushed to the very limit."

"We asked for it (the separation), it was a cool experiment to stay apart, we didn't know what the other person looked like… we were revealed to each other the shock of seeing the visual of what they looked like," she continued.

"How we felt as actors after three weeks of being kept apart was how Mary and Elizabeth would have felt, it gave us so much adrenaline and emotion."

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Margot Robbie has broken her silence on the reoccurrig societal expectation that so many women face on a daily basis – presuming that once they are married, having a baby will naturally follow.

The wedding band is barely on women's fingers (if even) and people think it's acceptable to pry into their private live and fertility.

The 28-year-old addressed the problem when she was speaking to Radio Times, and admitted that she was fed up with the presumptions.


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She drew parallels with her character Queen Elizabeth I in her new movie, Mary Queen of Scots , when she said, “It made me really angry; how dare some old guy to dictate what I can and can’t do when it comes to motherhood or my own body?''

She added, ''Unfortunately, it’s a conversation we’re still having.”

Margot wed filmmaker Tom Ackerley in 2016, and since then, the question of motherhood has been on many interviewers lips.

She said, ''I’m so angry that there’s this social contract. You’re married, now have a baby. Don’t presume. I’ll do what I’m going to do.“


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She also went on to express her frustration at the lack of strong female roles, which resulted in her setting up her own production company, LuckyChap Entertainment. 

She said, ''I wasn't seeing many scripts where I wanted to play the female role – I always wanted to play the male role.''

She continued, ''The female roles are always a catalyst for the male story, and that’s unsatisfying. So I was like ‘Well, we’ll start making our own films because we can’t just sit around forever and wait for them to come along’.”

Hear, hear Margot – we like what she's saying. 


Saoirse Ronan is one of Ireland's BIGGEST ever stars, so we cherish any moment when the Carlow actress lands on Irish soil.

Fresh from her presenting gig at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, Ronan returns to Dublin to lead the all-star line-up of tomorrow night's The Late Late Show on RTÉ.

The 24-year-old already has three Oscar nominations under belt, and now there's talk of Mary, Queen of Scots finally earning her the coveted golden statue.


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Saoirse joins Ryan Tubridy to have a chat about working with Margot Robbie on the new movie, and her journey from The Clinic and Proof all the way to working with Margot Robbie in Hollywood.

We can't wait to hear the goss about life on set, the Oscars buzz and what stars she wants to work with in the future.

She's making the Irish look DAMN GOOD, and we're proud of the gal. She's had an illustrious career already at a young age, but she's just getting started.


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Ronan will be joined on The Late Late Show by hilarious actor John C. Reilly and comic Steve Coogan, who stop by for a chat about their new Laurel and Hardy biopic, Stan and Ollie.

Padraig Harrington also joins the panel of celebrity guests on the couch, and will no doubt converse with Ryan about the 2020 Ryder Cup.

Last but not least, four of Ireland's most successful young people will visit Tubridy; boxer Michael Conlon, Irish actor and BAFTA Rising Star nominee Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer), journalist Ellen Coyne and influencer Rosie Connolly.

Music from indie-rockers The Academic and spoken word poems from Natalya O'Flaherty round up the evening, catch it tomorrow night at 9:35pm on RTÉ One.


If you needed another reason to love Margot Robbie (which we don't tbh) then the news that she is obsessed with a certain famous wizard should do the job.

Yes, Margot has admitted that her interest in all things Harry Potter might have taken an extreme turn. 

She divulged to the Evening Standard that her hen party had a Potter theme running through it…in the form of a stripper.

Yes, you read that right.

The 28-year-old got hitched to British assistant director Tom Ackerley in December 2016, but not before her hen do took place in Aus, with 45 of her girlfriends. 

She explained to the magazine, ''[the Clapham crowd] are a rowdy bunch and the combination was explosive. They hired a Harry Potter-themed stripper for me; he had all the Harry Potter phrases and innuendoes. I was so touched, it was really such a thoughtful thing to do. They know me so well."

(The Clapham Crowd are a group of friends she used to live with in London btw.)

She went on to talk about how she has been reading about the world of Hogwarts on a loop since she was eight-years-old and it has always helped her to fall asleep. 

"I know what’s coming next when I turn the page. I can’t meditate and this is what I have to do to fall asleep,'' she explained.  

''If I read something new before I go to bed, my brain goes 1,000 miles an a hour. Reading Harry Potter makes me happy and calms me. I read for about an hour to two hours every night. My husband hates it,'' she continued. 


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In other news, Margot looks set to make her mark as Queen Elizabeth I in Mary, Queen of Scots alongside Saoirse Ronan, who will take on the role of Mary.

The trailer shows an unrecognisable Margot as the Virgin Queen, clad in a red wig and a painted white face. 

Margot told Entertainment Weekly that, “everyone manipulated their relationship. It's complicated, it’s tragic, and it’s bizarre. The only other person in the world who could understand the position they were in was each other.”

Both women look perfectly cast don't they? We must say, we're pretty excited about this one!


Irish actress Saoirse Ronan has already started her 2019 Oscar campaign, judging by the release of her anticipated new film.

The talented star dons an impressive wig, impeccable accent and prepares to clash with fellow Oscar alum Margo Robbie (a surprising cast choice for the role of Queen Elizabeth I) as she heads to battle as Mary, Queen of Scots.

The anticipated film was written by House of Cards' Beau Williamson and based on the biography by John Guy, it revolves around the rebellious and charismatic Mary who chose to fight for her native thrown instead of being Queen of France at just 16.

Widowed at 18, Mary defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth I and for a time, each young Queen beholds her “sister” in fear and fascination.

But when Mary asserts her claim to the English throne, threatening Elizabeth’s sovereignty, betrayal, rebellion, and conspiracies within each court imperil both thrones – and change history. 

Watch the trailer below:

Historical liberties were taken with this one, but this is going to be some showdown, helmed by two incredible actresses at the top of their game.  

We can't wait.

Mary, Queen of Scots will be released on January 18th, 2019


There's nothing like growing up with a brother. From eye-rolls across the dinner table to those times when we just couldn't stand them, brothers made childhood that much richer.

Margot Robbie and her brother certainly seem to have that playful back-and-forth that seems like the ideal sibling relationship.

During her press interviews for Peter Rabbit, the 27-year-old was surprised to find herself in front of a very familiar interviewer for MTV Australia – her younger brother Cameron!

sexy margot robbie GIF

What ensued was, well, it could maybe be called brotherly love. Others might call it roasting. Either way, it's simply hilarious!

"It’s funny, in the film, I noticed a lot of real-life correlations between the character Flopsy. She seems quite, at times, airy and dim-witted. Do you think that was an intentional casting choice?" Cameron joked to his sister and her co-star, Elizabeth Debicki.

We won't spoil any more of it – just watch for yourselves!

Anyone else feel like calling up their brother all of a sudden?


*Disclaimer: Mild spoilers ahead*

Based on the true life story of Olympic figure skater, Tonya Harding, and told in the style of a dark mockumentray, I, Tonya follows the rise and fall of one of America's most talked about athletes.

From her troubled home life and abusive relationship to the infamous attack on ice skater Nancy Kerrigan, viewers are given a no holes barred account of the events that led to the collapse of her professional career.

Brilliantly portrayed by the excellent Margot Robbie, Tonya Harding is anything but your typical skater.

Brash yet likeable in equal measures, her feisty attitude is apparent right from the get go.

Raised primarily by her over-bearing mother, played by Allison Janney, viewers are first introduced to Tonya at the tender age of four when, despite being told she is too young, she signs up for figure skating classes at her local ice rink.

Determined to be at the top of her game, she dedicates her entire childhood to perfecting her technique, before dropping out of high-school to focus on skating full-time.

It's from this point onwards that everything seems to gop down hill for the up-and coming star.

From toxic living situations and an abusive partner to unwanted media attention and socio-economic prejudice, one can't help but feel Tonya was dealt a fairly sh*t hand. 

Sure, she's a little rough around the edges, but her desire to succeed and love for her sport make her this year's ultimate cinematic anti-heroine. 

One of the most impressive things about the film is how director, Craig Gillespie, manages to effortlessly break the fourth wall with the help of fictional interviews dotted throughout the film.

With that, viewers are presented with various perspectives, and thus allowed to choose what version of events to believe. 

The truth is there is not truth – and that's what makes I, Tonya such an exciting watch. 

Tonya Harding and Margot Robbie 

Gripping from start to finish, I, Tonya is without a doubt Margot Robbie's most powerful performance to date. 

Funny, dynamic and above all, thought provoking, each scene is better than the last. 

Our rating – 4 stars! 


It is amazing to think that even in Hollywood, there are doppelgängers. 

We did some research into some of the most striking celebrity resemblances in Hollywood, and the results were CRAZY. 

Take a peak…

Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester

Anyone else totally freaked out?

Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem

These two actors were definitely separated at birth. 

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice


Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Green

Maybe it's because they're both so HOT? 

 Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

WOAH, someone has some explaining to do…

Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg

These two have been mistaken for each other a number of times, and always play along! 

Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinket Smith

This one is just freaky! 

Jaime Pressly and Margot Robbie


Well, that was weird…


Few stars are as truly likeable as Margot Robbie.

From her heartfelt dedication to beer baths to her teenage devotion to Harry Potter, the Australian actress is easily one of the most relatable in Hollywood.

But if you needed further proof of this, you need look no further than a recent anecdote she shared while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Breaking into guffaws countless times throughout her re-telling, Margot explained how her husband Tom spent an exercise session desperately hiding his modesty in front of an equally awkward Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi and Barack Obama… while on honeymoon.

We're going to let Margot take it from here…



Graduating from soap to the silver screen, it's perhaps no surprise that Margot Robbie harboured reservations ahead of her role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Starring opposite Leonardo Di Caprio is no mean feat for any actor or actress, but it sounds like Margot had more concerns about the public's perception of her than her co-star's one.

The Australian actress opened up during a recent interview with Wonderland and revealed that her role as Naomi caused her concern due to the script's fixation with her physical appearance.

Described in the script as 'the hottest blonde ever', Margot, who was 23 during shooting, feared that she wouldn't be able to do the character of Naomi justice.

In a display of incredible humility, the stunning actress admitted that she feared audiences wouldn't consider her attractive enough to pull off the role.

"When I was playing Naomi in The Wolf of Wolf Street it was so high-tempo sexy," she began.

"I was acutely aware that the line in the screenplay was 'the hottest blonde ever', I'm clearly not the hottest blonde ever,” she opined.

Arguing that the role put pressure on her, not just from an acting perspective, Margot revealed she became insecure about the fixation on her character's appearance.

“I was just terrified that people would see the movie and think 'eugh! She's not that great.'" she admitted.

We know, we know…