JK Rowling just confirmed a VERY sassy Harry Potter fan theory

The Harry Potter series has gripped the imaginations of multiple generations, and thanks to the internet, fan theories are dime a dozen. 

From wild ones involving Snape being Harry's father to the is-he-isnt-he debate over certain character's sexuality, there are plenty to go around. 

Luckily, author JK Rowling has a penchant for sharing fun HP facts via Twitter, and answered one particular theory.

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Hermione is now a very well known name thanks to the book and film series, but pre-Potter, it was rather unusual. 

So, when the books first came out ahead of the movies, there were plenty of people mispronouncing the Shakespearian moniker. 

That is, until the fourth tome – The Goblet of Fire, in which JK. Rowling placed a paragraph where Hermione explains how to say her name to love interest Viktor Krum. 

A Twitter fan hypothesised that Roling had intentionally placed this scene in the novel; because she was sick of so many people mispronouncing the core character's name. 

And guess what folks, that theory was correct – as confirmed by JK Rowling herself. 

Perhaps a similar paragraph for Xenophilius Lovegood wouldn't have gone astray.