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An ex-Love Island star was caught in possession of the drug ketamine and is now facing a potential jail sentence when she visits court next month.

Bethany Rodgers was a contestant on the ITV2 show back in 2015, and pleaded guilty to possessing 134mg of the Class B drug after she was caught with it last year.

A maximum sentence of five years in prison is carried by the offence, but Rodgers may escape the full sentence if she admitted possession.

Image: Instagram

Appearing at Bradford magistrates court, 23-year-old Bethany admitted possession but didn't enter a plea for another charge of allegedly using thousands of pounds of criminal cash to buy a car.

The Sun reports that the former reality star possibly used the money to purchase an Audi A3 and is alleged to have "acquired, used or had possession of criminal property, namely £16,500" to buy the vehicle.

Rodgers is due to appear at Bradford crown court next month and is currently on bail.

Image: Instagram

Bethany appeared for just one week on Love Island, having entered the villa alongside Max Morley, and quickly became involved in drama among the girls.

She failed to couple up with anyone and was dumped from the Island just days after her explosive arrival on the show, and hasn't been sighted much since.

It seems things haven't gone well for Rodgers…

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Anyone who's everyone watched Friends back in the day. It remains one of the most popular shows of all time, spanning 10 seasons and earning millions of viewers per episode.

The lead actors became stars overnight after the show began airing in the early 1990s, and it's no surprise they wanted to keep some mementos after a decade of working on the project together.

Lisa Kudrow has shared a photo of the gift which Matthew Perry gave her after they wrapped up filming, and it's UNREAL.


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Matthew bagged Monica's cookie jar for Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on the classic sitcom. The instantly recognisable prop now sits in the star's home, where she probably puts her granny's infamous Nestlé cookies.

The 55-year-old showed the jar to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and Friends fans freaked out, as predicted. She captioned the snap; "My wrap gift from Matthew Perry…”ooh, look at the time, I’ve gotta go.”" BLESS HER.

Lisa had previously explained the tale behind Matthew's choice of present to Comedy Central.

Image (without circle): Comedy Central UK

"It’s this cookie jar that was in Monica and Rachel’s apartment, and there’s a clock face on it,’ she began. "He gave it to me because… I had a scene where I was supposed to say, “Ooh, look at the time, I gotta go!”" she said.

"Well, I wasn’t wearing a watch. Because we’d rehearsed it but no one thought about it. As we were shooting, and the audience was there… it was coming up and I was like, uh oh, I’m about to say, “Look at the time.” I don’t see a watch… there’s no clock anywhere…"


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She continued the story;

"So I point to the cookie jar and say, “Look at the time, I gotta go!” So afterwards Matthew Perry went, “Did you point to the cookie jar and say ‘look at the time’?” It was the dumbest fix, so lame… and then David Crane came over and said “what are you looking at?”’

"It was so stupid of me… that’s my fix! He asked Warner Bros, he got special permission and he gave that to me." Awww, gowan Matthew. What a great pal.

Matt LeBlanc was also asked about props which he stole on the show, and he revealed he took the Magna Doodle on the back of Chandler and Joey's door for an electrician who drew the artwork for every episode;


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LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani on the show, also revealed that he keeps the foosball from Chandler and Joey's foosball table in his tool kit.

We'd probably have tried to leave the show with the entire of Monica Geller's apartment and the contents of Rachel's wardrobe.

We absolutely love all of these nostalgic on-set Friends stories, give us more please?

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We could not get enough of the Downton Abbey drama series, so when we heard there was going to be a film, we freaked.

Previously, we were heartbroken when the rebellious Lady Rose MacClare, played by Lily James, revealed she will not be in the upcoming drama.

But we are so excited to hear that the original principal cast from the acclaimed television series have confirmed their appearance in the movie.

And that’s not all! Also joining the all-star cast will be multi-award winning actress Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter), Geraldine James, Simon Jones, David Haig, Tuppence Middleton, Kate Phillips (Venetia Scott in The Crown), and Stephen Campbell Moore amongst others.

It looks like it is going to be an amazing film!

Academy-Award winner Julian Fellowes, who created Downton Abbey and wrote the film’s screenplay, will be one of the producers as well. So, we can guarantee the movie’s similarity to the series.

Focus Features and Carnival Films announced the start of principal photography on the film today.

So, it is officially filming, and we cannot wait!

The beloved television series went on for six drama-filled seasons, winning three Golden Globe Awards, 15 Primetime Emmys and a BAFTA.

The show has gained global attention, becoming the most nominated, non-U.S. television show in Emmy history!

There is no doubt that the show’s huge fan base is delighted with the news of the upcoming film, especially since we get to see the cast we have grown to love with each episode.

Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer until we get to see what happens next to the drama-filled Crawley family.


Wands at the ready, we're heading back to Hogwarts…

Past pupils and old enemies Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) and Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) recently met up in Los Angeles – and couldn't help but joke about their Harry Potter alter-ego's. 

Tom put up a snap on Instagram of himself, holding a Slytherin backpack, and Matthew, with the caption, ''see how close he was to converting…. @mattdavelewis #gryffindork.''

Matthew was sticking to his Gryffindor roots however, when he put up a similar shot, captioned, ''take your Slytherin paws off me, you damn dirty ape! @t22felton.''


See how close he was to converting…. @mattdavelewis #gryffindork

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Looks like Tom's attempt at a Slytherin recruiting session didn't work out – but he might get another chance as this isn't the first time recently that former Hogwarts students have hung out. 

In April, Tom and Matthew posed for pictures with Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), with Tom posting them to social media, saying, ''school mates #hogwartsalumni."

Wonder how the trio would fare in the wizarding world – reckon the would be mates? 


School mates #hogwartsalumni

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Fans understandably went wild on social media when the guys put up the pictures.

One wrote, ''Tom Felton carries a Slytherin bag with him. Everything is feeling right with the world again'' while others, who are clearly Slythrein fans, were teasing Matthew.

One wrote, ''come to the Slytherin side @mattdavelewis ,we have cookies'' followed by a snake emoji. 

Others, however,were just delighted to see the two former co-stars together. One simply said, ''this is the best photo I’ve seen all year.''

Now, can we have a full-cast reunion soon please? 


The Lion King is the next up and coming Disney live-action to hit our screens, and though it won't be here until 2019, Disney have already revealed exactly who is on board to voice act in the new flick. 

One of the most exciting revelations is that Queen Bey herself is on hand to star in the flick.

Beyoncé has been confirmed to play Nala, while the divine Donald Glover will voice Simba.

As we reported a number of months ago, actors and comedians Seth Rogen and Billy Eichn have been enlisted to play iconic double act Timon and Pumbaa.

James Earl Jones, who originally voiced Mufasa in the 1994 classic, will return to take on the role once again. 

Chiwetel Ejiofo is stepping up to the role of Scar. 

The film is due for release in July 2019. 

We're already ridiculously excited


Well, apparently none of the Downton Abbey cast knew that a film was in the making.

After NBC Universal International Studios confirmed the news yesterday, some of the cast members have come forward to say that it stills needs to be confirmed with them.

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Laura Carmichael, who starred as Lady Edith on the show, told AP News, "Well, tell my agent, because we're still waiting to know. We're hoping that will happen soon."

Meanwhile, Sophie McShera, who played Daisy in the series, said, "You've got confirmation before us. We have no idea if that's happening."

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Many of the cast hopes it happens however, and showrunner, Julian Fellowes said, "I think we've got a film in us."

Just maybe confirm it with the cast before you tell the entire world, yeah?


We'll admit, back in the day Britney Spears was a total idol.

We all wanted to be like America's sweetheart… well, that is until her 2007 meltdown, but we all have rough times, eh?

She's been through her fair share of ups and downs, and now a movie is being made about her fall from grace.

Image result for britney gif

According to Cosmo, the biopic is set to air on Lifetime in February, however, the woman herself has not given her blessing.

We'll admit that we'll watch the movie for our own guilty pleasure, however people are freaking over the cast.

Natasha Bassett will play Brit, while Nathan Keyes will take on the role of Justin Timberlake. Clayton Chitty has also been cast to play her ex-hubby, Kevin Federline.

Many have taken to Twitter to show their shock about the casting, because… well, it looks nothing like her:



*Don't worry, if you still haven't watched the Gilmore Girls revival or if you haven't heard the #LastFourWords yet, there's no spoilers here.*

Alexis Bledel appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night, which was her first appearance since A Year in the Life dropped on Netflix.

It's safe to say the series has been highly anticipated, and it was made even better by most of the original cast getting on board.

Image result for gilmore girls town meeting gif

The actress chatted to Jimmy about her fellow cast mates on the show, and actually, her favourites might surprise you.

“I think Caesar (Aris Alvarado) is awesome,” she admitted “He’s underrated, he’s amazing."

Her next fave was Rory's neighbour Babette (Sally Struthers) and then Stars Hallow resident dance teacher Miss Patty (Liz Torres).

Image result for gilmore girls caesar gif

“They were on All in the Family together and every time they would come to set and sing show tunes, and it was such a raucous day on set every day they were there, so I have to appreciate them," she said.

And her final fave? Kirk (Sean Gunn). Now, don't get us wrong. We love these characters as much as the next person, but what about good 'oul Luke? Or ruggedly handsome Jess? Or even the man we all love to hate, Taylor Doose? Or SOOKIE?

OK, let's just admit they're all great because we can't actually pick our favourites…


When Demi Lovato was admitted to rehab six years ago many thought her time in the spotlight had come to an end.

But – as a new interview with CBS has revealed – the period Demi spent away from the public eye actually marked a turning point in her life from which she was eventually able to propel her career to new heights.

Having recently confessed that attending rehab helped her ditch her Disney image, the Confident singer has now shared that while attending the CAST rehabilitation centre in LA for depression, bulimia and substance abuse, she made a promise to God that she would help others with their mental health problems.


Hard work paying off.. #hondacivictour #futurenow

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She said: “It sounds ridiculous, but I kind of made a pact with God.  And I don't even think you're supposed to do that, but I promised, ‘If You make me a singer one day, I'm going to use my voice for so much more than singing, and I'm going to help people with it.’”

Since then Demi has gone on to speak openly about her personal experience of mental health in a bid to break down the stigma which is still seen to surround the topic.

On top of that, the 24-year-old star revealed that she is now a co-owner of the facility at which she received treatment when she was just 18.


A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

According to TIME, CAST announced in June that it would be holding talks at every stop on Demi’s current tour. 

Fair play!



The One Direction guys were celebrating Niall Horan’s 21st birthday in Las Vegas all weekend (well that puts our bash in the local to shame anyway!), and after photos of Liam Payne sporting a cast on his arm surfaced, 1D fans demanded to know what had happened to the singer.

The word on the street was that he “got a bit carried away” while break dancing (haven’t we all?), and hurt his hand that way. However, Liam’s rep is saying that he “hurt his hand while training” with weights. He added: “He will be fine.”

Hmmm… the old ‘lifting weights’ excuse eh? Maybe it’s true, but really, why would anyone be lifting weights when they’re in Las Vegas?!

Ah, well, the important thing is that he’s fine! Get well soon Liam!




Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been added to the cast of the upcoming movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The news was confirmed by the movie’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Aaron’s wife.

Sam was asked during an interview if she has found a way to get her husband into the movie yet and she answered: “Actually, I have.”

It was initially thought that Aaron would take on the role of Christian Grey in the highly anticipated adaptation of E.L. James’ book, but he has since stated: “I think it would have been the wrong kind of hype to bring towards us. It would have been kind of funny that this character that all these women fancy – he’s one in a million – and my wife picks her husband to play the part?”

We wonder what type of a role she has given him, guess we will have to wait until Valentine’s Day to find out!

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 12.34.09




Months of speculation over the new Star Wars movie have come to an end, as the cast for the latest chapter was finally announced!

And rising Irish star Domhnall Gleeson will be joining familiar faces from the original trilogy for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Other Star Wars newcomers including John Boyega, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac will join original stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker in the movie.

The force is strong in this amazing line-up!

Director JJ Abrams said: “It is both thrilling and surreal to watch the beloved original cast and these brilliant new performers come together to bring this world to life, once again.”

He added: “We start shooting in a couple of weeks, and everyone is doing their best to make the fans proud.”

The new movie, which is due to begin filming in the UK next month, is set to be released in December of next year.