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Wands at the ready, we're heading back to Hogwarts…

Past pupils and old enemies Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) and Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) recently met up in Los Angeles – and couldn't help but joke about their Harry Potter alter-ego's. 

Tom put up a snap on Instagram of himself, holding a Slytherin backpack, and Matthew, with the caption, ''see how close he was to converting…. @mattdavelewis #gryffindork.''

Matthew was sticking to his Gryffindor roots however, when he put up a similar shot, captioned, ''take your Slytherin paws off me, you damn dirty ape! @t22felton.''


See how close he was to converting…. @mattdavelewis #gryffindork

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Looks like Tom's attempt at a Slytherin recruiting session didn't work out – but he might get another chance as this isn't the first time recently that former Hogwarts students have hung out. 

In April, Tom and Matthew posed for pictures with Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), with Tom posting them to social media, saying, ''school mates #hogwartsalumni."

Wonder how the trio would fare in the wizarding world – reckon the would be mates? 


School mates #hogwartsalumni

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Fans understandably went wild on social media when the guys put up the pictures.

One wrote, ''Tom Felton carries a Slytherin bag with him. Everything is feeling right with the world again'' while others, who are clearly Slythrein fans, were teasing Matthew.

One wrote, ''come to the Slytherin side @mattdavelewis ,we have cookies'' followed by a snake emoji. 

Others, however,were just delighted to see the two former co-stars together. One simply said, ''this is the best photo I’ve seen all year.''

Now, can we have a full-cast reunion soon please? 


Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, has gotten married.

He wed his American girlfriend (a muggle), Angela Jones.

The couple got hitched in Portofino.

Family and friends enjoyed a lavish Italian ceremony. 

Taking to Twitter, the Harry Potter actor humorously announced the happy news.

The pair looked stunning in the photograph, which was captioned:

"Not only did I miss the Arctic Monkeys in LA but they were performing in Italy at the same time we were there and my wife made me get married instead. Fuming." 


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Never to escape his former role, his fans were quick to send warm wishes on both Instagram and Twitter.

"We are so proud of you Neville! 100 points for GRYFFINDOR," said an Instagram user.  

The Harry Potter theme continued with fans joking that Neville finally got to marry his on-screen crush, Luna Lovegood.

Another referenced his character's love of herbology in the films. 

The couple has two fur babies together.

Congratulations to the happy couple! 



Congratulations are in order for Neville Longbottom Matthew Lewis – he's engaged!

TMZ has just confirmed that the actor proposed to his girlfriend Angela Jones last month after a whirlwind romance.

Related image

The website reports that Angela just divorced from her first husband four months ago, and Matthew couldn't wait to propose to her.

He popped the question on one knee in Paris.

TMZ shared a photo of the pair after the happy moment, where Angela is proudly displaying her ring in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The pair first met at a Wizarding World event in Universal Studios, Orlando in January.



Rupert Grint and Matthew Lewis are probably two of our all-time fave Harry Potter stars – and we kinda love them even more after hearing about the big prank Rupert has been playing on Matthew.

Matthew (or Neville Longbottom, as we like to still call him) revealed on Twitter last month that his former co-star had been putting food on his tab at his favourite restaurant for a number of months. Cheeky.

And when he was on This Morning today, he was asked to explain the whole incident:

"I saw Rupert for the first time in a few years and we were in Orlando and he told me he had been going to this restaurant, and I said: 'That's one of my favourite restaurants', and he's like, 'I know', and I said, 'How would you know that?' and he said, 'That's because I've been putting all my food on your tab for several months!' .. It could have gone on forever – I would never have known!"

Ah, how we wish Ron and Neville were still up to no good… Those were the days.


The internet is still reeling from the fact that the chocolate cake-eating guy from Matilda grew up to be totally scrumptious.

Yep, Bruce Bogtrotter (or Jimmy Karz as he goes by in real life) is now a total catch. 

But before you start to get weird about your feelings towards former innocent child actors, here's some kids who went from young to YUM:

1) Nicolas Hoult 

Nicholas went from playing an adorably nerdy little kid in About a Boy to absolute adonis in Skins. 

Oh and he landed one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, for a few years. 

Yep, age did good things for him. 

2) Jonathon Lipnicki


Seriously though, who would have thought that the bespeckled, mouse-loving kid from Stuart Little would grow up to be so RIPPED. 

3) Michelle Tractenberg

From innocent girl next door to sultry siren, Michelle's transition is something to behold. 

We are SO into the dark hair. 

4) Matthew Lewis

In perhaps the most dramatic transformation of all, puberty worked wonders for Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis. 

A new set of gnashers also helped. 

5) Josh Peck 

That hilarious kid from Drake and Josh shed all of his puppy fat to be, well, simply dashing!

6) Alyssa Milano 

Cute and cuter, Alyssa's looks simply defy aging. 

We'll take a shot of those genes, puh-lease. 

7) Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

From geek to chic, Joseph swapped questionable hairstyles for manly moodiness. 

We are ALL for it. 



Everyone who's anyone seems to know that the ultimate red carpet accessory is a decent set of pearly whites.

Yup, unless you're in possession of a ridiculously smile, your career can really – or so says Hollywood, anyway.

And it is quite amazing how a new set of chompers can totally transform a person's face. Even established names – Tom Cruise, we're looking at you – have opted for major dental work (in his case, back in 2002) to alter a less-than megawatt bite. 

Join us while we drool and contemplate getting the braces back on with the most impressive of celebrity teeth transformations.


1) Miley Cyrus

You can’t make lewd gestures with your tongue if you ain’t got the perfect set of teeth.


2) Tom Cruise 

Mmm, a buck tooth. What every girl dreams of from a Hollywood heart throb.


3) Niall Horan 

A case of right place, right time brought Niall into 1D, and thousands bought him that smile.


4) Gwen Stefani 

Gwen is fashion royalty, her braces were arguably not.


5) Zac Efron 

We can’t even #toocute


6) Cher Lloyd 

Questionable brows distracted from Cher’s perfectly acceptable teeth when she first appeared on X Factor, but this whole transformation is pretty impressive #thepowerofmoney


7) Cheyl Fernandez-Versini 

Cheryl was always beautiful, but those pearly whites took her dimpled smile to a new level.


8) Victoria Beckham

Posh is human perfection, good teeth or bad. We all know that. 


9) Tulisa 

Got teeth done, got voted FHM’s sexiest woman. Go figure.


10) Mathew Lewis 

This overall transformation from Neville Longbottom to absolute ride is pretty astonishing but those teeth sure do help. Yum!