9 gas Irish festival tweets to pump you up for the season ahead


With the evenings getting longer and the weather becoming a mixture of #CostaDelIreland and #RIPIrishSummer it can only mean one thing…festival season is upon us. From flower crowns, to jorts (that’s jean shorts for anyone who wasn’t sure) and festival weather, we discuss it all on Twitter every year.

The most Tweeted about festivals in 2017 were:

1. #EP 
2. #Longitude 
3. #INDIE17
4. #FF17 
5. #BodySoul17

Funny moments, emosh moments and everything in between have been Tweeted in past years. Twitter has put together some of the funniest Tweets from festivals past to get you excited for a summer of fun. Whether you want to share your two cents about the line-up, or be entertained through your FOMO … Here’s to more hilarious Tweets to come this festival season!

Checking out the line-up be like…

If you need tips on packing efficiently take lessons…

But make sure to bring every type of footwear you may you need…

And for the love of god don’t forget the essentials…

The concern is real when you realise your tent isn’t all that waterproof..or may even be nicked!

Try find it in your heart to help a hun in need.

Keep an eye out for some celebs…

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the food so choose wisely.

But best of all – share the love…