We’ve all been there; you’re having the absolute time of your life at a festival when you suddenly realise you’re doing the Robot alone.

Having become separated from your mates, you instinctively reach for your phone only to see it’s on 2% and will keel over and die if you even try to unlock it.

Thankfully, the good folk at Three know this struggle all too well and are all about keeping music-fans at Longitude connected this weekend.

For just €10, festival-goers will be able to purchase a portable power bank which can be exchanged for fully charged banks throughout the festival, and if this doesn’t suit, you can opt to leave the phone in to charge for free.

With this year’s Longitude app brimming with maps, handy alerts  and info on your favourite acts, we’re definitely making the most of this one!

Charge 'er up, lads.