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Festivals are one of the worst places in the world when it comes to dumping unrecyclable trash on the ground, which goes straight into landfill.

This year, Body & Soul have roped in the legendary US junk artist Shrine to create an installation to highlight Ireland's need to recycle small electronic waste.

EPA Research has emphasised that our country hoards small electronic items rather than recycling them, almost as if they can't decide if it's trash or treasure. Answer: Your trash, somebody else's treasure.

rihanna recycle GIF by mtv

The European Recycling Platform (ERP) have now partnered with Body & Soul to commission a large-scale installation made from small household electronic waste.

The installation is set to appear at Body & Soul, which remains Ireland's leading creative festival during the summer, taking place in Ballinlough Castle in Westmeath this weekend (June 21 – June 23).

Australian eco-builder, Harrison Gardner has agreed to collaborate with Shrine to co-create a massive, illuminated tetrahedron from salvaged and recycled electronic materials, collected by ERP Ireland.

They plan on naming the installation 'SOLAS', and it's staged to be a glowing beacon of light at the festival site. It will be a whopping six metres tall and will be clad in materials like phones, chargers, laptops, cables etc.

Basically all of our old sh*t that we dumped in a drawer five years ago.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a research study: A Community Based Social Marketing Approach for Increased Participation in WEEE Recycling (ColectWEEE).

The behaviour and attitudes of Irish people to recycling small electronic items was examined, and accelerating tech development has increased the consumption of electronic goods but it reduces their lifespan.

People have a strange relationship with their possessions, and it's fairly clear that Irish people have a hoarding culture. I'm fairly sure I still have my iPod nano from 2009…

ERP Ireland hope that SOLAS will act as a call to action to the Irish public to stop hoarding unused or useless smaller electrical items in their homes. ERP want to increase the collection rate of the items.

CEO of ERP Ireland, Martin Tobin, expressed his pride at the future installation: "We are delighted to partner with Body & Soul to commission SOLAS – an incredible piece of artwork.

"Body & Soul places sustainability at the heart of everything they do, and we are delighted to be part of their 10th Year of Joy Anniversary of the festival. We are incredibly grateful to Shrine and Harrison Gardner for creating such a breath-taking installation. I think the finished piece speaks for itself.”

Shrine spoke about his joy at the message behind SOLAS: "I have worked on projects in countless countries on nearly all seven continents but a project with an important message such as this, always stands out to me.

"I cherish creating art from items discarded by humans all over the world, these can always be repurposed into something new and beautiful.”

You can recycle your e-waste at your local electrical retailer even without a purchase or at your local recycling centre, free of charge or one of ERP’s Free Electrical Recycling Drop Off events held across the country.

Final Weekend Tickets and Limited Edition Sunday Tickets for Body & Soul are on sale via their website.



Ireland isn't exactly the hotspot for musical talent to visit during the summer, but recently we've been acquiring some absolutely MAJOR acts from around the world.

Some of us may remember the days of Oxygen (Rest in Pieces), but Electric Picnic has taken over as the biggest and most popular festival in the Irish calendar.

Longitude appears to have become the most 'hip-hop' festival in town overnight, who saw that one coming? All the young ones adore it, hence why artists such as Chance the Rapper, Future and AS$P Rocky are headlining it this year.

Oh, and the queen that is CARDI B (gasp)… this will be us when she emerges on stage like the glorious, ghetto peacock that she is:

ultra music festival dancing GIF

Luckily for you, we've decided to do a round-up of EVERYTHING there is to know of 2019's Irish music festivals.

Strap yourselves in, get your raincoat and wellies ready, it's looking like a muddy ride. 

God knows why we all live for summer's music gigs, most of us have had our stuff stolen, our tents destroyed and our dignity abandoned, yet we still come crawling back for more. Must be our dedication to the art, or something?

First up: Castlepalooza: May 3 – May 5 2019

Things have been pretty hush hush this year in Castlepalooza-land. So far, no headline acts have been announced and even the early bird tickets aren't on sale yet.

As far as speculation goes, they normally stick to Irish acts such as AllTvvins and The Rubberbandits, so maybe they'll get Dermot Kennedy or Picture This?

We're assuming it's still taking place in Charleville Castle, Tullamore, but they've changed the dates so who knows. All will be revealed.

Life Festival: May 24 – May 26 2019

For #Life19, some major dance players have been given the green light to DJ, including Giggs, Bicep, MK, Nina Kraviz and CamelPhat. Think District 8 but in the woodlands.

The festival is returning to Belvedere House in County Westmeath for a weekend of phenomenal tunes. There are three days, six stages and a jam-packed line-up.

Chill by the lakeside stage for a more relaxed vibe, or hit the District 8 tent and Main Stage for absolute dance mania.

Vantastival: 31 May – June 2 2019

Known as the last real festival for camper vans and 'legit' music lover families, Vantastival is relatively unknown in some circles but a must-see in others.

Taking place in Drogheda, Co. Louth, the festival boasts comedy shows, craft beer, art installations and a kids' camp for families.

The festival gets some unbelievable talent up to play, and the headline acts this year have already been announced.

King Kong Company, David Keenan, Cry Monster Cry, Just Mustard and I'd Fight Gandhi are all hitting the stages this year, it's gonna be a BIG one for their 10th anniversary.

Forbidden Fruit: June 1 – June 3 2019

Forbidden Fruit has been a steadily growing Irish festival for years, with some well-known as well as emerging talent performing DJ sets in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham.

Headliners this year are Mura Masa (INCREDIBLE), Skepta, Elbow, First Aid Kit and Danny Brown. They're spreading out the genres this year, bringing in some new and more alternative names.

Tickets went on-sale back in December, but there are still a few left. We recommend grabbing them before they're gone.

Body&Soul: June 21 – June 23 2019

The arts festival takes place in Ballinlough, Co. Westmeath, and it's celebrating it's 10th run this year.

Previous headliners include Nick Cave, but they have yet to tease 2019's fixtures. 

It's a cesspit for creative minds, branding itself as the biggest 'independent' festival in Ireland. They're announcing the line-up very soon, so stay tuned. We're guessing perhaps Christine and the Queens?

Sea Sessions: June 21- June 23 2019

Sea Sessions is well on the rise. The festival is specifically for surfers, and takes place in Bundoran, Co. Donegal for those sea lovers every year.

They've got a STELLAR line-up for 2019: Sigrid (I cried when I saw her, not gonna lie), Clean Bandit and Two Door Cinema Club are the star acts who will blaze up that stage.

This one looks set to be an incredible year, especially if the weather holds up. Tickets are on sale now, but it sells out every year so get on it ASAP.

Longitude – July 5 – July 7 2019

They've just announced some massive names to the chart: Cardi B and Anne-Marie are two unreal additions.

The festival is running from Friday July 5 until Sunday July 7 in Marlay Park, and always gets some pure stunning weather (for once).

The line-ups have DRASTICALLY changed even since 2017, when Mumford & Sons took centre stage. It's all about those rap stars nowadays, who would have thought Irish people would crave the genre so much? Maybe it's just the young wans.

Tickets are back on sale this Friday, February 1 at 9am. Get ready for online mayhem, as Cardi B is sure to attract thousands of eager fans. 


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All Together Now: August 2 – August 4 2019

The festival takes place in Curraghmore House in County Waterford during the August Bank Holiday, so it's always a sure-fire hit.

American indie band The National are the headliners for this year's take; previous performers include Fleet Foxes, Mura Masa, Villagers and First Aid Kit.

Most of the tickets have already sold-out for this year's festival, but there's always DoneDeal? Camper van tickets are also still available, but not much else except the higher priced ones.

Electric Picnic: August 30 – September 1 2019

So E.P. is ALREADY sold-out, as predicted. 

The speculation has begun, seeing as nobody is aware of the line-up as of yet, and we're gonna go ahead and pray that our home-girl ARIANA GRANDE hits the Main Stage. Get your rosary beads out.

Last year saw N.E.R.D, Kendrick Lamar and The Prodigy hit the stage as headliners, and Sigrid and Dua Lipa absolutely smashed it during their performances. We'd love to see those gals return with new albums under their belts.

There you are, gals. The ULTIMATE Irish music festival round-up for 2019…so far. We're tingling with excitement already at the thought of sneaking in all those naggins/cans/wine bottles/shoulders/litres/whatever the kids drink nowadays.

Now all we need is the funds to afford any/all of these amazing gigs. Maybe we could sneak in?

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We don’t need to be told to look after to our faces. This is where the vast majority of people at least cleanse. The rest of the body, however, is often neglected when it shouldn’t be. There are plenty of skin concerns that are more likely to appear on the rest of the body than on the face, such as keratosis pilaris (more commonly known as chicken skin), dry, scaly skin and cellulite.

If you want to see results when it comes to concerns of the body, you need to be using results-driven body products!


Chicken Skin aka Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris, KP, or chicken skin, is usually found on the back of the arms but it can actually be found anywhere on the body. It looks like very small reddish, pinkish or flesh-coloured dots and has a bumpy texture. It is incredibly common amongst Irish hoomans… In fact, it may be the reason we’re so fond of a cardigan.

KP is caused by an overproduction of keratin, a key skin protein, which means that there is a traffic jam within the pore, leading to the signature bumps. This isn’t a one-time issue – this is how your skin operates so it needs a helping hand to shift things out of the pore.

Taking vitamin A and omega supplements will help to ease your KP as well as cleansing the area with an exfoliating acid wash!

Dry, Scaly Body Skin

Dryness or a scaly appearance or texture to the skin is a sign that you’re lacking in essential fatty acids (omegas). Omegas boost your skin’s barrier function and hydrate from the inside out so if you’re prone to “elephant elbows”, make sure you’re getting them into you.


Cellulite happens to a majority, not a minority, of hoomans. It is incredibly common, especially in us women. You cannot completely banish cellulite per se but you can improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage through body brushing. I body brush on the daily and I see an improvement when I’m doing it versus when I’m not doing it.

Eating healthy food rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals doesn’t help with cellulite directly. However, nutrient-rich food assists our body in the creation of collagen and aids skin cells in protecting themselves which can have a knock on effect when it comes to the formation of cellulite. Think about how you’re fuelling your body!

Jennifer’s debut book, “The Skin Nerd: Your Straight-Talking Guide To Feeding, Protecting & Respecting Your Skin”, is out now, available from Eason and Dubray Books! For more information on how to look after the skin on your body, join the Nerd Network!


While festival season might not be over, we're already looking ahead to next year. 

If you like to be super prepared (and want to nab a spot in the best campsite) then we suggest you act fast when it comes to gearing up for next year's Body & Soul. 

Body & Soul announced that Loyalty Tickets for next year's festival are going on sale today.


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The festival, situated at Ballinlough Castle, will return to celebrate the summer solstice next June, the 22-24.

The festival culminates in a weekend of music, immersive art and foodie fervour.

Body & Soul has consistently created an atmosphere of culture, acoustics and activities, and next year is set to be no different.  

As well as being the absolute best craic, Body & Soul is also offering eco aware patrons the opportunity to indulge in a more sustainable experience. 

This year, tickets to the Us&You Eco Camping site will be offered to festival goers from the outset.

The Us&You campsite makes for a greener festival experience with plenty of extra perks (including complimentary toiletries in the specially installed showers.)

A three-tiered ticketing system and instalment payment plan will be in place again this year with a limited number of weekend tickets sold in each price tier.

Tier 1 Loyalty Tickets go on sale today for €149.00.

Last year’s Tier 1 tickets sold out in under 2 days, so hop on this deal ASAP.


Body & Soul is just around the corner, and for the third year running the creative festival will play host to the Absolut Midsommar stage, where a series of amazing acts are set to perform in a uniquely edgy space.

The stage will blend together the cultural experiences of music and theatre performances to capture the magic of Swedish Midsommar.

A whole host of brand new acts added to the line-up include Johnny Moy, Billy Scurry, Stevie G, Deadbots, Eddie Kay, Colm Motherway, Vinyl Below and Ruth Kavanagh amongst others, and now the entire line-up, including stage times, is available. 


01.30 – Close – Fish Go Deep

00.00 – 01.30 – Stevie G

23.20 – 12.00 – Arveene & Friends

23.00 – 23.20 – Loosysmokes

21.30 – 23.00 – Colm Motherway

19.30 – 21.30 – Vinyl Below

18.00 – 19.30 – Rob Le Nan

16.30 – 18.00 – Aoife O’Neill

15.00 – 16.30 – Ciara Brady


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01.00 – Close – Billy Scurry followed by Lumo DJ’s

00.00 – 01.00 – Timmy Stewart

23.20 – 00.00 – Bon Voyage Live

23.00 – 23.20 – Loosysmokes

22.00 – 23.00 – Johnny Moy

21.00 – 22.00 – Cyril Briscoe

20.00 – 21.00 – Black Bones (Dj set)

19.00 – 20.00 – Dj Deece

18.00 – 19.00 – Bazza Ranks & Mc Quassi

17.00 – 18.00 – Aoife Nic Anna

16.00 – 17.00 – Joma aka John Mahon

15.00 – 16.00 – Colin Devine

14.00 – 15.00 – Jon Pierce

13.00 – 14.00 – Baz Hickey

12.00 – 13.00 – Jack Thompson


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00.20 – Close – JonJo Jury & Joshua James (Savage)

23.20 – 00.20 – Shit Robot (Dfa)

23.00 – 23.20 – Loosysmokes

21.30 – 23.00 – Get Down Edits

20.00 – 21.00 – Kelly-Anne Byrne

19.00 – 20.00 – Ruth Kavanagh

18.00 – 19.00 – Eddie Kay

17.00 – 18.00 – Arveene x Shamon Cassette

16.00 – 17.00 – Deadbots

15.00 – 16.00 – Mix & Fairbanks

14.00 – 15.00 – Donal Dineen

13.00 – 14.00 – Jimmy Rouge

12.00 – 13.00 – Ivan Varian


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The area will also have some of the finest Absolut cocktails on offer, and the drinks lineup is almost as good as the musical offerings.

'Midsommar in Sweden is the ultimate celebration of summer, on the longest day of the year when the sun never seems to set,' said award winning Stockholm mixologist, Jakob Sundin.

'At Midsommar celebrations Swede’s wear flowers crowns in their hair a symbol of rebirth and fertility. Gathering flowers to weave into crowns was considered a way to harness nature’s magic and ensure good health throughout the year.'

'I wanted to capture a taste of that magic that makes Midsommar so special as part of Absolut’s bar line-up at Body and Soul.'


Body & Soul is on the horizon, and while it boasts an incredible musical line-up, the First Tastes eatery endeavour by Food on Board and Veuve Clicquot is high on our must-see list. 

The brand new food area is committed to focusing on high-end, sustainable and delectable cuisine. 

Curated by Food on Board, the Veuve Clicquot Sparkling Conversations Salon is set to deliver a line-up of guest speakers, to bring sustenance to our minds as well as our bodies. 

There are a number of personalities on board, including Niall Sabongi of Rock Lobster to give Irish oyster shucking demo, and Karen O'Donohue of GIY Ireland to divulge the positive aspects of growing your own produce.

The world’s top female sommelier, Julie Dupouy will enlighten guests on how to perfectly pair fine champagne with food, while the Life Behind The Lens segment by Kevin Thornton will give budding foodstagrammers the details of the visual aspects of ‘food as art.’

In Brunch101, attendees will learn the secrets of being brunch-ready, and The Taste's Darina Coffey will be discussing and demonstrating some of the Top Food Trends of 2017.

Love a good spice bag? Well, the creator, of 'The Best Spice Bag Ever’ Chef Kwanghi Khan will be sharing his secret recipe for the sensational seasoning.

These amazing speakers will be joined by many more, for detailed demos, discussions and tastings. 

Along with the beautiful banquet of food available, guests will have their ear canals caressed by a series of tunes from some epic DJs, including Lex Woo, Ted Cardaci an The String Theory Sound System with DJ Mog-Y. 

The clue might have been in the name for this one, but the First Tastes dating service wil also be on hand to pair festival strangers with a special picnic and champagne on the lake, to forage festival friendships and maybe even more. Spots for the dating service are €25.00 and will soon be available to book via the Body&Soul website

There will even be a magical masquerade ball on the Saturday evening, with The Correspondants serenading masked revellers.

We'll see you there, champagne in hand.  



Thousands of festival goers have already flocked to Ballinlough Castle this weekend, knowing that even though they'll be seeing pretty cool performers, they'll be missing out of Ireland's Euros match against Belgium. Sob.

The festival previously said that they will NOT air the match today, making the statement:

“We’re not broadcasting the UEFA Euro match at the festival. You could stream the match via the RTÉ iPlayer App on your phone. Or, go old school, and bring a radio and have listening parties with new and old friends.”

A listening party? Yep, NOT going to happen.

So of course, thousands protested and signed a petition, which in the end, raked up nearly 3,000 signatures.

The petition stated: “Very few times does our little nation get to come together and rejoice in the achievements of Irish soccer at major finals. This is one of those moments and it needs to be grasped with both hands!!!

"Lets petition Body and Soul to bring a small piece of Ireland’s odyssey in France to a field Westmeath! So that together we can recreate some of the joyous scenes that Irish fans are creating in France and do our nation proud by cheering on Martin, Keano and the boys down at Ballinlough Castle!"

They have a point.

So, the Body & Soul bosses, being the sound lads they are made another statement yesterday:

"Republic of Ireland fans attending this weekend’s Body&Soul Festival in the grounds of Ballinlough Castle in Co. Westmeath can watch RTÉ2’s live coverage of Ireland’s crunch Group E clash with Belgium. 

"The game will be shown live in the Midnight Circus Arena with coverage beginning at 1.00pm (Kick-off 2.00pm). The Midnight Circus Arena has a capacity of 3,000 and it will be a case of first come first served for those wishing to cheer on the Boys in Green."




If you're heading to Body & Soul this weekend, then you'll know that it's going to be some craic.

However, you also know that there's a big chance of you getting lost in the middle of all the crowds.

That's why Vodafone Centre Stage has just released deadly drone footage of Ballinlough to give you a chance to see where everything is laid out.

Handy, right? No more wandering around for hours with no idea where your friends are.