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Powering through a hangover can be tough, especially after night of excess where alcohols were mixed, tables were danced on and regrettable texts were sent. 

Here's a few hangover cures that work for us, because no one deserves to feel this amount of pain just for having fun: 

10. Powerade 


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Drinking is so often followed by puking, and if this is the case, replacing lost electrolytes and minerals will help you on the road to recovery.

Drinking Powerade can help replace the lost electrolytes, plus it's a flat drink rather than fizzy so it's easier on a sick tummy. 

Lucozade works well too if you can stomach the bubbles

9. Vanilla ice cream

Much like a glass of milk, vanilla ice cream can coat and calm an angry, irritated stomach that was until very recently full of Jägerbombs.

So if your tummy is on fire, try a cooling coat of plain vanilla ice cream or fro-yo. 

8. Dioralyte


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While Dioralyte may reside in the very un-glamorous world of diarrhoea cures, the rehydration sachets are a quick way to get better if you can't face drinking litres and litres of uisce.

The sachets contain rehydration salts, consisting of glucose and electrolytes like sodium chloride, potassium chloride and disodium hydrogen citrate, which work to replace body fluids lost after a heavy night on the town. 

7. Banana


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Eating a banana can help shorten the length of time you're going to spend being revoltingly hungover. 

The more dehydrated you get, the more potassium you lose, which makes you feel extra tired and generally icky.

If you manage to eat the banana before you go to sleep for the night, it will serve you well. 

6. Feminax 

Feminax is obviously a powerful cure for period pain, but the painkiller is also excellent for curing throbbing hangover headaches.

Also, if your muscles are aching from a night on the tiles, these tablets can help. 

5. Two Advil 


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If the headache is what's killing you, then two Advil every few hours washed down with a pint of water is the only way to go. 

Simple but efficient. 

4. Spice bag


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If you are well enough for a nice starchy meal, a spice bag is one of the preferred ways to go. 

Definitely not recommended for those with a sick stomach due to the spice, but this high calorie, high carb meal will give you the energy to go about your day

3. Lukewarm shower


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When the hangover is so bad that you're welcoming death with a smile, sitting in the shower and contemplating your life choices for hours is the only way to go. 

It's also handy if you simply cant stop puking, because what difference does it make when you're already in the shower? You can just puke freely and let the shower wash away the evidence of last night.

Also, opting for lukewarm rather than hot water can help wake you up from a zombie-like state. 

2. Tea, tea, tea


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Tea literally cures everything, and the caffeine in a good cuppa can help perk you up, without hurting your stomach like coffee could. 

The milk in tea can also help settle your stomach, and if you take sugar, you can elevate your energy levels. 

1. Hot chicken roll and a can of Coke


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The crème de la crème of cures, the classic chicken roll and can of Coke combo will never get old. 

The addition of a packet of cheese and onion crisps to this stellar line-up is never a bad idea either. 



“There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” is a phrase we mutter far too often. It feels like we are busier than ever and the pressure to have a lively social life can sometimes take over, resulting in you attending every social event you’re invited to.

Finding the perfect balance is tricky, but it can be worth it and extremely necessary. One thing we should all try to do more of is volunteering.

Volunteering is the perfect way of giving back to those in need. The Me Too movement showed us just how many women suffer from sexual assault on a daily basis. As women we should try to support one another in whatever way we can.

If you’re hoping to volunteer then one very important Irish charity could do with a helping hand. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre have issued a call for volunteers.

They need people, who are over the age of 25, to help with their 24-hour helpline. They are also looking for people to assist victims on visits to court, Garda stations and hospitals.

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre explained that volunteers are extremely valuable to their service. In 2016, their 99 volunteers accompanied over 260 survivors of sexual violence to sexual assault treatment units, to court and Garda stations.

Volunteers will be given extensive training by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre team.

If you want to find out more about volunteering you can call 01 6614911 or email the organisation.

Visit their website for more information on how you can donate and support the hard-working organisation.




The brother of a heartbroken bride-to-be has issued an appeal after his sister lost her engagement ring in Dublin last week. 

According to a tweet posted by the BiPolar BearWear account, the woman misplaced the precious item in the Rathmines/ Rathgar/ Terenure area last Wednesday. 

There is an award on offer for anyone who may have information on the ring's whereabouts. 

The appeal reads: "My sister lost her engagement ring yesterday evening (May 9th) in Rathmines / Rathgar / Terenure area.

"She's obviously fairly heartbroken and I know it's a long shot but if anyone happens to find it there'll be a lovely reward for your kindness. Thanks a mill."

While a solid line of investigation has not yet been established, many Twitter users have replied to the original post wishing the newly-engaged woman the best of luck in her search. 

Anyone with information can contact the moderator of the Bipolar BearWear Twitter account here.


There is nothing worse than nursing a killer hangover, and while the headache and dry mouth are bad enough, the hangover shakes are torture.

Shakiness is one of the ultimate giveaways that you've been hitting the G&Ts the night before, and truly gives life to the phrase: "I'm shook."

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While we know we can put our banging headache down to dehydration and our sore muscles down to thinking we can twerk after a few beverages, we've often wondered: What actually causes shakiness during a hangover?

"The tremors and the sweats come from an overactive sympathetic nervous system; they’re withdrawal symptoms," Dr Alastair O'Brien from The London Clinic told Cosmo. 

This is why the hair of the dog works so well, because you are essentially giving the body what it is craving.

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"The hair of the dog will temporarily make you feel a bit better because some of the symptoms you are experiencing are a direct withdrawal effect," explained the doctor.

"After the first drink you feel like Superwoman; you feel brilliant, your sweats and shakes go away." 

"After the second drink you’re back down where you were before. Your body is feeling bad for a reason, so listen to it!"

Your body is essentially "coming down" from all of the alcohol that you pumped into it the night before. 

So, pints of water all around? 



Realistically if you are a woman who exists in society, you have probably had something mansplained to you at some point.

In case you didn't know there was a term for this sexist phenomenon, mansplaining is when a man speaks "condescendingly to a woman about a topic he believes her to be ignorant of, when in fact his own knowledge of the subject is materially incomplete," according to Urban Dictionary.

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The possibility that she may know more about the subject than he does is something that the mansplainer simply cannot compute. 

The women of Twitter are currently sharing their horror stories with mansplaining, and some of the tales are making us pretty mad. 

10. If there is one thing worse than mansplaining, it has to be catcalling.

9. Just because menstruation has the word men in it, doesn't make them experts.

8. You would not get away with that in Ireland, that's for sure. 

7. This is just insulting. 

6. Those of us with unique names relate…

5. Don't try to school an expert fellas…

4. Is nothing sacred?  

3. Because pregnancy is definitely an area of expertise for men.  

2. It even happens at work. 

1.  Those who are not on the receiving end of sexism probably shouldn't try to explain it to those who are. 

 Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Rihanna has appealed to fans to help find missing dancer Shirlene Quigley, who was last seen boarding a Manhattan-bound bus in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Work singer took to Instagram last night to issue an emotional plea which refers to the 32-year-old New Jersey-based woman as a “beautiful soul” and features a video of the dancer promoting kindness.

Alongside the video, Rihanna – who has worked with the dancer on numerous occasions – wrote: “This beautiful soul, and former dancer of mine is MISSING!!!!  My heart aches thinking of how heavy this is on all who love her!”

“If anyone has seen or has any information on @shirlenequigley’s whereabouts…..PLEASE CONTACT the North Bergen Police Department 201 392 2100!!!!”

In addition to Rihanna, Shirlene has worked with Beyoncé, Missy Elliot and Jamie Foxx.

While she was last seen boarding a bus at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, it is unclear as to where exactly she was going.


 beautiful day  #NYC #Summer #Kisses

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According to NBC, Shirlene’s phone was found in a Chelsea bridal shop.

Her father – who is based in California – believes she could have been in the shop collecting something for a show as she was deeply religious, celibate and is not believed to have been in a relationship.

Before her disappearance, the dance teacher was described as acting in a “euphoric” manner.


This is me…a woman … I am strong, fearless, full of freedom, joy and hope, God is my Father, and I smile because I am free!!!!!!! I look at my past, present and future, and my heart smiles with joy and laughter…I have a life better then I could have ever imagined….I have the life GOD has given me…And I must say… It's such a beautiful life…God has given me family all around the world, I get to dance the dream, and continue living a limitless life… The moment I gave my life to God… I truly started LIVING!!!! I get to live a life of happily ever after … For the rest of my life… And after that  happy birthday weekend to me  Thank you again everyone for your birthday wishes and love over the past weekend!!!!! They all meant so much to me #LifeIsBeautiful #freedom #inspiration #joy Photography by @j.mnzn

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She is alleged to have sent a friend a cryptic message on Facebook saying: “Get ready, it’s about to happen and I’m going to need you to sub for me.”

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Jennifer Lopez has turned to her ex-husband Marc Anthony for a shoulder to cry on during her split from Casper Smart.

The 44-year-old singer is said to have gotten very close to her ex again while calling time on her two-and-a-half-year relationship with the 27-year-old dancer.

J-Lo and Marc were married for seven years before going their separate ways in 2012. A few months later, Jen began dating back-up dancer Casper.

A heartbroken Jen is said to have asked Marc for his advice in making the break-up decision, and was told by her ex-hubby to kick Casper to the kerb ASAP for his cheating ways!

Casper has been accused of cheating on the singing star with transsexual bikini model Sofie Vissa. However, he has denied the allegations and further claims involving a second transgender model.

Apparently, Casper has even been offered a job in a porn film following his split from Jen!

His co-star? The model he was rumoured to have had an online fling with.

That’s definitely not going to win Jen back!

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