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Powering through a hangover can be tough, especially after night of excess where alcohols were mixed, tables were danced on and regrettable texts were sent. 

Here's a few hangover cures that work for us, because no one deserves to feel this amount of pain just for having fun: 

10. Powerade 


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Drinking is so often followed by puking, and if this is the case, replacing lost electrolytes and minerals will help you on the road to recovery.

Drinking Powerade can help replace the lost electrolytes, plus it's a flat drink rather than fizzy so it's easier on a sick tummy. 

Lucozade works well too if you can stomach the bubbles

9. Vanilla ice cream

Much like a glass of milk, vanilla ice cream can coat and calm an angry, irritated stomach that was until very recently full of Jägerbombs.

So if your tummy is on fire, try a cooling coat of plain vanilla ice cream or fro-yo. 

8. Dioralyte


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While Dioralyte may reside in the very un-glamorous world of diarrhoea cures, the rehydration sachets are a quick way to get better if you can't face drinking litres and litres of uisce.

The sachets contain rehydration salts, consisting of glucose and electrolytes like sodium chloride, potassium chloride and disodium hydrogen citrate, which work to replace body fluids lost after a heavy night on the town. 

7. Banana


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Eating a banana can help shorten the length of time you're going to spend being revoltingly hungover. 

The more dehydrated you get, the more potassium you lose, which makes you feel extra tired and generally icky.

If you manage to eat the banana before you go to sleep for the night, it will serve you well. 

6. Feminax 

Feminax is obviously a powerful cure for period pain, but the painkiller is also excellent for curing throbbing hangover headaches.

Also, if your muscles are aching from a night on the tiles, these tablets can help. 

5. Two Advil 


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If the headache is what's killing you, then two Advil every few hours washed down with a pint of water is the only way to go. 

Simple but efficient. 

4. Spice bag


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If you are well enough for a nice starchy meal, a spice bag is one of the preferred ways to go. 

Definitely not recommended for those with a sick stomach due to the spice, but this high calorie, high carb meal will give you the energy to go about your day

3. Lukewarm shower


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When the hangover is so bad that you're welcoming death with a smile, sitting in the shower and contemplating your life choices for hours is the only way to go. 

It's also handy if you simply cant stop puking, because what difference does it make when you're already in the shower? You can just puke freely and let the shower wash away the evidence of last night.

Also, opting for lukewarm rather than hot water can help wake you up from a zombie-like state. 

2. Tea, tea, tea


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Tea literally cures everything, and the caffeine in a good cuppa can help perk you up, without hurting your stomach like coffee could. 

The milk in tea can also help settle your stomach, and if you take sugar, you can elevate your energy levels. 

1. Hot chicken roll and a can of Coke


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The crème de la crème of cures, the classic chicken roll and can of Coke combo will never get old. 

The addition of a packet of cheese and onion crisps to this stellar line-up is never a bad idea either. 


Did you have a heavy weekend on the booze?

Was the couch, a chicken fillet roll and a vomit bucket your best friend for the following day?

As we surface with a hangover from hell, a study has discovered that our alcoholic beverages continues to impact our abilities to function the next day. 

The study showed that as hungover humans, we have poorer attention, memory and psychomotor skills such as coordination and speed when compared to our sober selves.

We believe it; ever attempted to person once the fear hits after a big night out? – Scary stuff.

However, being hungover could potentially have serious repercussions, according to the study.

They found that drivers who use their vehicles whilst they're hanging could have impaired cognitive processes required to navigate the road safely – even if all the alcohol has left their bloodstream.

Additionally, anyone who has been hungover in work knows just how difficult it is to get through the day. 

Researchers have now warned employers to reconsider their policies surrounding alcohol and the next day effects after a drinking session, particularly from safety grounds. 

The study which was published in the journal Addiction from psychologists at the University of Bath, suggested that employees should be aware of the real impacts a hangover can have on your work.

Senior author Dr Sally Adams said: "Our findings demonstrate that hangover can have serious consequences for the performance of everyday activities such as driving and workplace skills such as concentration and memory."

Leader author Craig Gunn of the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath added: "In our review of 19 studies we found that hangover impaired psychomotor speed, short and long term memory and sustained attention. 

"Impaired performance in these abilities reflects poorer concentration and focus, decreased memory and reduced reaction times the day after an evening of heavy drinking. Our review also indicated limited and inconsistent research on alcohol hangover and the need for future studies in the field," he said.

The researchers are now turning their attention towards examining the true health and economic costs of a hangover and the associated risks with the next day effects of heavy drinking.

The study reminds us to think twice about our plans for the next day before heading out to get hammered.

It's probably best to leave your car behind the following day and attempt to bum a lift from a sober friend or family member.

Additionally, the safest place for you to nurse a hangover is in a dark room, under the covers in your bed – so prepare ahead of time if you decide to go hard on the alcohol. 


We've all been there – you eventually make it home after a big night out, snuggle into the covers and prepare yourself for the glorious lie-in that awaits, only to be rudely awoken by some kind of drunken mystic force at 8am. 

Maybe it's our bodies trying to get back at us? Or perhaps it's the universe trying to turn us into functional human beings? Either way, it's annoying AF and it's time to get to the bottom of it. 

Just like all out little bodily quirks, science has a big role to play. Speaking about the phenomenon, As Dr. Aaron White, a senior scientific advisor to the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, explained to Buzzfeed: 

"Alcohol tricks you into thinking you're sleeping better because you pass out a little faster but it's actually very disrupting and prevents you from getting a restful, deep sleep."

So, not only does alcohol make you lose all inhibitions and convince you that you're more than able to flirt with the hunky man at the bar, it also completely messes with your sleeping pattern – Great! 

What's more, once the alcohol wears off in the middle of the night, our bodies enter into REM sleep, making it much easier to wake up. 


The only way to prevent this is to take it easy on the G&Ts and stop drinking a little earlier in the night. 

You win some, you lose some. 


Sometimes, comfort food is all that can cure us after a bank holiday of gin and tonics. 

Dining out on carbs or ordering a takeaway are the only ways to salvage a day lost to the aftermath of a heavy night, and there are a few food that hit the spot every time. 

5. A delicious toasted sandwich

Carbs are what is needed on days like today, and while we have the weather for it, dining al fresco is very appealing right now.

Metro Cafe on South William Street has a selection of completely delish sandwiches, as well as an outdoor seating area complete with blankets to swaddle yourself in when the hangover gets to be tto much. 

We definitely recommend the hot prosciutto melt, which layers parma ham, vine tomatoes, mozzarella, freshly torn basil and extra virgin olive oil all served on a perfectly toasted ciabatta. Yum!


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4. A bubble waffle 

There are few things in this world as glorious and life altering as a mound of cream, ice cream, sauce, sprinkles and strawberry Pocky wrapped up in a delicious bubble waffle.

The Bubble Waffle stall is at Dublin's Eatyard, and their cone-shaped confectionery treats are what dreams are made of. 

The treats take their inspiration from the street food of Hong Kong, and describe themselves as creating "a bubble waffle, filled with ice cream, fruit, sprinkles, and any topping you can dream of, all so it looks like a cone." *drools*


The @bubblewafflefactory at @eatyard was almost too cute to eat. Almost. #yummydublin #eatyard#bubblewaffle #foodie #foodporn #yum

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3. Pizza, obviously

Pizza is completely necessary when hungover, and that is a fact.

Firehouse Pizza, Base and Dominos are all classics.

2. Mac'n'cheese

Again with the carbs. 

There are few things more perfect in this world that a big bowl of pure cheesy, carby goodness, aka mac'n'cheese.

Galway's Biteclub slays when it comes to the stuff, so order it if you're hangover resides in the west. 


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1. A burger 

A juicy burger with a side of fries, sweet potato fries in particular, really hits the spot when it comes to hangover feasting.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen kills it every time with their delicious servings, and we have a hankering for one right now…


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Sometimes when you're hungover, the only cure is brunch.

These brunch spots are some of our faves, and if you can't drag yourself out of bed due to the state that you're in, then prepare to drool over their divine dishes. 

6. Biteclub Streetfood Discotheque, Galway

Biteclub is one of Galway's trendiest eateries, and opens up for brunch at 11.30am on weekends. 

We recommend the fish tacos, teamed with a watermelon and gin slushie. Pure perfection. 


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5. Herbstreet, Dublin

Herbstreet has an extensive and delightful menu, which is why it's such a popular place for brunch-goers. 

From Belgian waffles to a full Irish, there are plenty of gourmet foods in generous portions at this joint. 


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4. Bang Bang Cafe, Dublin

Bang Bang Cafe, another D7 delicatessen, is pretty well known for their brunch burgers.

The eclectic decor and unreal tunes are just two more reasons to hit up this edgy eatery. 

3. Whitefriars Grill, Dublin

Whitefriars Grill serves up an amazing range of indulgent egg dishes, and if you can face a cocktail this morning, this is the place to be. 

Seeing as it's handily located on Aungier Street, it's never a bad idea to pop into Aungier Danger afterwards for a few dozen doughnuts. 


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2. Caprice Cafe, Galway

Caprice is one of Galway's newest eateries, but it has already established an amazing reputation.

If you're heading to brunch, you can opt for a healthy, hearty helping of organic porridge or homemade granola and Greek yoghurt, or you can live dangerously and soak up the hangover with the buttermilk chicken burger or fish finger sandwich.

It's definitely a must-see if you're in Galway city. 


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1. Two Boys Brew, Dublin

This divine little place in Phibsborough does some of the best coffee in Dublin, and the menus subtle twists on classic brunch foods are to die for.

Two Boys Brew does an all day brunch, so even if you're not quite ready to drag yourself out of bed, brunch is served until 4pm .

We totally recommend the Brew Boys Benedict and the blueberry and ricotta hotcake.


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 Feature image: Amélie Bellemin-Comte


We've pretty much given up on hangover cures. Sure, you have a few remedies that make a banging headache and sick stomach better, but all in all, it takes a good day or so for a hangover to go away.

Why do we put ourselves through it?!

Well, we may not have to put ourselves through it anymore because students in Yale have created SunUp, which will apparently banish the morning-after aches and pains


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The product is a powdered, citrus flavoured supplement that you dissolve in water. However, you don't take it the morning after.

Nope, you take it before you even go out drinking.

The pharmaceutical team, Margaret Morse, a major in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Liam McClintock, a competitive athlete, made a chart to show you how the powder works.

SunUp Hangover Cure

We're sold!

Unfortunately, SunUp is still in the crowdfunding stages, so it might be a while before we get our hands on it.



We all know the deal. You're out until five in the morning but have to be somewhere else by 10am.

You pull yourself out of bed – no matter how awful you look – and leave the house in hope that no one will see you.

But if you're a major star, like Rupert Grint is, then you might have a problem going unnoticed.

The actor was seen leaving a London hotel last weekend and fans started to worry on social media about his well-being.

It's all good though, because when his rep said it was simply a stray hair that made Rupe look so dishevelled.

"The picture is misleading as there is a curl of hair under his eye and it's very poorly lit. He has been working very hard rehearsing for a new sky show and also training hard. I saw him on Sunday and he is looking great."

Hmmm… Sure.

We'd say he was absolutely hanging, but you know, the stray hair excuse works too.



Waking up the morning after the night before can be a bit scary – mascara everywhere, lipstick smeared across your face and foundation patches on your cheeks. While making yourself look somewhat presentable requires a bit of effort, these steps will go a long way to ensure you look alive.

Have a shower
First things first, have a shower. There is nothing better than a shower to perk you up.

Moisturise like your life depended on it. Alcohol will leave your skin dehydrated and you need to hydrate your skin as much as you can.

Light foundation
Don’t pile on the foundation. it will just make you look more tired. A light tinted moisturiser is ideal or even just some concealer to hide blemishes and bags under your eyes.

Work on your lashes
The next thing you need to do is work on your lashes. Curl them with an eye lash curler and then lightly apply mascara. Don’t overdo it though as they will end up looking clumpy and top heavy. 

Finally, give yourself some much needed colour by sweeping blusher across your cheeks.

Now you are ready to face the world. Well, once your stomach settles down a bit.

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