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Met Eireann has issued a yellow weather warning for hailstones this afternoon from 12pm to 3pm.

They have warned motorists to be extra careful in this weather, as hailstones can be particularly hazardous and unpredictable.

Hailstones can happen year-round in Ireland.

In order to stay safe in these risky weather conditions, cruise control should be switched off when driving.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) also says to reduce speed without braking during a sudden downpour of hailstones.

Alerting other motorists with your hazard warning lights is recommended.

As well, the RSA advises that you avoid sudden steering movements or braking suddenly when caught up in hailstones.

For more guidance on how to drive in this weather, watch this video from the RSA:





Ireland is set to experience temperatures as low as minus five degrees tonight, as the cold snap continues, bringing severe frost and icy patches with it.

AA Roadwatch has asked drivers to be extremely careful when travelling on the roads this weekend.

They have been advised to allow extra time when travelling.

Barry Aldoworth warned drivers, “Watch in particular for areas of roads where they might be covered by trees, because they will take longer for ice to defrost, meaning that the roads could stay slippier for longer."

He added, “Sunday is traditionally a quieter day on the roads, but if you are one of those making a journey to the family, or if you have been down the country for the weekend and you are coming home, just allow yourself some extra journey time.”

Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow weather warning nationwide. They shared that Ireland is set to experience very cold temperatures, with the lowest ranging from zero to minus five degrees.

It is set to turn very cold with severe air and ground frost returning. They have also warned the public to be aware of icy patches on damp, untreated surfaces.

Stay safe out there! 


Hands up if there's a drawer in your house filled with old Samsungs and Nokias that only ever see the light of day when you have a festival to go to or an iPhone emergency to fix?

Yeah, us too.

And while keeping your old phone on hand might seem like a clever back-up plan, a new warning from the Dublin Fire Brigade might just change your mind.

The tweet reads: “Got a new phone for #Christmas ? Maybe recycle or pass on your old phone? This phone was recharged after being left idle & you can see the battery has begun to swell. If a phone hasn't been used in a while, it might be better to dispose of it safely.”

The emergency service has advised anyone who received a new phone for Christmas to ensure they dispose of the old one correctly as failure to do so could result in the battery bursting and exploding.

The terrifying warning was accompanied by a series of images showing a phone battery that had swelled to almost twice it's original size, posing a major threat to anyone who may be handling it.

Excuse while we clear out our blockia grave yards…


So, while the avocado may be one of 2017's most popular foods, it looks like not everyone has got the hang of them just yet. 

Medical staff at Dublin's Beaumont Hospital are urging people to exercise caution when preparing one of this year's trendiest foods.

According to reports, “avocado hand” is on the rise as a record number of people present themselves to A&E with the self-inflicted knife injury.

A record in the November-December edition of the Irish Medical Journal (IMJ) describes how a 32-year-old woman admitted herself to Beaumont Hospital's A&E department this year after accidentally stabbing herself in the finger while trying to de-stone the fruit.

The reports goes on to explain how the kitchen knife was impaled in the woman's hand as well as the avocado.

Medics at Beaumont’s Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery say people need to be more aware of the dangers.

“The public needs to be educated on the potential dangers of preparing avocados.”

“Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has released a short video demonstrating a safe method to cut and de-stone an avocado by simply using a chopping board.”

In the case of the 32-year-old woman, the knife was removed and the finger nerve was repaired, however, medics have warned that these types of injuries have the potential to to cause significant neurovascular, tendinous and/or bony injuries.



A number of warnings remain in place with many parts of the country experiencing icy conditions and accumulations of between four and eight centimetres of snow.  

An Orange snow-ice warning, which is valid until 11pm tonight, has been issued for the following counties: Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Wicklow, Offaly, Westmeath, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon and Tipperary. 

A second Yellow snow-ice warning has also been put in place for counties Dublin, Louth, Wexford, Cavan, Monaghan, Leitrim, Sligo and Waterford. 

Motorists have been advised to exercise extreme caution when travelling and the AA have recommended that drivers use major routes where possible. 

Meanwhile a Yellow wind warning has been issued for counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford with gusts of around 110km/h expected in coastal regions and on higher ground. 

A rainfall warning is also in place for Wexford, Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford. 

We reckon it's a day for the duvet! 


Ticketmaster have issued a number of warnings for fans attending Niall Horan's homecoming concert in Dublin's Olympia Theatre tonight.

Those who purchased tickets for the highly anticipated gig using a credit card have been told the card owner must be present upon arrival.

In cases where multiple tickets were purchased using the same credit card, additional guests will have their IDs cross checked against a purchase list.

In an email sent out last night, concert-goers were told that failure to comply with these rules would result in denied entry:

“Any ticket holder not able to provide the required purchase and identification documents will be denied entry to the venue.

“Any customer found to have exceeded the show’s ticket limit will have their additional transactions cancelled.

Meanwhile, Niall has been posting on social media ahead of tonight's gig, admitting he is both “nervous and excited.”

The Slow Hands singer also took to Instagram to share his delight at getting the chance to share the stage with Dublin-based band, Wild Youth. 

Doors open at 7pm, with special guests, Wild Youth, due to kick off at around 8.15pm, while Niall Horan is expected to take the stage around 9.15pm. 


Earlier this month we reported on a dubious trend which saw members of the public avail of a 'nose lifter' device which helps to reshape an individual's nose without the aid of surgery.

Made of soft PVC plastic, the device is inserted into the nostrils to help redefine their shape, and, according to Racosmeofficial, "gives an instant, dramatic result and is the world's best selling nose job alternative!"

However, it doesn't look like everyone is a fan, with members of the medical community issuing cautionary advice to the public over the use of the device.

Speaking to News.com.au, Head of Rhinology at Australia's University of New South Wales and Macquarie University, Professor Richard Harvey highlighted the dangers associated with attempting to rehape the framework of your nose.

"It's putting pressure on the cartilage framework of the nose," he explained. "It's being manipulated. It's stretching and distorting it and putting pressure on the lining of the nose."
While the folk behind the invention advise the public to only wear the device for an hour at a time during the first week, Professor Harvey reminded the public that wearing it for any time period could result in accidental inhalation should it become dislodged.

Urging the public to reconsider quick-fixes which can be bought online, Professor Harvey added: "If people really have concerns about the shape and function of their nose, they should see a doctor who deals with cosmetic treatments."

"They can educate you about the pros and cons of such treatment."



Sometimes, our lovely Gardaí are just too funny.

As we all know, the country is in a fit because of the bus strike this Saturday which will no doubt cause chaos for anyone heading to the All-Ireland match.

But, the An Garda Síochána's Facebook page has now issued a warning to put a few minds at ease… and we just don't even know what to say about it.

It begins: "A thought for those on the Annual Pilgrimage to Croke Park on Saturday!

"Consider that not all the snakes have left Ireland. We have Red and Green ones! So we urge all the pilgrims from the west to consider sliding into town on a snake." Like… what??

It continues: "The wheels on the bus go round and round however we seek divine intervention and hope they are running on Saturday. Jumping on a bus you might not get far, you won't stop off to pick up your guitar."

There's another few paragraphs to the message, which you can read above.

They're serious craic lads.



Ladies, it's time to put the phones down and listen up as top dermatologists have said that taking selfies can cause wrinkles.

According to The Telegraph, experts believe that regularly exposing our faces to light and radiation from smartphones is making us age faster.

And the effects selfie-taking can have on the skin is so bad, doctors can even tell which hand a person holds their phone in from checking the side of their face that is most damaged.

London-based doctor Simon Zoakei said: “Those who take a lot of selfies and bloggers should worry.”

“Even the blue light we get from our screens can damage our skin," he added.

And Dr Zoakei said wearing suncream isn't enough to protect skin from the harmful rays our beloved phones are emitting.

He said: “I think there is a gap in the market for products which protect because I know there are people who take lots of selfies, and bloggers who come to me and I have seen that there is damage there.”

“It's a different wavelength of radiation so sunscreen will not block it.”

The warning has been repeated by Dr Zein Obagi of the Obagi Skin Health Institute in Beverley Hills who said selfie taking causes a “dull dirty looking texture that you cannot identify on one side of the face”.

Dr Obagi suggested that saturating the skin with anti-oxidants could help prevent damage.

He said: “I think we need to create a defence mechanism, light has some sort of magnetic think that is happening to the skin."

“This magnetic field is altering the minerals in the skin. A sunscreen will not protect you."

"But if you saturate your skin with anti-oxidants it can help prevent DNA damage from electronic devices.”

Time to break out the Vitamin E!



Things are heating up between Justin Bieber and Transformers actress Nicola Peltz, but not for much longer – if Gigi Hadid has anything to do with it.

According to Hollywood Life, the Topshop model – who recently supported boyfriend Zayn Malik through his public struggles with anxiety – has allegedly told Nicola to be careful with her heart around Biebs.

A source for the site said: “Nicola is being warned by her bestie Gigi to be very careful with Justin.”

Gigi is good friends with both Nicola and Justin’s former flame Hailey Baldwin and, according to the source, “these ladies have seen first-hand how quickly Justin goes through relationships and all of them have words of caution for Nicola.”

“Gigi is warning Nicola, ‘Justin is a non-committal heart-breaker. He will get what he wants from you and move on to his next conquest.'” 

The Sorry singer was spotted on a date with Nicola last month at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverley Hills – the same restaurant he often visited with his ex Selena Gomez who's said she's sick of him dating their shared friends.

It’s also been reported that he recently flew the stunning blonde out to Canada for one of his concerts.

According to E! Justin is finally ready to be in a relationship but given the string of women he’s been linked to lately, will it be with Nicola?

Only time will tell.

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Like Phillip, we're on the fence about Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis.

Within two days they were broken up and back together about three or four times, and now there's more drama following them.

Jeremy's ex, Tara Omidi has warned Steph to "watch her back."

Tara met Jeremy while they were filming the reality show Beauty School Cop Out and she claims that Jez came on to her in the same way he came on to Steph.

The 22-year-old told The Sun: "When I was on Beauty School Cop Out with Jeremy, he used the exact same lines on me as he did on Stephanie.

"He's a very charming guy but this is obviously just a showmance, Stephanie needs to watch her back.

"When I was on BSCO with Jeremy, there was a love triangle with me and him exactly like the one he was in with Stephanie and her boyfriend Sam.

"Jeremy used to sleep with this other girl and then afterwards he’d tell her it was only a physical thing and he was really in love with me."

Will there ever be an end to the drama in their relationship?



A weather warning has now been issued by Met Éireann – with areas in Dublin, Wicklow, Galway, Clare, Kerry and Limerick being told that west to southwest gusts will reach speeds of 100-125 km/h this afternoon.

The ferocious conditions are expected to continue into tonight. It's all part of Storm Barney – the successor to the recent Storm Abigail.

The Met Office in the UK has furthermore warned that the unsettled weather could disrupt flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports – potentially causing travel chaos for thousands of Irish people. 

Meanwhile, Met Éireann forecaster Willemien Phelan warned last night: "A depression is forming in the Atlantic and an orange weather warning is likely to be put in place. We will be monitoring it closely.

"The southern half of the country will be mostly affected. It will hit from 10am onwards.

"There will be very strong winds in Munster and south Leinster. The winds will peak in early afternoon with the southern half of the country definitely feeling it."

Over the weekend, the tail-end of Storm Abigail resulted in significant flooding in Donegal, while heavy rain also caused damage in Wales and north-east England.