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Did you have a heavy weekend on the booze?

Was the couch, a chicken fillet roll and a vomit bucket your best friend for the following day?

As we surface with a hangover from hell, a study has discovered that our alcoholic beverages continues to impact our abilities to function the next day. 

The study showed that as hungover humans, we have poorer attention, memory and psychomotor skills such as coordination and speed when compared to our sober selves.

We believe it; ever attempted to person once the fear hits after a big night out? – Scary stuff.

However, being hungover could potentially have serious repercussions, according to the study.

They found that drivers who use their vehicles whilst they're hanging could have impaired cognitive processes required to navigate the road safely – even if all the alcohol has left their bloodstream.

Additionally, anyone who has been hungover in work knows just how difficult it is to get through the day. 

Researchers have now warned employers to reconsider their policies surrounding alcohol and the next day effects after a drinking session, particularly from safety grounds. 

The study which was published in the journal Addiction from psychologists at the University of Bath, suggested that employees should be aware of the real impacts a hangover can have on your work.

Senior author Dr Sally Adams said: "Our findings demonstrate that hangover can have serious consequences for the performance of everyday activities such as driving and workplace skills such as concentration and memory."

Leader author Craig Gunn of the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath added: "In our review of 19 studies we found that hangover impaired psychomotor speed, short and long term memory and sustained attention. 

"Impaired performance in these abilities reflects poorer concentration and focus, decreased memory and reduced reaction times the day after an evening of heavy drinking. Our review also indicated limited and inconsistent research on alcohol hangover and the need for future studies in the field," he said.

The researchers are now turning their attention towards examining the true health and economic costs of a hangover and the associated risks with the next day effects of heavy drinking.

The study reminds us to think twice about our plans for the next day before heading out to get hammered.

It's probably best to leave your car behind the following day and attempt to bum a lift from a sober friend or family member.

Additionally, the safest place for you to nurse a hangover is in a dark room, under the covers in your bed – so prepare ahead of time if you decide to go hard on the alcohol. 


Is there anything scarier than the Fear of Missing Out? According to research carried out by NOW TV, missing out on the year’s best gigs and festivals and not being up to speed with the most talked about TV shows are the moments most likely to infect us with FOMO.

In fact, the FOMO is so widespread in our country that more than 1 in 5 research respondents say they would binge watch an entire TV series over one weekend, just to ensure they were up to speed and could participate in watercooler conversations with colleagues and friends!


What's it all about though?

Image result for the fear gif

The Fear is Calling You

Sunday night fear is no new phenomenon but for 1 in 5 adults in Ireland (21%, to be exact), it is the most petrifying point of the week. For others, seeing their boss’ number pop up on their phone gives them the chills (16%), while 18% live in fear of bumping into an ex while looking rough or make-up free.

Petrifying Posts

Social occasions, such as the bank holiday nights out, also strike fear into the hearts of the NOW TV survey respondents. Nearly a quarter (24%) claim that seeing pictures of a missed night out online will inflict dangerous levels of FOMO.

The terror of missing something online is real, with 50% claiming they check social media as soon as they wake up in the morning, nearly a third (30%) check it before they even get into work and only 3% have the patience to wait until evening. Fear avoidance is key for some with 22% saying they have blocked someone on social media to avoid a FOMO frenzy.

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Entertainment Envy

The NOW TV survey uncovers that entertainment envy is a major cause for Ireland’s FOMO. Missing a music festival or gig was cited (39%) as one of the most fear inducing occurrences among respondents. Music gigs cause more fear than sporting events, with Electric Picnic (28%) and Coldplay’s concert in Croke Park (24%) being highlighted as the nation’s biggest regrets last summer.

Not being up to date on the latest movies and TV shows accounts for a substantial amount of FOMO across the country. 18% say that not watching the TV series their friends or colleagues are raving about gives them a frightful amount of FOMO.Game of Thrones was the cause of most FOMO among respondents, half (50%) say they regret not tuning in to see Jon Snow and Co while it aired. When trying to counteract the fear only 13% say they would jump into a series halfway through, 44% admitted they couldn’t bear missing out on content and would binge watch the entire series.

Forget the FOMO this Halloween and catch up on all the best shows. There are plenty of bingeable box sets to sink your teeth into.

Image result for looking outside rain gif

Scared Singletons

It seems Ireland’s singletons suffer more from FOMO and fear when compared to their loved-up counterparts. Over half (55%) of single people admit that being around a friend with another half gives them FOMO fever. Those surveyed in a relationship are less likely to suffer from fear or FOMO. Almost three quarters (74%) say they don’t get envious when seeing their single pals going out on the town, most responding ‘I’m glad I’m passed that phase’. Those lucky in love prefer a night in watching TV with their other half (65%) over a night out on the tiles.

This free from FOMO group will be glad to know that while secure in their romantic relationships, they can have a no-strings relationship with their TV streaming service.

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Stream and Scream

Those looking for a scare over the weekend will have plenty of options with NOW TV’s incredible selection of frightening films and terrifying TV box sets. Movies like Halloween, The Witch, Psycho, Lights Out and What Lies Beneath to TV series including the new season of The Walking Dead, Westworld and The Strain, are amongst the eerie entertainment shows available on NOW TV with no contract necessary!

Michael Forry, Head of NOW TV, said: “NOW TV is the unique streaming service that lets you watch the best TV shows and movies on your terms and without a contract. Our offering is sure to counteract the fear epidemic sweeping over the nation and we invite the country to embrace Halloween this year and face the fear by not missing out on the brilliant TV shows on NOW TV.”



It is quite rare that these days you meet someone who hasn’t indulged in a nap at some point in their lives. Not just for infants or small children, 15 minutes of absolute luxury can be all yours if you’re willing to indulge in a quick trip to the land of snooze-ville.

There’s just one problem: optimal napping conditions can sometimes be hard to find.

The trek upstairs to your actual bed can be far too intimidating, especially if it’s a Sunday and last night just went far too well for you. Feeling fragile and needing some cuddles to help you through The Fear?

Then you need this pillow/bed. inspired by the character from Disney's Big Hero 6, this is the best thing we've seen all week.

He’s shaped like a human, so cuddles all day every day.

He supports you when it's time for snacks and tea; no spills, no problems.

There’s also his ability to stretch, so you’ll never be afraid of falling off.

We need one, immediately.



The Fear is one of those things we all dread, but we can never quite bring ourselves to make the ultimate sacrifice to not have to deal with it. 

When one is afflicted with The Fear, it’s important to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Lucozade and hot chicken rolls will help the cause.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible and there are things that make The Fear SO much worse, like these:

Social media
Look, you might think it will help, but untagging those photos can wait until tomorrow. Switch settings so you can review photos before they appear on your page, take a deep breath and relax!

Last night’s clothes
They're sitting a pile beside your bed, so you decide to be proactive and put on a wash. The smell of stale smoke and spilled Sambuca brings you instantly back to the club and you begin to feel nauseous.

Talking to people
“You were so funny last night” – wait, what? Funny like how? Oh no…

Not talking to people
No one has contacted you all day – what the hell did you do last night!

Watching anything scary
An American Horror Story marathon may sound like a good idea, in reality you will spend the day jumping every time you hear the tiniest sound. Not cool. Stick with the rom-coms.

Trying to be healthy
Who are you trying to kid with that 'supersalad' and green goddess juice? They can wait until tomorrow, for now PIZZA. 




How often have you woken up after a night out and wished someone had prised your phone out of your drunk, eager hands? Or longed for someone to fill in the blanks between leaving the first pub and arriving at the fifth? 

The introduction of new app Drunk Mode, created by Joshua Anton, may be everything you’re looking for! This app, available for iPhones and Androids, is basically your babysitter on a night out.

Its features include preventing you from calling certain people by allowing you to store a list of numbers you’d rather not ring while blind drunk and reminiscing. Jackpot.

It also has a ‘breadcrumb’ function which allows you to track the pubs and clubs you attended the night before, so the days of squinting at the receipt of a bar you’ve never heard of are over! Genius.
The app’s creator told USA Today that he realised the app's potential when he received a call from a girl who said things that “she probably wouldn’t…if she were sober.” We’ve been there, anonymous girl.

The team behind Drunk Mode are currently launching a campaign to incorporate more features, but are experiencing financial struggles while working towards their $30,000 goal.

We hope they’ll get there soon!


You may be a little upset it’s Monday but to take your mind off things we’ve put together another killer episode of Wired where Niamh Geaney is joined in studio by TV fanatics Conor Behan and Ciara O’ Doherty to round up the TV week.

We bring you all the X Factor goss and what we really thought of Cheryl's miming- call us controversial! In TV news we talk the The Fall, and more importantly Jamie Dornan, returning to our screens this Sunday. The Fear is ending, but with that, Republic of Telly kicks off so our comedy buds are well catered for with one promo in particular catching our eye. To top it off we let you in on an intriguing documentary that David Hasselhoff will be fronting- a must see! All that, and much more.

Join us back here tomorrow for your weekly event guide, The Line-Up.


What a TV week! Niamh Geaney is joined in studio by TV fanatics Emma Power and Conor Behan to talk the telly talk. Did you watch Love Hate last night? If not, shame on you! The series is back with a bang and we take you through the highlights. Another explosive weekend for the X Factor contestants was had, were you happy with the finalists chosen? Emma and Conor have a thing or two to say! We also take a look at RTE’s very real reality show Connected and prank show The Fear which has just returned to our screens. Funny or cruel? We tell you what we think. Enjoy!

Join us back here tomorrow for your weekly event guide The Line-Up.



We don’t think we’d react as well as poor Kevin if we were put on live radio at a moment’s notice!

Then to be faced with the (fake) news of Bernard O’Shea’s death and asked to do an impression…

We would crumble – but not Kevin!



“I’m never drinking again” – often heard but never followed through on. Yes, we always enjoy ourselves on nights out but much of the time, we make idiots of ourselves along the way. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest drunken mistakes we make.

1. Mixing different kinds of alcohol
It’s never a good idea.


2. Not eating before you start drinking
Halves your ‘getting drunk’ time, increases your bile vomiting chances.


3. Eating AFTER drinking
We all do it – the seven thousand calorie takeaway that we use as a pillow when we fall asleep. It’s never a good idea.


4. Texting
Yes, at the time it feel so good to get that rant off your drunken chest or text your ex to tell them you still love them four years after you’ve broken up. But it is definitely a bad idea, so make sure you tell your Mr. Hyde that next time the two of you cross paths.


5. Crying
Yes, we get it, she has the same dress as you. Now zip it, Drunky.


6. Fighting
It’s never a popular decision on any night out. Nights out are for enjoyment, not some drunk trying to gouge your eyeballs out because you looked at them in a weird way. Yes I use my eyes to look. Yes, I might have looked around the place. Yes, they might have caught your eyes because you were looking too. No, it doesn’t mean I want to fight you. Who are you? The International Eye Police?


7. Becoming friends with someone you actually hate
The next morning: “I hate myself.”


8. Sleeping with a stranger
Not a mistake for everyone but can make some people feel really bad about themselves.


9. That one you can’t remember – The Fear for the week over it
You wake up and you just know you’ve done something wrong but can’t quite put your finger on it – neither can anyone else and you’re left baffled for years. Until that one weekend three years later someone meets you and says “No way! Remember that night you…?” Oh dear.


10. Drinking ALL the drink
Not pacing yourself and drinking every single drop in sight. The repercussions are inevitable….


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You have just woken up and all you keep getting is three distinctive flashbacks: fighting with your mate, texting your ex to tell him you guys should get back together and scoring said ex’s best friend. Well this is going to be an awkward morning…

Worse things could have happened. Just keep repeating that to yourself. You are vulnerable, sensitive and not in a good place right now. 


Be Warm
You are experiencing the shakes and then sweating like a pig. You need to control this. Get your duvet and wrap it around you like a butterfly immersed in a cocoon. You can’t let this shivering defeat you. Stay strong!


It’s time. You go to the kitchen, you put on the kettle and you locate food. We recommend ice cream, crisps and bags of chocolate. If you are feeling up to it, make a giant sandwich.

eating selena

I’m not talking a cup. I’m not talking a pint glass. Get as much water as you can physically carry. No man should be dehydrated and on a day like today anything could set you off, so, have it close to you. You deserve this fountain of relief.


Make it to the couch and get Netflix on because today you will watch TV like you’ve never watched it before.  Remember you can do this. You are the master of this hangover.

Call A Friend
When you have calmed down from the utter panic you experienced this morning, it is time to call a friend. This is a 50/50 situation. You will either be relieved and joyous to find out last night wasn’t that bad or find out you have done a whole lot worse. It is your call. You can do this.


Okay, just let it all out. You may be watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or something on the Disney Channel and you may have no reason to cry but just let it out. Hangovers and The Fear cause deep, deep emotions. Tomorrow will be a brighter day.


Get Up
It is time to get your sh*t together. Go and have a shower and get rid of this miserable, dark stage you are in. That presentation is due tomorrow so you better finish it. You have had your moments of fear and sadness, it has to end now.


Eat Again
It is dinner time and you are going to get the biggest meal of your life, so, enjoy it. Eat, eat and eat some more. You know gluttony is the best side effect of a hangover.


Rest Up
Try and get a good night’s sleep. You know everything will be better in the morning. Sleep cures all and it will even cure the fact that you scored your mates little brother or sister last night. Worse things could have happened.