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Powering through a hangover can be tough, especially after night of excess where alcohols were mixed, tables were danced on and regrettable texts were sent. 

Here's a few hangover cures that work for us, because no one deserves to feel this amount of pain just for having fun: 

10. Powerade 


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Drinking is so often followed by puking, and if this is the case, replacing lost electrolytes and minerals will help you on the road to recovery.

Drinking Powerade can help replace the lost electrolytes, plus it's a flat drink rather than fizzy so it's easier on a sick tummy. 

Lucozade works well too if you can stomach the bubbles

9. Vanilla ice cream

Much like a glass of milk, vanilla ice cream can coat and calm an angry, irritated stomach that was until very recently full of Jägerbombs.

So if your tummy is on fire, try a cooling coat of plain vanilla ice cream or fro-yo. 

8. Dioralyte


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While Dioralyte may reside in the very un-glamorous world of diarrhoea cures, the rehydration sachets are a quick way to get better if you can't face drinking litres and litres of uisce.

The sachets contain rehydration salts, consisting of glucose and electrolytes like sodium chloride, potassium chloride and disodium hydrogen citrate, which work to replace body fluids lost after a heavy night on the town. 

7. Banana


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Eating a banana can help shorten the length of time you're going to spend being revoltingly hungover. 

The more dehydrated you get, the more potassium you lose, which makes you feel extra tired and generally icky.

If you manage to eat the banana before you go to sleep for the night, it will serve you well. 

6. Feminax 

Feminax is obviously a powerful cure for period pain, but the painkiller is also excellent for curing throbbing hangover headaches.

Also, if your muscles are aching from a night on the tiles, these tablets can help. 

5. Two Advil 


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If the headache is what's killing you, then two Advil every few hours washed down with a pint of water is the only way to go. 

Simple but efficient. 

4. Spice bag


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If you are well enough for a nice starchy meal, a spice bag is one of the preferred ways to go. 

Definitely not recommended for those with a sick stomach due to the spice, but this high calorie, high carb meal will give you the energy to go about your day

3. Lukewarm shower


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When the hangover is so bad that you're welcoming death with a smile, sitting in the shower and contemplating your life choices for hours is the only way to go. 

It's also handy if you simply cant stop puking, because what difference does it make when you're already in the shower? You can just puke freely and let the shower wash away the evidence of last night.

Also, opting for lukewarm rather than hot water can help wake you up from a zombie-like state. 

2. Tea, tea, tea


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Tea literally cures everything, and the caffeine in a good cuppa can help perk you up, without hurting your stomach like coffee could. 

The milk in tea can also help settle your stomach, and if you take sugar, you can elevate your energy levels. 

1. Hot chicken roll and a can of Coke


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The crème de la crème of cures, the classic chicken roll and can of Coke combo will never get old. 

The addition of a packet of cheese and onion crisps to this stellar line-up is never a bad idea either. 



Blinding hangover? Check. Hazy memories of the night before? Check. Vague feeling that your entire life is a mess? Check. Yup, you can just go right ahead and diagnose yourself with the Sunday Fear.

This phenomenon, which during the week might seem laughable, is a very real struggle come Sunday evening.

Here are a few tell tale signs that you have a heavy dose of the Fear…

1. You want all the food, whatever it is
A Spar chicken fillet roll, Coca Cola, chocolate, Doritos – just buy them all. You’ll need them.

2. After eating said food, you feel horribly guilty
What happened to “my body is a temple?” Not only do you feel very, very bloated, you can feel the ENTIRE world looking at you like this:

3. You can’t bring yourself to check your Sent Messages
Please say I didn’t text him. Please, Lord. It’s actually not even worth looking – the stress would probably kill you.

4. You have a very sharp sense that everything is wrong
Am I always so aware of the feeling of the hair on my head? Do these jeans always feel so weird? Is the world always so BRIGHT?

5. You're really restless
Jittery legs, muscle aches, the works. You think you want to lie on the couch, but when you do it’s horrifically uncomfortable. Maybe lying on the floor would just be a better option.

6. You just want to be held… but also for no-one to touch you
The Fear creates a confusing mix of neediness and crankiness. Yes, you’d like a cuddle, but you can’t bear having someone else’s skin against your own right now. If someone could provide comfort from afar, that would be great, thanks.

7. The thought of work tomorrow has you considering entering Witness Protection
Oh god, there are going to be so many emails. And spreadsheets. Goodbye, cruel world.

8. All you can face is re-runs of Project Runway and lots of tea
The only cure for the Sunday Fear is some serious TLC. Get on Netflix immediately, line up some crappy TV shows and put the kettle on. Things won’t seem so bad when you emerge in a few hours!




You have just woken up and all you keep getting is three distinctive flashbacks: fighting with your mate, texting your ex to tell him you guys should get back together and scoring said ex’s best friend. Well this is going to be an awkward morning…

Worse things could have happened. Just keep repeating that to yourself. You are vulnerable, sensitive and not in a good place right now. 


Be Warm
You are experiencing the shakes and then sweating like a pig. You need to control this. Get your duvet and wrap it around you like a butterfly immersed in a cocoon. You can’t let this shivering defeat you. Stay strong!


It’s time. You go to the kitchen, you put on the kettle and you locate food. We recommend ice cream, crisps and bags of chocolate. If you are feeling up to it, make a giant sandwich.

eating selena

I’m not talking a cup. I’m not talking a pint glass. Get as much water as you can physically carry. No man should be dehydrated and on a day like today anything could set you off, so, have it close to you. You deserve this fountain of relief.


Make it to the couch and get Netflix on because today you will watch TV like you’ve never watched it before.  Remember you can do this. You are the master of this hangover.

Call A Friend
When you have calmed down from the utter panic you experienced this morning, it is time to call a friend. This is a 50/50 situation. You will either be relieved and joyous to find out last night wasn’t that bad or find out you have done a whole lot worse. It is your call. You can do this.


Okay, just let it all out. You may be watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or something on the Disney Channel and you may have no reason to cry but just let it out. Hangovers and The Fear cause deep, deep emotions. Tomorrow will be a brighter day.


Get Up
It is time to get your sh*t together. Go and have a shower and get rid of this miserable, dark stage you are in. That presentation is due tomorrow so you better finish it. You have had your moments of fear and sadness, it has to end now.


Eat Again
It is dinner time and you are going to get the biggest meal of your life, so, enjoy it. Eat, eat and eat some more. You know gluttony is the best side effect of a hangover.


Rest Up
Try and get a good night’s sleep. You know everything will be better in the morning. Sleep cures all and it will even cure the fact that you scored your mates little brother or sister last night. Worse things could have happened.


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