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We like to think that we're strong, independent women, but when shit really hits the fan financially, some blessed millennials can turn to their parents for help.

Parental support continues far into adulthood. According to a study, 79 percent of parents with adult children provide some financial support for their living expense, both large and small.

The widespread study revealed these startling results after interviewing parents and adult children about their financial patterns.

Collectively, the group surveyed spent over €430 billion on their children annually, while only saving €215 billion for their retirement.

This means that parents spend twice as much on their adult children than they do on their own retirement fund.

60 percent of this amount was spent on their kids’ groceries, 54 percent covered cell phone bills, and 47 percent was for car expenses.

It also included money for school (undergraduate education), rent, vacations, and student loans.

A majority of parents feel they have been put in an impossible position, having to make trade-offs between their own financial security and their child’s best interests.

However, this major financial issue is not because grown children have become less fiscally responsible.

Most parents say they’ve taught their kids important financial lessons, but it’s important to them to serve as a financial role model for their children.

While it’s clear that parents are bending over backwards to make sure their children are financially stable, something needs to change so that all adults – children and parents alike – can sustain financial independence.


So, not only are millennials consuming less alcohol than previous generations, but they actually think getting drunk is “pathetic and embarrassing,” a UK study has found.

As part of the research, Eventbrite surveyed 1,023 millennials about their relationship with alcohol – and the results were somewhat unexpected.

On average, millennials drink a responsible five units of alcohol a week, while only one in 10 thought getting drunk was “cool.”

And while these figures reflect a positive emphasis on health and well-being among young people, we can't help but feel a little surprised.

The survey also found that in general, millennials view excessive drinking as something “belonging to an older generation.”

What's more, results showed that 70 per cent of participants would rather brag about how long it's been since their last drink, than about how drunk they got last weekend.

And it looks like some classic hangover cures are changing too.

The hair of the dog is out, and it super-charged vegan smoothie is in, with most saying they would prefer not to drink alcohol the morning after the night before.

Researchers reckon this new-found lack of interest can be blamed on two things:

Number one – Millennials are obsessed with 'living in the moment' and creating memories (which can be difficult to do after four tequila shots).

And, number two – Rather than turning to alcohol, young people are instead choosing to talk openly about their mental health issues.

So, while a sudden decline in the interest of alcohol might come as a surprise to some, the obvious benefits are hard to argue with.

After all, who wouldn't want to live a happier, more memorable, hangover-free life?



It's important to know who you're shopping for when you venture out to complete your Christmas lists this festive season.

If your list comprises mostly of your fellow millennial mates or your younger millennial family members, this ever so slightly satirical gift list is the ultimate guide to shopping for the generation who has everything. 

1. AvoBath Bomb, LUSH

Avocado is the power food fuelling a generation, along with kale and quinoa.

Unfortunately for kale and quinoa, avocado looks a lot better on some toast in the ultimate breakfast Instagram picture.

Lush has a cult millennial following thanks to its' ethical ethos, so combine the two trends and give the gift of super smooth, avocado-scented skin. 

2. Brunch Top, ASOS

Speaking of the perfect Instagram photo, brunch has gained a cult millennial following, with filter-heavy snaps of mimosas, eggs benedict and artisanal coffee artfully displayed on tables taking over a large portion of the foodie worlds' feed.

Wearing your loyalties on your chest has become synonymous with the Repeal the 8th project, and now members of the global brunch club are getting in on the look.

This brunch T-shirt, €16 from ASOS, is calling out for Sunday afternoons with the girls. Rosé all day. 

3. Power brick, Amazon

Even in our technically advanced world, the imminent death of our phones battery life still hangs over us on a night out.

Make your millennial the most popular person at the party with a multiple port power brick.

Also handy for avid Snapchatters bloggers, and vloggers, living in the social media era really drains your battery.  

4. Craft Beer advent calendar, Martin's Off-Licence (€5 off with the code SHEmazing)

Somewhere around the same point in time that Urban Outfitters got a vinyl section, the world also became obsessed with craft beers.

No longer is a simple draft sufficient to quench the alcoholic thirsts of millennials', and luckily one Irish off-licence has developed a craft beer advent calendar to keep them satiated.

The advent box is literally the gift that keeps on giving, as it contains 24 different craft beers. Perfect for the alcohol snob in your life. 

5. Smart phone projector, Designist 

Seeing as no one under 25 bothers to buy a TV anymore, the cinematic experience can often be lost on a certain generation.

Keeping with the millenials obsession with all things vintage inspired, this smart phone projector is the perfect mix of old school and modern, and creates a whole new way to watch hilarious cat videos while eating kale salads.

6. Grow your own kale kit, Home Sweet Home Grown

Speaking of kale, there is nothing those foodie bloggers love more than organic, home grown vegetables.

For those with (or without) a green thumb, the Grow Your Own Kale Kit is an easy peasy way to humble-brag your way into the most elite of Irish fit fam circles.

Not only does it fall under the organic, eating clean, vegan and homemade categories, all it needs is a drop of water and a windowsill to flourish. 

7. Netflix-worthy PJs, ASOS

You should always be dressed to impress, but when Netflix and chill (alone or otherwise) is a national past time, sometimes dressing your best just means wearing matching pyjamas. 

Another one for the avocado obsessed, these veggie print pjs are ideal for their next Netflix marathon. You may as well buy them a subscription while you're at it. 

8. The Trump filter, Google Chrome

Some of the best gifts are completely free. 

The world is still recovering from the shock of Donald Trump's presidential win, and no generation was more outraged than the millennials.

Protect their precious eyes and ears from all the wrongs of the world with the genius Trump filter, which essentially deletes the mogul from existence. At least according to their laptop anyway. 

9. Drake socks, Etsy 

Drake, The Weekend and Justin Beiber are dominating the play lists of most millennials right now.

Help them wear their popular musical tastes with pride with a pair of performer patterned socks.

For those with a slightly more refined taste in tunes, this is the perfect gag gift. 

10. Bubble Wrap phone case, Ebay


A photo posted by Ally Mateff (@allygymnast91) on

Millennials are often accused of living bubble-wrapped lives safe from the harsh realities of the world.

This bubble wrap case pokes fun at the running joke, while also providing a stress reliving, therapeutic popping exercise for those days when even the best lit selfie just wont go right.