Love Island: First recoupling has us SHOOK – but it does makes sense

Love Island might be only two episodes in but already we're hooked.

We know it's trash tv and that 90% of the contestants are fame-hungry wannabes but it's just SO ADDICTIVE.

So we have the first pairings and then two new lads walked in – Dancing With the Stars' Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury, Tysons younger brother. 

Cue the drama.

The lads had 24 hours to steal a girl from another guy and of course, it was never gonna run smoothly.


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The strongest couple – surfer chick Lucie (whose vocabulary solely consists of ''surfing'' ''bev'' and ''bevy'') and Londoner Joe were the ones we were all hoping would be left alone by the ride that is Tommy.

It kinda gives us flashbacks of the whole Dom/Montana thing from Series 3 when Jess Shears came in and nabbed Dom. 

This time it was Lucie who was cruelly ripped from Joe, who – we can see in tonight's preview, isn't taking it well.

(Lucie, on the other hand, looks fairly chuffed to be on a date with boxer Tommy – shocking, right?)

But – Tommy wanted Lucie the most – and sure who can blame him for picking her when his other option was Amber aka The Rudest Person On The Planet?

The whole point of Love Island is to find your perfect match – so why wouldn't Tommy go for the girl he fancied the most?

We also have to remember that the show needs storylines and drama – Lucie is gorgeous but it's a bit odd that Tommy wants the only girl who is happily coupled up.

In other news, Curtis and ''international'' air hostess Amy bonded over being dorks and it's actually quite cute.

We were delighted when the dancer picked her, also because it means she gets away from Creepy Anton (those eyebrows are ALL we can see).

Roll on tonight's episode where we are assuming we'll see:

-Joe crying

-Yewande getting no air time

-Sherif and Anna being coyly into each other

-Anton flirting with Tommy