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Having found fame while working as a glamour model, Katie Price isn’t exactly shy about publicising her body.

But the mother of five’s willingness to bare all reached new heights over the weekend when she filmed herself undergoing a non-surgical “bum lift” procedure and uploaded it to Instagram.

Explaining the contents of the video, the 38-year-old Loose Women panellist said: “Here I am on a Sunday having a bum lift with Shane Cooper.”

After forgetting the name of the machine involved, the bare bottomed star asked the celebrity facialist to confirm the gadget’s title, before excitedly shouting “wow, look at that arse” in reference to her own behind.

The post was followed by a similar clip which shows Katie undergoing the same treatment on her thighs.

Once Shane acknowledged that he was “working on the legs”, the former I’m a Celebrity… contestant playfully asked: “Oh, isn’t he lucky?”


Thigh time @shanecooperuk #tonelegs

A video posted by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

Once the process was complete, Katie shared a photo of her bum with the caption: “So pleased with the first treatment.”


So pleased with the first treatment @shanecooperuk #nofilter

A photo posted by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

Just a normal day in the life of Katie Price.  


On this morning wearing this shirt from @thedressingupboxlondon

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Kim Kardashian West is reportedly taking legal action against the notorious Ukrainian prankster who tried to kiss her famous behind in Paris this week.

According to TMZ, the popular reality star has contacted lawyers and the police after Vitalii Sediuk – aka the man who attacked Gigi Hadid during Milan Fashion Week – tried to grab her bum and kiss it as she made her way to a show.

The mother of two is seeking a restraining order against the 27-year-old as this is the second time he’s gone for her.

On his Instagram account last night, a shameless Vitalii shared a picture of the incident alongside a caption which attempts to justify his actions.

As well as claiming his run-in with Kim happened by chance, he wrote: “I was protesting Kim for using fake butt implants.  I encourage her and the rest or the Kardashian clan to popularise natural beauty among teenage girls who follow and defend them blindly.”

Apparently this makes it OK to lunge at an unsuspecting woman’s behind.


It looks like the seatbelt sign is well and truly off in Iggy Azalea’s rumoured relationship with French Montana as new footage suggests the pair have taken their suspected romance to a whole new level.

Late last month Iggy surprised fans when she was spotted getting cosy with Khloé Kardashian’s ex in a Las Vegas nightclub only weeks after splitting with her fiancé Nick Young.

And now some pretty flirtatious looking videos from a Mexico-bound flight are doing nothing to dispel the belief that Iggy and French could well be an item.



A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on


New clips from inside the private jet show the hip-hop star using Iggy’s bum as a pillow while she happily poses for the camera.

And – according to the Mail Online – a second video shows French zooming on in the Fancy singer’s behind while saying: “Check out them new pants – new line coming soon.”



Private jet fun with #iggy and #frenchmontana

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After French, Iggy and their friends had disembarked the aircraft, the 31-year-old recording artist took to Instagram to share a photo of the group.  He captioned the image “SQUAD GOALS”.

While neither star has publicly confirmed their romance as of yet, we think this is certainly one to watch.



SQUAD GOALS: @itsash2x @_districta @mszoealicia @thenewclassic @aleherself

A photo posted by French Montana (@frenchmontana) on



Jeans can be tricky business. No matter what shop or brand you go to buy them, the sizes will always be different and finding the right length can be a total pain in the ass (take this from a small gal who can NEVER find jeans to fit her properly… ever).

But, when Jessica Alba launched her denim capsule collection with US brand DL1961, we couldn't help but notice that she created different styles based on four women of various shapes and sizes.

“A lot of designers fit for one specific body type, and I’m like, ‘I love that brand, but the pieces are for a completely ­different build than mine.’

"So I did the fittings on four women. What’s special about these jeans is they make a flatter booty look more round, and if you have a voluptuous booty, they hug it in the right way.”

We totally love the direction she's heading in with her collection – celebrating and accentuating the body rather than hiding it away.

"Boobs come and go, but butts are always in," was one of her reasons for designing the collection, which hails your bum as the queen of your body.

"If you don't necessarily have a booty, these jeans will make you look like you have a bigger one," she told Glamour. "Which is nice."

Well, that has us sold.

DL1961 ship to Ireland (YAAAS) but the jeans are a *tad* pricey (BOOO). So, if you want a bum like Jessica's, you might have to splash the cash a little bit.



As if there aren’t enough bums on the Internet already, actress Kate Hudson has gone and uploaded a new nude to Instagram for no obvious reason other than because she can.

In the full-length image the A-list star can be seen posing as she looks out a large window with her bare bum to the camera – you know, as you do.

The dimly lit photo is captioned with no other explanation than the hashtags “#tbt”, “#PrettyHappy”, “#LOVE” and “#AlmostFriday” but in fairness to the star she probably doesn't need an excuse when she looks that good in the share.


#tbt  #PrettyHappy #LOVE #AlmostFriday cred @darren_ankenman

A photo posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on

This isn’t the first time the 37-year-old has shared a picture of her pert behind with the world.

Back in November Kate allegedly ordered her stylist to share a photo of her in the bath in an apparent bid to get Nick Jonas’ attention.  Crafty!

Well, if you’ve got it – which Kate clearly has – you might as well flaunt it.


Millie Mackintosh chose a very daring dress for the Zoolander 2 premiere last night.

The fitness fanatic donned the red carpet in a black low-cut dress, which left very little to the imagination – especially when she made a few little slip-ups.

Millie revealed a serious amount of side-boob (which is nothing new on a red carpet) but what we think she didn't account for was flashing her nipple tape, too. 

The 26-year-old certainly wasn't shy about it though, as she kept on striking poses in her floor-length gown, with a split right up to the upper thigh.

And, while she was fixing her thigh-split gown, Millie made another blunder by flashing her bum. 

She lifted up the dress so high that the paps got a glimpse of her derriere and black underwear. Ooops!


Jennifer Lopez opened the AMAs last night with a very lengthy and energetic number, but unfortunately for one of her dancers, she exposed way more than she intended. 

The 46-year-old kicked the night off with a dance routine medley of the biggest hits of the year with songs from Rihanna and The Weeknd.

But towards the end of the act, one dancer flashed a LOT of cheek after her catsuit split and revealed her entire bum – and the whole thing was caught on camera. 

Eagle-eyed viewers that witnessed the embarrassing moment took to the Internet and social media was quickly abuzz. 

But one member of the audience that look less than impressed throughout the whole routine was Nicki Minaj.

Nicki threw some serious shade while Jennifer was dancing to her song Anaconda. But apart from that the whole crowd went wild for J-Lo.

Here's a video from the Daily Mail to show you the small incident: 


Things got a bit cheeky on Prince Charles's recent visit to Sydney. A photographer snapped a photo of Janine Kirk – chief executive of the Prince's Charities Australia – appearing to pad the prince's butt.

The Australian press had a bit of a field day with it, not least of all because the royals allegedly have a no-touching policy (anyone remember the Lebron James/ Kate Middleton slip-up?).

Janine is notably embarrassed about the incident, telling the Daily Telegraph, "I don't like the way this is going, it's rather silly, it's not on his bum. 

"It was a room of about 130 people. He was being engaged as he always is and so he was being moved through the crowd." 

Right, but you were still leading him around the room via his bum?


There's a common belief that if you want to tone your legs and boost your bum, you should devote all your energy to squats and leg lifts of every kind.

That really won't get you there ladies.

The problem: While you'll build sleek muscle (score!), no one will notice if it's hidden under a layer of body fat.

To reveal a slimmer bottom half, you need to add a fat-burning total-body routine to those targeted moves that reshape your hips, thighs, and bum.

Luckily for you, we've got both right here! Stick to these workouts and you'll be easing into those skinny jeans in no time.

Side leg raise

Lie on your left side, rest your head on your left arm, and place your right hand on the floor in front of your chest.

Your legs should be straight with your right leg on top of your left leg.

Without moving any other part of your body, slowly raise your right leg as high as you can. Pause, then return to the starting position.



Lie on your left side with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees. Stack your right leg on top of your left leg, heels together.

Keeping your feet together and left leg on the floor, raise your right knee as high as you can without your heels coming apart.

Pause, then return to the starting position.


Hip raise

Lie face-up on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Squeeze your glutes and press into your heels to raise your hips until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.

Pause, then slowly lower back to the starting position. That's one rep. Repeat about 10-15 times.


Cross-body Mountain Climber

Start at the top of the pushup position, with your body forming a straight line from head to heels.

Keeping your abs braced, pick up your right foot and slowly bring your right knee toward your left shoulder. Then return to start.



Kim has started many trends, most noticeably contouring, which saw most of the world take tips from her to create that chiselled look.

But she was also definitely the beginning of the big bum movement. The bigger the ass the better is something that has become extremely popular in recent years. And the bigger Kim’s bum gets, the more the trend grows.

Kim Kardashian’s butt is somewhat of an icon it seems, but how far would you go to get an ass like Kimmy's?

Women who are after the Kim K curves are not happy with just doing a few squats here and there, are certainly going to some serious lengths.

Some people are undergoing a procedure that freezes fat in their upper thighs and lower back to create the look of the iconic ‘side bum’ profile.

The procedure doesn’t actually do anything to the fat or muscles in your bottom, but it does destroy the fat cells above and below the bum to make it appear more prominent.

The lipoglaze butt lift takes to separate 45 minute sessions and costs from €1,100-€2,200. Apparently this procedure was made popular by Kim’s cover of Paper magazine in December last year.

LoveLite clinic in the UK has been inundated with requests for this procedure and their clinical director Debra Robson told Mail Online that she knows why: “There was a huge demand for bottom treatments following the publication of the naked pictures of Kim Kardashian in November and so we looked at a developing a new fat freezing treatment to sculpt female clients bodies to get that look.

Kim’s bum has gotten bigger and bigger over the years and it has been rumoured that the reality TV star herself may have had some more permanent work done on it.

However, if anything we think people could soon be asking for the Khloe. 




While us big-bummed girls love our shapely behinds most of the time, there are certain times in life that make us want to scream. 

Like these:

1. Being afraid of accidentally knocking over things in small shops with your backside

2. Finding the perfect jeans only to have THAT annoying gap between your waist and jeans. Every time

3. Buying the cutest dress only to realise you should have gone for the bigger size as your bum makes it waaaay shorter than it should be

4. Skinny jeans making you appear X-rated as you walk down the street – why is causal so damn hard?! And don't even get us started on shorts

5. Your bum cheeks always being a little bit colder than the rest of you because they’re so far away. In fact, your hot water bottle spends most of its time warming your bum cheeks

6. Squeezing between tables in small restaurants. There goes the salt shaker…especially embarrassing if you are in fact the waitress

7. Low rise pants – a recipe for ass crack disaster

8. People singing the ‘I Like Big Butts’ song at you – mostly your friends

9. Having to share a chair with someone – ‘nope only half of one cheek is on’

10. People assuming you can get champagne into a glass that’s resting on your bum

11. The absolute stupidity of same-size bikini top and bottoms that means you are forced to buy two pairs

12. Being compared to Kim Kardashian. Come back J-Lo, all is forgiven. Please…

13. Trying at all costs NOT to squat because you heard that makes it bigger

14. Only working out so that your bum isn’t flapping off the back of your knees by the time you turn 30

15. Having your bum grabbed by morons in nightclubs. So not okay




James Franco is fond of a naked selfie from time to time, but he decided to give the world a shot of his behind for a good cause this time.

The stunt was part of a charity event to raise funds for HIV/AIDs research and education, and the event managed to raise $1.3 million, which is pretty great.

Watch the video to see the whole thing play out, or if you just want to get to the good stuff, here you go: