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With Halloween just five short weeks away, it’s time to go on the hunt for the perfect spooky look for the season. That’s why we couldn’t be happier to hear that Disney has brought out an inclusive range of dress-up costumes for wheelchair users.

The new range includes a sparkling Cinderella dress, a dapper Buzz Lightyear costume and a Super Suit from The Incredibles, complete with your very own wheelchair-friendly Incredimobile.

Source: shopdisney.com

All of the costumes are specially designed to be perfectly adaptable for wheelchair users, by using stretchy fabric and hidden flaps. “Cinderella's arrival will grace any royal ball in this elegant adaptive costume, which features an opening at the back and a discreet flap in the front center for easy tube access,” Disney describes on their website.

“With a ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,’ our glittering gown, detailed in silver foil filigree, stardusted skirts, organza trims, and a bejeweled cameo, is an enchanting dress-up dream.”

Source instagram.com/mattb125

The range comes with two options for wheelchair covers, including a princess carriage and an Incredimobile car. These come with supportive plastic piping pieces for added stability, and fit most wheelchairs with 24-inch wheels. Although, Disney warns that the wheelchair must be operated by a helper when the costume is attached and it’s not to be used with battery powered wheelchairs.

The range is available on shopdisney.com starting at $49.99.



They might be a good idea in theory, but some Halloween costumes are a lot more effort than they are worth.

And while dressing as an animal may seem relatively easy, it’s often an outfit’s finishing touches which take it from funny enough to straight up brilliant.

Because of this, we were delighted to come across a pair of convincing looking horse hooves from an Etsy shop called Chaos Costumes.

Paired with a hairy onesie and a convincing looking horse mask, we think these hooves would help give any equine costume the added edge – plus can you imagine how funny they’d look on the dancefloor?

Thank you Internet!

Video: Chaos Costumes


It's a little over a week until Halloween, so now's the time to get planning this year's epic costume.

For 2015, we've pledged to ditch the sexy sailor/sexy soldier/sexy witch scenario and go for something a little more original.

If you need inspiration, just take a look back at the goings-on over the last year. Or, read below, because we've done all the hard work for you.

Here are 11 pop-culture Halloween looks that'll ensure you stand out from the crowd*

*unless everyone else in the crowd has read this article too

1. Nicki Minaj at the 2015 VMAs
Put on your finest gold dress and keep saying 'Miley What's Good' with increased levels of malice.


2. Miley herself at the 2015 VMAs
She wore a whole load of costumes on the night, but this one would be SO easy to replicate. Tinsel and a leotard. Done.

Or, head to your nearest fabric shop and throw this one together:


3. Disgust from Inside Out
You'll need to paint yourself green and locate a green wig. Plus, your levels of sass will need to be at an all-time high.


4. A basic girl
Ugg boots, yoga pants/leggings, a North Face jacket, matching hat and scarf and of course the obligatory Starbucks autumn-themed cup,


5. Or take it to the next level and be a Pumpkin Spice Latte
The basic girl's BFF.


6. The Snapchat rainbow vomit filter
This one's make-up only, so you can wear whatever you like. Find the tutorial here


7. Your favourite emoji
You'll need some good strong card, construction paper and glue. We'll be giving the poo emoji a go this year, as modelled by this beautiful pug:


8. Kylie Jenner in selfie mode
You'll need: A crop top/sports bra, joggers or tracksuit bottoms, mental fake eyelashes, a black/green/blonde wig, LOTS of lip liner and of course… an iPhone.


9. Her big sis Kim in internet-breaking mode
Find a black dress, sew a football or two in, stick on a martini glass… done.


10. Selena Gomez as 'Arsyn' in the Bad Blood video
All of the costumes are doable, but we loved Selena's black bobbed wig and general villainous demeanour.


11. The pizza rat
Remember him?

Well, one company has capitalised on that to make all of your Halloween dreams come true.

Find the costume here.