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Anxious flyer?

Well, this US airport has just come up with THE best way to calm down it's nervous passengers. 

Miniature horses.  


Cincinnati/Northern Ohio Airport has introduced a bimonthly visit from 34 therapy miniature horses, in a bid to ease the worries of it's stressed out passengers.

According to The Independent, the airport had originally looked into starting a dog therapy programme, but when they heard about these little cuties, the knew they were on to something special.

The horses have been specially trained to deal with the airport's stressful environment and are already so popular that passengers are even scheduling flight around their visits.   

Speaking to NRP, airport worker, Airport worker Wendi Orlando said, ''It's just to ease anxiety levels, put smiles on faces. Clearly that's working''

“When you look at the passengers walking by, it just never gets old. They love seeing the horses.”

Horse owner, Lisa Moad, told NPR that the response from passenger was unbelievable: “A lot of them thank us for being there at that time because they needed that little bit of support before they get on the plane.” 

We know where we're going on our next holiday anyway. 




They might be a good idea in theory, but some Halloween costumes are a lot more effort than they are worth.

And while dressing as an animal may seem relatively easy, it’s often an outfit’s finishing touches which take it from funny enough to straight up brilliant.

Because of this, we were delighted to come across a pair of convincing looking horse hooves from an Etsy shop called Chaos Costumes.

Paired with a hairy onesie and a convincing looking horse mask, we think these hooves would help give any equine costume the added edge – plus can you imagine how funny they’d look on the dancefloor?

Thank you Internet!

Video: Chaos Costumes



Most of us feel that 'thinking outside of the box' when it comes to birthday presents means buying an unusual jumper or a funny card… But not Jenna Dewan Tatum.

She didn't just give Channing any old birthday cake or birthday card, nope, she got him a birthday HORSE.

This just kinda proves that they are the cutest couple ever and know what each other want since Channing took to Instagram to tell his followers it was the "best day ever."

The couple spent his 36th birthday outdoors with their daughter, Everly and their new rescue horse, Cajun. And as you can expect, it was what Instagram dreamz are made of: 


Braveheart paint by Evie, new rescue horse named Cajun on a sunset ride. Thanks for all the birthday wishes

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Best birthday gift ever from my wifey

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Passengers on the Luas today were joined by a very unusual four legged friend at the Belgard stop. 

Of all the animals to ever manage to board a tram we didn't expect a horse to show up today. While passengers on board were quick to spot the equine, (and take photos, natch) the driver was said to not have noticed until two stops after they had strolled on board. 

While we have all been guilty of wanting to sneak our pets into places they shouldn't be, this is on another level entirely. 

Eventually the driver spotted the horse and their owner through the camera and the pair were forced to get off. 

According to one witness, who spoke to the Journal.ie about the bizarre occurrence, the horse was  pretty relaxed about the whole thing:

"They literally had to take two fellas to push it back off,” commented Una McCrystal. 

Luas operators are said to be investigating the incident. 



Things are getting pretty serious between Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed as the couple have now adopted a horse together.

Yes, you read that right. Ian revealed his latest addition with a picture of him hugging his new horse.

Ian captioned the snap: “Proud new dad. What amazing creatures they are. Wow. His name is Eagle. Thank you @iamnikkireed for snapping this special moment, with our big bad boy.”

It’s no surprise that they’ve adopted a horse together, as both Nikki and Ian are pretty big animal advocates. Still, considering the couple only started dating recently, they aren’t holding back on making any long term commitments. 



Normally the one being taken for a walk, this tiny puppy aptly name Walker is bringing his new friend for a stroll!