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One of Ireland's biggest taxi app, MyTaxi, is set to rebrand it's name to FREE NOW later this year.

The company, formerly known as Hailo, emailed it's customers today and informed them about the name change. The app changed it's name to MyTaxi back in 2017, spending €5 million on the large ad campaign.

In a statement sent to consumers, MyTaxi wrote;

“The most important thing to remember is that there will be no change to the mytaxi service and app. We’ll still have the same app, the same local team and the same 5-star drivers – just with a new name later this year.” 

The company tweeted about the change; "We’ve exciting news  We’re joining a new mobility brand family. This means we’re getting a new name and look, and will be changing our name to FREE NOW later this year."

The change is apparently due to a merger between Daimler, it's majority shareholder, and BMW

SHARE NOW, REACH NOW, PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW are also a part of the “new brand family”, however these groups don't operate in Ireland as of yet.


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"At MyTaxi, we're always working hard to give people the freedom to move around cities as easily as possible," they said in their latest statement, according to Newstalk.

"As we continue to grow across Europe, it's important that we are consistent, recognisable and offer the best experience possible to all our passengers, no matter where you hail from".

There will be no change to the MyTaxi service and app, which carried over 16 million passengers across Ireland last year. MyTaxi is available in nine countries and more than 100 European cities.

The FAQs section is available for MyTaxi users to help answer its customers queries.

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Many commoners such as ourselves simply aren't able to handle the fringe lifestyle. Between keeping it cut properly in parallel to the rest of your hair, making sure it stays in place and isn't blinding you; it's a 24/7 job.

Kendall Jenner has seemingly decided to commit to that bangs lifestyle, but then again she does have a team of hairstylists to help her.

She's showing off her brand new look in a recent selfie, and we have to say: she's lookin' FINE.


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While most fringes tend to divide people, we're fairly positive that Kendall's will get the A-plus rating.

The 24-year-old model looks really different to her normal lewk, and some are even saying she's resembling her mum, Kris Jenner, a lot more now.

The famous Kardashian family are renowned for trying out wigs and hair extensions, so who knows if the hairstyle is just temporary or if it's a permanent move.


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Kendall captioned her Instagram image; “yes, no, maybe so?” and people are LOVING it. We think… there was the odd 'no' response, but it's probably just minor sh*t-stirring.

The last time she rocked a look even remotely like this was at the AMAs back in the olden days of 2015  with a long fringe, and she really does look like her mom-ager there.

We think she looks shockingly like fellow model Emily Ratajkowski, especially with all that pouting. What do you gals think of the look?

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Ever have those moments when you're scrolling through Instagram and you see a pic from your friend's account so you go onto their page and realise you haven't seen the last ten snaps they've posted?

Yep, us too. It's super annoying. But, according to Instagram, we all miss about 70 percent of what's in our feeds everyday. 

So, it has decided to change a few things around which means your IG is going to look a bit different soon.

The photo-sharing app announced that it is going to fix this problem over the next few months by introducing an algorithm-based feed.

This means it will place the photos and videos they think you'll like first so you'll never miss a thing. Sounds good, right? But we're a little suspicious.

The concept behind this means that if you haven't been on the app in a few hours and your BFF shares a photo of their dog, you won't have to scroll back five thousand years to see it. It'll be at the top of your feed.

BUT what if Kim Kardashian shares another nude selfie? The algorithm change could possibly favour the already popular IG accounts and leave us normal beings in the dark with our ten likes.

I guess we'll have to wait to find out. 


We all get a bit moody at times, it's only human! But if your day feels like a rollercoaster of emotions, it's best not to worry about it.

As it turns out, those who swing on the pendulum of emotional intensity may be showing signs of a natural ability to adapt to change. Which is totally a good thing.

The University College London has created a theory that moodiness helps to reinforce our responses to various environmental factors.

If an experience makes us happy, we are going to seek more of it. And in contrast, if an experience is unpleasant, it will likely bring us down. 

Being able to flip a switch when it comes to your reactions is beneficial in terms of survival, in both your social and work life. 

"The ubiquity of moods and the extent of their impact on our lives tells us that, throughout the course of evolution, our moodiness must have conferred a significant competitive advantage," said lead expert Dr Eran Eldar.

Now, the study did admit that being moody all the time can lead to depression, but Dr Eldar added that “being moody at times may be a small price to pay for the ability to adapt quickly when facing momentous environmental changes.”

So you can now feel free to fume for five minutes if you can't find your favourite mug in the office – and then switch back to your lovely usual self. 


She's sported everything from jet-black to 'bronde' tresses in recent months – even giving bright blue a go for a time.

And while Kylie Jenner recently admitted that, in fact, most of those changes were achieved with the help of wigs – she's back to her natural locks for now.

Still, her 'ashy dirty blonde,' hue has proved divisive – with many of her fans saying that the shade ages her significantly beyond her 18 years.

Not that the reality TV star herself seems to mind: taking to Instagram late last night she said she's realising "that blondes have more fun".

Lounging around in her €2.2m Calabasas abode, which she moved into shortly before her 18th birthday, she also offered a sneak-peak of her AMAZING walk-in wardrobe. 

With Kylie dressed-down for "chill night," in a bright pink Superdry sports bra and black leggings, no fewer than seven rows of designer shoes can be seen in the background.


chill night

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The snap has already notched up 1million likes from her 35million followers.

However, and although it seems that she very much loves her new hair (which she says has been inspired by elder sister Khloe Kardashian's look), Ms Jenner has nevertheless been uncharacteristically deleting pictures from her Instagram and SnapChat accounts.

One showed her donning oversized aviator sunglasses and carrying a medium-sized brown leather Birkin bag – but it mysteriously vanished from her profile shortly after being posted. 

Last month, HollywoodLife.com reported that Kim Kardashian, who herself went for platinum blonde tresses earlier this year, felt Kylie's lighter look didn't work.

"Kim loves and supports her sister," the website stated, "but she doesn’t know if her blonde hair is working".

A source added that Kim felt "her blonde hair looked much more natural and professionally done.

"She wants to help Kylie get her blonde hair redone, so that she looks her best."




There are certain habits in life we need to kick as we get older. We’re not teenagers anymore, and many of us are not even students anymore, so let’s sort these bad habits out once and for all!

1. Staying up until ungodly hours of the night
We all have nights every now and then where we watch entire TV series until 5am in the morning. It’s usually a good idea to get out of this habit or you will burn out fast.


 2. Setting the alarm early, so you can stay in bed longer

There is really no point in doing this at all, you’re just postponing the inevitable. It can be a harsh reality to face when you realise you have to get up, but putting your phone on snooze all the time won’t help the situation.

3. Binging on junk food at night
You could actually be really healthy and even have a salad during the day, then when you get home, you undo everything and binge on junk food at night. You spend the whole night eating crappy food and you still wonder why you aren’t losing any weight.

4. Spending stupid amounts of money on things you don’t need
You could be working but you still live with your parents, so you don’t have to pay rent. You have some extra cash to spend so you buy the most useless crap that you don’t need. It will all change when you move out…

5. Saying things that you don’t mean
When you say stuff like “No I‘m fine, it doesn’t bother me” it’s a very clear sign that it does. The person you’re saying it to knows it does so what’s the point incovering it up. Later on down the line when you’re in a serious relationship you need to be honest about how you feel.

6. Documenting every single part of your life
It’s seems nowadays we can’t just enjoy things, we have to document every little thing we do. When we go abroad, we spend more time taking photos than actually taking it all in. You might have a lot of photos when you come back, but you didn’t fully experience it.

 7. Living on your phone
There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and they’re too busy on their phone. Not only is it rude, but when you get older you will come across as being extremely anti-social. It will actually benefit you if you put your phone down for once and have a proper conversation.

8. Drunk texting your ex
It’s not going to do any good in all fairness, all it’s going to is bring up bad memories that you’re too drunk to remember. At the time you think it’s a great idea, but in the morning you’re actually disgusted with yourself.

9.  Watching too much reality TV
There is very little reality in reality TV anymore, you can almost the write the show yourself it’s so predictable. Somehow, people get famous from it and are now seen as celebs. Watching reality TV actually makes you feel a little bit dumber.

 10. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on a night out

When you just got paid you’re delighted and end up spending lots of money on booze as well as offering to buy other people’s drinks. The next day you realise that you spent a good chunk of your wages and only have 20 euro to do you for the rest of the week.

11. Drinking way too much in the process
When you’re young you can drink your body weight in alcohol and feel a tad drunk. When you get older you will realise that you can barely have two without feeling tipsy. Your body can’t sustain the amount of alcohol you consume, so it’s better to slow down and stick to the wine.

12. Social smoking
You might think that it’s harmless and you’re only doing it to be social, but soon you start to do it more often and it becomes less social. Most people can actually control themselves, but for others it becomes the habit that you can’t kick.

13. Being too lazy to socialize
You have every intention of going out on the weekend, but for some reason or other you decide at the last minute not to bother. Sometimes you’re just not  feeling up to it, but a lot the time you’re just too lazy and you’re missing out on a chance to meet new people.

14. Procrastination
You become an expert at this in college, but when you get older you need to learn how to use your time wisely. You can’t just do everything the night before work, you actually have to put the hard yards in before.

15. Putting off exercise
You made a promise to go to the gym more, you went once and haven’t gone back since. You don’t need to go the gym to exercise, even if you just do some running, it’s better than not doing anything at all.

16. Being afraid to fail
Not everything is going to go the way you wanted it to go in life, sometimes its better to accept that you have failed and move on. You will learn way more about yourself when you fail than if things always go your way.

17. Being Indecisive
When you get older, you will have to make some tough decisions, so it’s better to break the habit now rather than later. It shows a lack of maturity if you can’t decide on things and at this stage in your life you should really know what is good for you by now.

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18. Acting like a complete slob at home
If you are still living with your parents it won’t bother you as much. When you eventually have to move out, your roommates will getting sick of you leaving a mess everywhere. If you’re actually tidy at home it will pay off when you end up living with your partner.


19. Having an excuse for everything
You will never take the blame for anything and you will always have some excuse for when you mess up. It actually shows maturity if you can admit when you’re wrong and not have some reason why things didn’t go as you planned.

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These actors showed true dedication to their art when they dramatically altered their appearance for movie roles.

1. Christian Bale
Christian is a repeat offender of altering his body shape for movie roles. In 2004 Christian lost 62 pounds to play the lead role in The Machinist and just last year he put on a significant amount of weight to play Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle.


2. Mila Kunis
Mila lost 20 pounds for her acclaimed role in the haunting Black Swan where she played a professional ballerina.


3. Jared Leto
Similarly to Christian Bale, Jared Leto has dramatically transformed himself more than once. He piled on 67 pounds to play Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27. More recently, he went down to a shocking 114 pounds for his Oscar winning role as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club.


4. Charlize Theron
Charlize was almost completely unrecognisable as Aileen Wuornos in Monster. She wore prosthetic teeth and gained 30 pounds for the role.


5. Renée Zellweger
Renée is best known as the beloved Bridget Jones. At the time of casting, Renée was a controversial choice as she was skinnier that Bridget is described in the original books and she is American. However, she quickly proved the critics wrong as she gained 20 pounds and developed an impressive accent.




Women are guilty of all of these 5 habits at one stage or another.

If you learn to let them go, you can guarantee a happier and content life.

1. Self-deprecation
Every woman is guilty of saying how big they think their thighs are or how they wish they were a little taller. Learn to love yourself and others will too.

2. Gossiping
Sometimes gossip can seem harmless, but it isn’t to the person you are gossiping about. Quit the bitching and let’s all get along!

3. Not looking after your mind
Hours of junk TV can leave you feeling a bit zoned out. Try to learn new things through reading or going to new places.

4. Jealousy
The green-eyed monster is the reason so many of us ladies don’t get on. Be happy with what you have and be happy for that girl who seems to have it all too.

5. Not looking after your body
You know what they say; ‘Healthy body, Healthy mind’. If you binge on junk food then you can’t expect to feel too good. Eat lots of fruit and veggies, drink lots of water and get 30 minutes of exercise a day to feel in great condition.