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It seems like every celebrity has been getting themselves into a spot of bother lately, even heartthrob singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes.

The 20-year-old Canadian artist has let his guitar-strumming fingers 'accidentally' like a transphobic tweet, and Twitter went OFF.

The tweet is hella offensive for trans people, so bear in mind it could be triggering to see. In essence, it makes a joke about testicular cancer for trans women, and Shawn liked it either by mistake or on purpose.

His fans were quick to point it out to him, telling him to unlike the tweet immediately and apologise for any unintentional harm caused. His fans definitely have some good sense..

The Stitches singer replied pretty promptly, explaining that he had accidentally liked the tweet while scrolling through his feed (hmm).

"Must of accidentally liked it scrolling down a feed, you know me and I'd never. Sorry," he tweeted to his 20 million followers.

He tweeted a simple, 'Love you' afterwards, most likely thanking his devoted fans for spotting a mistake which could have landed him in even more trouble had he not explained and apologised.

Why did a transphobic tweet pop up in his feed, though? He does follow over 50,000 accounts so it is probably difficult to keep track of all the comments coming his way.

He has also been very supportive of the LGBT+ community in the past. 

When producer Teddy Geiger transitioned last year, Shawn urged others to "just open your eyes and open your mind, because, for me, going through one of my closest friends going through a very big transition period in her life, was incredible to watch."

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Ever have those moments when you're scrolling through Instagram and you see a pic from your friend's account so you go onto their page and realise you haven't seen the last ten snaps they've posted?

Yep, us too. It's super annoying. But, according to Instagram, we all miss about 70 percent of what's in our feeds everyday. 

So, it has decided to change a few things around which means your IG is going to look a bit different soon.

The photo-sharing app announced that it is going to fix this problem over the next few months by introducing an algorithm-based feed.

This means it will place the photos and videos they think you'll like first so you'll never miss a thing. Sounds good, right? But we're a little suspicious.

The concept behind this means that if you haven't been on the app in a few hours and your BFF shares a photo of their dog, you won't have to scroll back five thousand years to see it. It'll be at the top of your feed.

BUT what if Kim Kardashian shares another nude selfie? The algorithm change could possibly favour the already popular IG accounts and leave us normal beings in the dark with our ten likes.

I guess we'll have to wait to find out. 


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