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One of Ireland's biggest taxi app, MyTaxi, is set to rebrand it's name to FREE NOW later this year.

The company, formerly known as Hailo, emailed it's customers today and informed them about the name change. The app changed it's name to MyTaxi back in 2017, spending €5 million on the large ad campaign.

In a statement sent to consumers, MyTaxi wrote;

“The most important thing to remember is that there will be no change to the mytaxi service and app. We’ll still have the same app, the same local team and the same 5-star drivers – just with a new name later this year.” 

The company tweeted about the change; "We’ve exciting news  We’re joining a new mobility brand family. This means we’re getting a new name and look, and will be changing our name to FREE NOW later this year."

The change is apparently due to a merger between Daimler, it's majority shareholder, and BMW

SHARE NOW, REACH NOW, PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW are also a part of the “new brand family”, however these groups don't operate in Ireland as of yet.


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"At MyTaxi, we're always working hard to give people the freedom to move around cities as easily as possible," they said in their latest statement, according to Newstalk.

"As we continue to grow across Europe, it's important that we are consistent, recognisable and offer the best experience possible to all our passengers, no matter where you hail from".

There will be no change to the MyTaxi service and app, which carried over 16 million passengers across Ireland last year. MyTaxi is available in nine countries and more than 100 European cities.

The FAQs section is available for MyTaxi users to help answer its customers queries.

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Not only do Dublin Bus users have to contend with six days of industrial action across the month of September, but they also recently learned that service will grind to a standstill the night before the first official strike day.

And with the Luas strikes still fresh in the minds of the public, commuters are fearing the worst as hundreds of thousands are set to bear the brunt of the upcoming Dublin Bus strike.

Thankfully for us weary commuters, Hailo have decided to come to the rescue and are offering a special deal for commuters at specific points during the first 48 hour stoppage this month.

According to the Irish Mirror, anyone taking a taxi between 6 as well as 7am and 10am and noon this Thursday and Friday can avail of a 50 per cent discount.

Commenting on the generous gesture, Hailo in Ireland's General Manager, Tim Arnold, said: "We’re anticipating a huge surge in demand during the upcoming bus strikes, so are encouraging Hailo users to choose off-peak travel where possible."

"The recent Luas strike days have been very busy for Hailo and in particular for Hailo Prebook," he added. "We’re committed as always to getting our customers to their destinations."

Hailo, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.



Today's Luas strike has left around 90,000 people in Dublin looking for alternative means of getting to work today. 

And as predicted, the disruption caused inevitable panic in the capital city.

Hailo released a Vine which pretty much shows how many people were struggling to get to their destinations this morning. 


While many people just walked the regular Luas route….

….others were well and truly dismayed… 

…but some folks enjoyed the fresh air. 

The strikes are set to continue tomorrow and for two further days next week. Let's hope the weather remains dry…



Christmas is fast approaching, and while we're already dreaming up glam outfit ideas and lavish gift ideas, somehow we're not sure our budget will stretch to it all.

With that in mind, we're helping one lucky SHEmazing! reader to win the ULTIMATE Christmas shopping spree in Dublin.

Yes, you heard us. To celebrate the release of Christmas With The Coopers on Dec 1, we've teamed up with Liffey Valley and Hailo to offer you a day of shopping.

Unlike the poor Cooper family, you can indeed have the perfect Christmas! 

The winner will receive €100 voucher to spend on a Christmas day out at Liffey Valley, plus they'll have all transport costs covered with Hailo… and a few extra treats thrown in too.

You can enter now via Instagram or Facebook, and make sure you're following us on both platforms too. Best of luck!



With the Irish Rail strike taking place today – many commuters had no choice but to raid the piggy bank and hop in a cab to get to work on time.

So understandably, Hailo was rather busy. In fact, it was all-out Hailo MAYHEM this morning. 

As a result, we're guessing the hard-working company was raking in a serious amount of cash, though at least the good sports offered a 20 percent discount off the metre for peak-time travel.

And in Hailo's head office, operations executive Kevin Clarke had tweeted earlier that it was "full steam ahead," playfully adding: "Send coffee please."

They furthermore confirmed that the app had gone into "overdrive". 

The commotion also means that as well as #railstrike, (not to mention #adele in light of her new video release), @hailoireland is currently trending in the capital.

Thankfully for those who didn't have to be at their desks for 9am, the disruption to rail services has now ended. 



Many a time Hailo has been our saving grace at the end of the night when we have our chipper and just want to get home quick and eat it in peace. 

Today marks the third birthday of the taxi company and to celebrate they did something a bit different… and completely hilarious.

Their birthday video includes a three-year-old taxi driver driving around the city picking people up. As you can imagine people are really not sure what's going on when they get into the car. 

Don't worry though, little Kai was of course pretending to drive as his Dad was camouflaged extremely well as the taxi seat sitting underneath him. 

Say Hailo to the 3 year old taxi driver…

We've just turned 3! To celebrate we thought we’d have a little fun with our customers by introducing them to the youngest driver in the world, our very own 3 year old taxi driver. www.hailobirthday.com #HappyBirthdayHailo Created by the Guns or knives team:)

Posted by Hailo on Thursday, August 6, 2015