It’s OK to be moody! Science says it can actually a really GOOD thing

We all get a bit moody at times, it's only human! But if your day feels like a rollercoaster of emotions, it's best not to worry about it.

As it turns out, those who swing on the pendulum of emotional intensity may be showing signs of a natural ability to adapt to change. Which is totally a good thing.

The University College London has created a theory that moodiness helps to reinforce our responses to various environmental factors.

If an experience makes us happy, we are going to seek more of it. And in contrast, if an experience is unpleasant, it will likely bring us down. 

Being able to flip a switch when it comes to your reactions is beneficial in terms of survival, in both your social and work life. 

"The ubiquity of moods and the extent of their impact on our lives tells us that, throughout the course of evolution, our moodiness must have conferred a significant competitive advantage," said lead expert Dr Eran Eldar.

Now, the study did admit that being moody all the time can lead to depression, but Dr Eldar added that “being moody at times may be a small price to pay for the ability to adapt quickly when facing momentous environmental changes.”

So you can now feel free to fume for five minutes if you can't find your favourite mug in the office – and then switch back to your lovely usual self.