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Many commoners such as ourselves simply aren't able to handle the fringe lifestyle. Between keeping it cut properly in parallel to the rest of your hair, making sure it stays in place and isn't blinding you; it's a 24/7 job.

Kendall Jenner has seemingly decided to commit to that bangs lifestyle, but then again she does have a team of hairstylists to help her.

She's showing off her brand new look in a recent selfie, and we have to say: she's lookin' FINE.


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While most fringes tend to divide people, we're fairly positive that Kendall's will get the A-plus rating.

The 24-year-old model looks really different to her normal lewk, and some are even saying she's resembling her mum, Kris Jenner, a lot more now.

The famous Kardashian family are renowned for trying out wigs and hair extensions, so who knows if the hairstyle is just temporary or if it's a permanent move.


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Kendall captioned her Instagram image; “yes, no, maybe so?” and people are LOVING it. We think… there was the odd 'no' response, but it's probably just minor sh*t-stirring.

The last time she rocked a look even remotely like this was at the AMAs back in the olden days of 2015  with a long fringe, and she really does look like her mom-ager there.

We think she looks shockingly like fellow model Emily Ratajkowski, especially with all that pouting. What do you gals think of the look?

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She may be best known for her beachy, balayage infused hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean Gigi Hadid can’t work a multitude of looks.

Appearing at a CFDA event last night, the Californian model debuted a new full fringe ‘do and already the style has earned itself the title of “hairspo” among the star’s followers.

Since the fringe was paired with volumized hair and a strong bun-based up-do, we’re interested to see how Gigi’s bangs will look when the rest of her hair is down. 


midnite in Paris

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Ariana Grande has been rocking a similar style for AGES now. High half ponytail with loads of volume?

Yup… that'll be Ms Grande alright.

However, the 23-year-old songstress has finally taken the plunge – opting for a cut and colour that is totally GORGEOUS on her.

Hinting at the revamp with a black-and-white full-lenght selfie yesterday, Ariana has now given fans a proper glimpse of her new do.

Rocking a darker, deep brunette hue, the Florida-born star showed off a fab fringe which totally freshened-up her appearance.

And while most fans were gushing over those bangs, it seems that some online observers weren't quite so happy… because, they claim, she's only copying rival popstar Selena Gomez's look.

Selena, 24, debuted her fringe back in June – and we have to admit that Ms Grande's revamped tresses are remarkably similar. 

Still, one Instagram user offered: "Why is every selenator hating Ariana bc of her hair, Selena and Ariana are friends…"



We have never quite known fringe envy until Kendall Jenner rocked up to the AMAs with perhaps the most covetable bangs we have ever seen. 

And just as were about to make an impulsive trip to the hair salon (which we would have ultimately regretted!), we learned that Kendall did not go for the chop and instead just faked her look with some ingenious hair styling. 

This week, Perrie also tried to lull us into going for some illustrious bangs but her perfect up do was also faked. 

So how can you achieve the ultimate set of bangs without the commitment? Well all you need is some bobbins, hair pins and patience!


Somebody help. Japan is taking over me.

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Grab a bobbin and pull your into a high pony. Take half of your pony and pull it over the bobbin towards your face. Pin the hair securely on the top of your head, creating a half bun.

Leaving the ends to frame your face, split the remaining hair in the ponytail in two and wrap around the half bun you created. Pin the bun as desired. 

Lastly, just style your fringe! 

If you are still struggling, check out this super easy tutorial below. 




If you've had a fringe or bangs, you've more than likely been on an emotional roller coaster while growing them out. 

Don't worry, we've all been there. So, whether it's your first time or hundredth, you can expect to go through these stages of the process: 


Yay! You're growing out your fringe.You just can't wait to toss your hair over your shoulder each morning and not have to worry about styling your fringe so you don't look like the Grinch. You're SO over bangs anyway. 



It looks like your hair grew about half a centimetre this week, hurrah! At this rate, you can shove your fringe behind your ears in a week or two. And you better stock up some clips and pins in the meantime. 



You knew it wasn't going to be easy, but does it really take THIS long. You've read every article there is about styling your hair while growing it out, but nothing works for you. And can anyone over 7-years-old really pull off a hairband?!


Joy (when you see a slight progress)

OK maybe you can rock the side swept look. "Where are all of those clips I bought last week though?!"… They're long gone, so you'll have to use some mega-hold hairspray. 



It's just not going right. Maybe you need to take some hair-growing supplements. Or, maybe there's something wrong with your diet or shampoo. Would hair extensions work?! So many questions. 



You have a big event coming up next week and you realise there's no way you can wear your hair down without looking like a shaggy dog. Maybe if you snip off that tiny uncontrollable bit it might look a bit better. 



OMG, what a disaster. Why did you go near those scissors. That's it, it's time to call your hairdresser ASAP for an emergency appointment. She'll sort it out. 



You walk out of the hairdressers sporting bangs like Beyoncé. It's OK though, you'll be growing them out again in no time… right?