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Ever wondered why you have that voice inside your head telling you to eat the last slice of cake? Or pushing you to hide the glass vase your broke on your mam?

Well, as it turns out, our genes may be to blame for all the naughty things we got up to over the years.

In a breakthrough discovery, scientists have discovered a mathematical model which determines the likelihood of you turning out good or bad.

The researchers at the University of Exeter studied the behaviour of various colony-living creatures, such as bees.

By looking at their models, they were able to better explain that genes have a play in whether you only look out for yourself, or look out for others.

The scientists also took into account environmental factors which play a MAJOR part – but depending on the genetic variations we're all born with, they found that individuals are pre-programmed with instructions on how to behave.

According to DNA India, up until now, scientists have been unable to fully explain how ‘genetic polymorphism*’ plays into the behaviour of individuals.

"Social evolution theory hasn't previously addressed genetic polymorphism," said Stockholm University's Professor Olof Leimar, who lead the study. "We have developed a model that allows us to explore this within a general framework alongside other behavioural influences.”

So all of them naughty things you did aren't really your fault, right?!


*Polymorphism: the presence of genetic variation within a population, upon which natural selection can operate.



There are certain habits in life we need to kick as we get older. We’re not teenagers anymore, and many of us are not even students anymore, so let’s sort these bad habits out once and for all!

1. Staying up until ungodly hours of the night
We all have nights every now and then where we watch entire TV series until 5am in the morning. It’s usually a good idea to get out of this habit or you will burn out fast.


 2. Setting the alarm early, so you can stay in bed longer

There is really no point in doing this at all, you’re just postponing the inevitable. It can be a harsh reality to face when you realise you have to get up, but putting your phone on snooze all the time won’t help the situation.

3. Binging on junk food at night
You could actually be really healthy and even have a salad during the day, then when you get home, you undo everything and binge on junk food at night. You spend the whole night eating crappy food and you still wonder why you aren’t losing any weight.

4. Spending stupid amounts of money on things you don’t need
You could be working but you still live with your parents, so you don’t have to pay rent. You have some extra cash to spend so you buy the most useless crap that you don’t need. It will all change when you move out…

5. Saying things that you don’t mean
When you say stuff like “No I‘m fine, it doesn’t bother me” it’s a very clear sign that it does. The person you’re saying it to knows it does so what’s the point incovering it up. Later on down the line when you’re in a serious relationship you need to be honest about how you feel.

6. Documenting every single part of your life
It’s seems nowadays we can’t just enjoy things, we have to document every little thing we do. When we go abroad, we spend more time taking photos than actually taking it all in. You might have a lot of photos when you come back, but you didn’t fully experience it.

 7. Living on your phone
There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and they’re too busy on their phone. Not only is it rude, but when you get older you will come across as being extremely anti-social. It will actually benefit you if you put your phone down for once and have a proper conversation.

8. Drunk texting your ex
It’s not going to do any good in all fairness, all it’s going to is bring up bad memories that you’re too drunk to remember. At the time you think it’s a great idea, but in the morning you’re actually disgusted with yourself.

9.  Watching too much reality TV
There is very little reality in reality TV anymore, you can almost the write the show yourself it’s so predictable. Somehow, people get famous from it and are now seen as celebs. Watching reality TV actually makes you feel a little bit dumber.

 10. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on a night out

When you just got paid you’re delighted and end up spending lots of money on booze as well as offering to buy other people’s drinks. The next day you realise that you spent a good chunk of your wages and only have 20 euro to do you for the rest of the week.

11. Drinking way too much in the process
When you’re young you can drink your body weight in alcohol and feel a tad drunk. When you get older you will realise that you can barely have two without feeling tipsy. Your body can’t sustain the amount of alcohol you consume, so it’s better to slow down and stick to the wine.

12. Social smoking
You might think that it’s harmless and you’re only doing it to be social, but soon you start to do it more often and it becomes less social. Most people can actually control themselves, but for others it becomes the habit that you can’t kick.

13. Being too lazy to socialize
You have every intention of going out on the weekend, but for some reason or other you decide at the last minute not to bother. Sometimes you’re just not  feeling up to it, but a lot the time you’re just too lazy and you’re missing out on a chance to meet new people.

14. Procrastination
You become an expert at this in college, but when you get older you need to learn how to use your time wisely. You can’t just do everything the night before work, you actually have to put the hard yards in before.

15. Putting off exercise
You made a promise to go to the gym more, you went once and haven’t gone back since. You don’t need to go the gym to exercise, even if you just do some running, it’s better than not doing anything at all.

16. Being afraid to fail
Not everything is going to go the way you wanted it to go in life, sometimes its better to accept that you have failed and move on. You will learn way more about yourself when you fail than if things always go your way.

17. Being Indecisive
When you get older, you will have to make some tough decisions, so it’s better to break the habit now rather than later. It shows a lack of maturity if you can’t decide on things and at this stage in your life you should really know what is good for you by now.

rob lowe animated GIF

18. Acting like a complete slob at home
If you are still living with your parents it won’t bother you as much. When you eventually have to move out, your roommates will getting sick of you leaving a mess everywhere. If you’re actually tidy at home it will pay off when you end up living with your partner.


19. Having an excuse for everything
You will never take the blame for anything and you will always have some excuse for when you mess up. It actually shows maturity if you can admit when you’re wrong and not have some reason why things didn’t go as you planned.

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Sometimes, nights out just don't go to plan. Here are some of the worst things that can go wrong and ruin a perfectly good night on the tiles. 


1. Phone Running Out Of Battery
Forever alone…how did people do this back in the pre-mobile phone days?! It's madness. 



2. Losing Your Phone/Purse/Keys
Even worse than your phone running out of battery is actually losing the stupid thing. At least if the phone runs out of battery, all it does is ruin your night. But if you lose it, that ruins your whole week. The same goes for wallets, purses and keys, as you have to find replacements for all of the cards and keys that are probably on the floor in some random night club bathroom.

lost stuff


3. Bumping Into Your Ex
Never a good thing, but the level at which it ruins your night is entirely dependent on what terms you ended things with them. If they were relatively good terms, then you can say a polite hello before just trying to avoid them for the rest of the night. But if things ended badly, all you can hope for is that you don’t end up in a shouting match about something that happened a year ago.

awkeard hi


4. Spending Way Too Much Money
This might not ruin your night so much as it ruins the next morning, when you find all of the receipts in your pockets and it turns out you both a round of tequila shots. Twice. And you don’t even remember having tequila, let alone doing a round of them.



5. Getting Stuck In A Queue Anywhere
To get in. For the toilets. For the cloak room. For food. Waiting anywhere is a pain in the ass, and the later in the night it goes the more annoying it becomes, especially if all you want to do is go home.



6. Rethinking Where To Go If Someone Doesn’t Get In
This is more of a problem in the first couple of years of college, when every club seems to have a different age limit for different nights of the week. You try to sort ID's for everyone, but this inevitably doesn’t work, and you have to rack your brains for another place to go.

now what


7. One Of Your Friends Fights With Their Other Half
There’s always that one couple who fights on every night out, and despite the fact that you try to not get involved, it still puts a dampener on the mood, and ruins everyone else’s night slightly.



8. Losing Everyone For Most Of The Night
As explained in the first point, this can happen as a result of losing your phone, but sometimes no matter how many times you text and ring people they just won’t hear their phone, and you still end up being stranded at the end of the night, alternating between walking around the club looking for people and standing in the one place hoping that they are walking around looking for you.



9. Getting Stuck Talking To Someone
Why is it that whenever you get stuck talking to someone in a club, it’s always someone you don’t really know or someone you don’t really like? And it ends up being quite an awkward conversation, but they never get that impression that it is, and continue to talk to you for the majority of your night.



10. Friend Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
And it’s always you who ends up having to go and look after them, comforting them in McDonald’s and eventually bringing them home, praying the entire way that they don’t get sick in the taxi.



11. You Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
Mixed with the general feeling of sickness is also some embarrassment, shame, and even some guilt as one of your friends is now forced to return the favour and look after you. Although this guilt doesn’t stop you being glad that they came to look after you.

thrown out


12. Leaving Too Late That Your Favourite Restaurant Is Closed
So when you arrive to your favourite restaurant only to discover that it’s 5am and the place closes at 4:30am, the feeling of utter devastation is hard to describe, but is similar to finding out that McDonald’s has moved onto the breakfast menu. 



13. Having To Get A Taxi On Your Own
Can happen for any number of reasons, but paying for the full fare when you know that you’d only have to pay a quarter of that if you had four of your friends with you is never enjoyable.


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Some things can just make our day really, really, bad. And then more often than not, things happen to make it EVEN WORSE. 

1.Woke Up Late
Great, no shower. 


2. Stubbing Your Toe
Oh, the pain and frustration are immense. 


3. Poured Out Cereal But You Have No Milk
Someone will pay for this. 


4. You Left the House Without Deodorant
And it's one of those really horrible clammy "close" days. Gah!


5. Rain
No sure, I mean why would it be sunny?


6. Bus is Full to Work
It doesn’t even matter if the person beside you is a normal person. You hate them right now. They are in your bubble.

bus wankers

7. Your Hair-tie snapped
Mid-run….You may kill someone. And then rob their hair-tie. 

fuck it all


8. Work
Maybe if you hadn’t had to get up to go to the place that slowly diminishes your soul, you wouldn’t have stubbed your toe and you would be fine right now, watching Gossip Girl and eating hummus.


9. Bit Your Lip Walking into Work
WHY does this place hate you so much?!


10. You Didn’t Get That Promotion
What’s worse is the stupid guy who did get it. 



11.  You Realise You Are Forever Alone
Your brain thought today was a great day to make you realise it.


12. Everyone Else Seems Extra Happy Today
Be thankful there is only 24 hours in the day. Go home, wash off the day in the bath. Forget everything, get in your jammies and watch what ever terrible TV you want. You deserve this. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be sunny.


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Feeling a little worse for wear after the weekend? Well then, you might want to give this article a miss!

New research has suggested that even one big boozy night out could cause permanent damage to their health.

Researchers in the US say that even one heavy drinking session can cause bacteria to leak from the gut, causing increased levels of toxins in the blood.


The researchers, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, say these toxins cause the body to produce immune cells involved in fever, inflammation and tissue destruction.

“We found that a single alcohol binge can elicit an immune response, potentially impacting the health of an otherwise healthy individual,” said lead author Gyongyi Szabo. “Our observations suggest that an alcohol binge is more dangerous than previously thought.”

Binge drinking is defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) as five or more drinks for men, or four or more drinks for women, in about two hours, depending on body weight.

Some scary post-weekend reading!


They say that our diet is reflected in our skin and it’s no lie.

If you go on a junk food binge the chances are you will soon see the effects on your face.

If your skin is dull, dry or spotty, try eating more of these foods to clear it up in no time.

1. Water

2. Oily fish

3. Brown rice

4. Kale

5. Avocado

6. Dark berries

7. Green tea

8. Peppermint

9. Garlic

10. Nuts

OK, we know that water and green tea technically are not food but their impact on clearing up skin cannot be underestimated.