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You can't control waking up on the wrong side of the bed – but you CAN control what you do after you get out of it. 

There are so many factors that can make your mornings less-than-ideal, like hitting a traffic jam or forgetting your umbrella when there's a downpour (I bet we all know that horrible feeling), but other little morning habits could make you start your day on the wrong foot.

Set yourself up for the best day possible by avoiding these morning behaviours:

Drinking coffee too early

Is there really ever a bad time for coffee? Well, yes, it turns out there is. Your energy levels rise naturally when you first wake up in the morning, so drinking coffee then causes an extra energy surge that can leave you jittery. 

Instead, you'll reap in more benefits if you drink coffee at least an hour after you've gotten out of bed. That's when your energy levels begin to plummet, so coffee will keep you in check for the afternoon. 


Your breakfast is too small

Grabbing a handful of berries and Greek yoghurt before you leave the house in the morning might sound like the perfect healthy breakfast, but something that small will set you up to binge in the afternoon or evening. 

Not only is it just not enough food, but it's lacking in nutrients that are key to feeling full. Adding some fibre and protein into your first meal of the day will set you up for whatever the day has in store.  


Checking your e-mails first thing

This one is a nasty habit that most of us are probably guilty of. Checking your inbox or social media the moment you open your eyes in the morning can set you up for stress all day. 

Instead of worrying about what the world is going to throw at you first thing, focus on starting the morning with something calming, like exercise, sipping on tea or talking to your friend. This will actually help your body's productivity level and get your creative juices flowing. 


The gym; chores; healthy eating; being a better person: we all have a loooonng list of things that we always mean to get around to doing.

Sometimes we even dabble for a while – though as plenty of folk will attest, starting up good habits is only half the battle… sticking to them is the real challenge. 

Still, there are some great tips and tricks to make an occasional, fleeting fancy into a habit that's second nature…

  • Commit to 30 days: that's how long you need to establish proper sense of discipline and dedication.
  • Make it daily: even skipping the odd day here and there will wreck havoc on your aspirations.
  • Remind yourself why: there are reasons why you want to establish your new habit – remind yourself of those regularly.
  • Get a buddy: have someone you can message and ask, "did you do this/that today? Because I did!"
  • Write it down: set reminders on your phone or write down a 'must do later' message in a diary or on a calendar.

And while the gym can take A LOT of effort and bags of motivation, never mind that eating healthily is a REAL toughie for a whole host of reasons, some important things are rather more straightforward to implement.

Take your daily dose of folic acid for example: it's a cost-efficient supplement that should be a VITAL part of your routine – up there with drinking 2litres of water a day and remembering to ring your mam.

Why? Because if you're having sex, you could get pregnant – and if you do, it's essential that you've been taking folic acid for three months prior to conception, as well as the first three months of pregnancy itself.

Here are a few suggestions for getting your folic acid poa off the ground: 

  • Start by weighing up the costs and benefits: folic acid costs just a few cent a day but has MASSIVE benefits – namely a greatly reduced chance of having a child with spina bifida or another neural tube defect. 
  • Commit to establishing a new routine: it's only one tiny tablet each day. Decide that you are going to do it and remind yourself that for not very much effort, your baby (even if it’s far into the future) can only benefit.

  • Have a specific time to take it: morning with breakfast is often good. You can also set an alarm on your phone.
  • Be prepared: keep your folic acid handy and just pop it in your handbag.
  • Get chatting: don’t be afraid to talk to your friends about taking it. Taking folic acid doesn’t mean that you are planning a baby. It just means that if you do have a baby sometime in the future, you are already helping to protect their health. 

  • Remind yourself how important it is: after a successfully taking folic acid for a fortnight or for a month it might be nice to reward yourself. This could mean buying a magazine, or even a new pair of earrings.


The bottom line is: if you are sexually active and there is a chance (no matter how small) that you could become pregnant then you NEED to take folic acid every day. Simple!

You can also find out more here.


Hate to be the bearers of bad news ladies but this is actually possible. Whether you’re getting all glammed up for a big night on the town or your just putting in a 9-to-5 day with the essentials from your make-up bag, you could be doing some serious damage. We may not even realise it but some of the most common make-up habits can be doing awful things to our skin without us even noticing. So, to help keep you at your healthiest, we identified the worst habits we’re all guilty of that can ruin our glowing appearance.

Ignoring expiration dates

You wouldn’t use bread that’s been sitting in your kitchen turning green would you? The same goes for your cosmetics. Almost all of your products should have a symbol on their label that lets you know how long it’s safe to keep using once opened. And while we all have our absolute favourites we couldn’t live without, clinging to that two year old MAC matte could give you a nasty infection. Or worse, age old mascara might leave you with some less than sultry stink eye. Rebecca Taylor, M.D., an ophthalmologist and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, recommends getting rid of them after three months.

Sharing is actually not so caring

It really doesn’t matter how amazing your BFF’s lippy was last night, you need go and buy your own. Or you could end up like the woman who borrowed her friend’s make-up brush and ended losing the use of her legs due to catching MRSA.  Nobody wants a cold sore, or conjunctivitis. Not cool. So to avoid the any risky infections, or the inevitable cold shoulder when a certain gloss goes missing, keep your favourites separate. You can still admire, obviously, just from afar.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Between holidays, festivals or just your social life in general, it can be easier to fork out and have a professional take care of your stubby lash woes. Be warned though, some of the glues contain less than sweet ingredients. Such as formaldehyde, which can cause serious irritation to your eyes. Taylor says that “if applied poorly, extensions can cause lashes to become brittle and break off”. Which is exactly the look we were hoping to avoid. She recommends having a patch test done so you can see how the glue will affect you before going all-in.

Misplacing your lines

Look, we all want that doe-eyed oh-so-pretty aesthetic, it’s not that uncommon. But here’s a helpful tip, applying liner to your waterline isn’t going to help. The opposite actually. And, it’s going to mess with your vision too #epicfail. Your eyes have their own natural bacteria and putting liner in the mix is going to make it too crowded in there. Steal clear of the water then!

Hitting the hay, face intact

It’s always tempting after a long day (or night) to dive straight into the duvet, to hell with the face wipes, bring on the naps! How about no, though? Skipping this vital step in the beauty process is going to leave your eyes irritated, and your pores clogged. So clogged pores might not lead to certain death, but Taylor explains “when you toss and turn your head throughout the night, traces of makeup can migrate into the eye.” And nobody wants to wake up the morning of that most important interview with a nasty stye. Pass us the cleanser please and thank you. 



There are certain habits in life we need to kick as we get older. We’re not teenagers anymore, and many of us are not even students anymore, so let’s sort these bad habits out once and for all!

1. Staying up until ungodly hours of the night
We all have nights every now and then where we watch entire TV series until 5am in the morning. It’s usually a good idea to get out of this habit or you will burn out fast.


 2. Setting the alarm early, so you can stay in bed longer

There is really no point in doing this at all, you’re just postponing the inevitable. It can be a harsh reality to face when you realise you have to get up, but putting your phone on snooze all the time won’t help the situation.

3. Binging on junk food at night
You could actually be really healthy and even have a salad during the day, then when you get home, you undo everything and binge on junk food at night. You spend the whole night eating crappy food and you still wonder why you aren’t losing any weight.

4. Spending stupid amounts of money on things you don’t need
You could be working but you still live with your parents, so you don’t have to pay rent. You have some extra cash to spend so you buy the most useless crap that you don’t need. It will all change when you move out…

5. Saying things that you don’t mean
When you say stuff like “No I‘m fine, it doesn’t bother me” it’s a very clear sign that it does. The person you’re saying it to knows it does so what’s the point incovering it up. Later on down the line when you’re in a serious relationship you need to be honest about how you feel.

6. Documenting every single part of your life
It’s seems nowadays we can’t just enjoy things, we have to document every little thing we do. When we go abroad, we spend more time taking photos than actually taking it all in. You might have a lot of photos when you come back, but you didn’t fully experience it.

 7. Living on your phone
There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and they’re too busy on their phone. Not only is it rude, but when you get older you will come across as being extremely anti-social. It will actually benefit you if you put your phone down for once and have a proper conversation.

8. Drunk texting your ex
It’s not going to do any good in all fairness, all it’s going to is bring up bad memories that you’re too drunk to remember. At the time you think it’s a great idea, but in the morning you’re actually disgusted with yourself.

9.  Watching too much reality TV
There is very little reality in reality TV anymore, you can almost the write the show yourself it’s so predictable. Somehow, people get famous from it and are now seen as celebs. Watching reality TV actually makes you feel a little bit dumber.

 10. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on a night out

When you just got paid you’re delighted and end up spending lots of money on booze as well as offering to buy other people’s drinks. The next day you realise that you spent a good chunk of your wages and only have 20 euro to do you for the rest of the week.

11. Drinking way too much in the process
When you’re young you can drink your body weight in alcohol and feel a tad drunk. When you get older you will realise that you can barely have two without feeling tipsy. Your body can’t sustain the amount of alcohol you consume, so it’s better to slow down and stick to the wine.

12. Social smoking
You might think that it’s harmless and you’re only doing it to be social, but soon you start to do it more often and it becomes less social. Most people can actually control themselves, but for others it becomes the habit that you can’t kick.

13. Being too lazy to socialize
You have every intention of going out on the weekend, but for some reason or other you decide at the last minute not to bother. Sometimes you’re just not  feeling up to it, but a lot the time you’re just too lazy and you’re missing out on a chance to meet new people.

14. Procrastination
You become an expert at this in college, but when you get older you need to learn how to use your time wisely. You can’t just do everything the night before work, you actually have to put the hard yards in before.

15. Putting off exercise
You made a promise to go to the gym more, you went once and haven’t gone back since. You don’t need to go the gym to exercise, even if you just do some running, it’s better than not doing anything at all.

16. Being afraid to fail
Not everything is going to go the way you wanted it to go in life, sometimes its better to accept that you have failed and move on. You will learn way more about yourself when you fail than if things always go your way.

17. Being Indecisive
When you get older, you will have to make some tough decisions, so it’s better to break the habit now rather than later. It shows a lack of maturity if you can’t decide on things and at this stage in your life you should really know what is good for you by now.

rob lowe animated GIF

18. Acting like a complete slob at home
If you are still living with your parents it won’t bother you as much. When you eventually have to move out, your roommates will getting sick of you leaving a mess everywhere. If you’re actually tidy at home it will pay off when you end up living with your partner.


19. Having an excuse for everything
You will never take the blame for anything and you will always have some excuse for when you mess up. It actually shows maturity if you can admit when you’re wrong and not have some reason why things didn’t go as you planned.

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Social media is meant to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you should go hell for leather when it comes to posting photos from last night or updating statuses (ahem, football fever anyone?). Here are some great tips to stop your friends from hiding your latest status updates:

Tag attack
It’s all well and good when you’re the one uploading and tagging the photos from the night before, but beware, if you tag your friend when she’s not looking her best, she WILL get you back. When you least expect it.

Selfie central
We’re all for uploading the odd selfie, but if you do it too often, people will get bored. Save them for when you’re looking REALLY well and want to show it off!

Angry status updates about other people
These are definitely not good. Keep your personal issues to yourself- you’ll regret it in the long run if you don’t.

Love, love, love
We all want to shout it from the rooftops when we’re feeling the lurrrve for our significant other, but if you do this too often you will start to grate on peoples’ nerves. Especially those who aren’t as loved up as you.

Retweet, Fav, Repeat
Apparently it’s not cool to only retweet other peoples’ tweets. People want to hear what you have to say, that’s why they followed you. That being said, if you haven’t got anything good to say, what’s so bad with letting someone else do the talking instead?



Pointless emails, smelly lunches and stealing your favourite mug.

These are some of the habits which annoy us the most about our co-workers.

A recent survey revealed the things that make us want to scream into a pillow when it comes to the people we work with every day.

Others include, people stealing your lunch out of the fridge, nosy co-workers reading your emails over your shoulder, eating smelly lunches at their desk, describing their dreams and moaning about their personal life.

Some more crimes include stealing your favourite mug or pen, leaving empty wrappers in tins of sweets or not refilling the stapler

And it doesn’t end there, as colleagues who dash out of the door at 5pm on the dot also drive us nuts.

The survey of 2,000 workers was carried out by animal welfare charity The Brooke, to mark World Donkey Week.

A spokesman said, “We can all relate to the grumbles in this list.”

But these aren’t called “first-world” problems for nothing.

“Our research brings home the fact that no matter how annoying our work life can be, it doesn’t compare with the hardship suffered by working animals around the world today,” he added.

This may be something to bear in mind the next time your co-worker munches on a packet of pickled onion crisps when you’re hungover.