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Many commoners such as ourselves simply aren't able to handle the fringe lifestyle. Between keeping it cut properly in parallel to the rest of your hair, making sure it stays in place and isn't blinding you; it's a 24/7 job.

Kendall Jenner has seemingly decided to commit to that bangs lifestyle, but then again she does have a team of hairstylists to help her.

She's showing off her brand new look in a recent selfie, and we have to say: she's lookin' FINE.


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While most fringes tend to divide people, we're fairly positive that Kendall's will get the A-plus rating.

The 24-year-old model looks really different to her normal lewk, and some are even saying she's resembling her mum, Kris Jenner, a lot more now.

The famous Kardashian family are renowned for trying out wigs and hair extensions, so who knows if the hairstyle is just temporary or if it's a permanent move.


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Kendall captioned her Instagram image; “yes, no, maybe so?” and people are LOVING it. We think… there was the odd 'no' response, but it's probably just minor sh*t-stirring.

The last time she rocked a look even remotely like this was at the AMAs back in the olden days of 2015  with a long fringe, and she really does look like her mom-ager there.

We think she looks shockingly like fellow model Emily Ratajkowski, especially with all that pouting. What do you gals think of the look?

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Clearly the cropped hair cut is the hottest look around at the moment, with the likes of Katy Perry and Kristin Stewart opting for uber-short dos. 

Now, brow behemoth and actress Cara Delevigne has joined the ranks of celebs and it-girls sporting the edgy look.


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Taking to Instagram, the model-turned-actress showed off her new short and spiky do, which has been dyed a pastel shade of lilac.

Cara also updated her Instagram story, showing a pile of her chopped hair lying on a counter.

The British star captioned the snap "Oh No!"


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She also uploaded a video of herself practicing self defence, and her rose-tinted crop looks absolutely deadly. 

The iconic hair style has previously been rocked by the like of Zendaya, Twiggy, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Moss. 

We may have a new favourite hairstyle…

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While Valentine's Day may be for couples, DIY hair hacks are all-inclusive.

For the month that's in it, we're loving the heart bun, a hair creation inspired by the romantic season and shared by beauty mega-mogul Huda Beauty. 

Pic: Sherry Maldonado

The look was created by model and influencer Sherry Maldonado, who shared it to her 740,000 followers before the hairstyle was regrammed by Huda, so it's become seriously popular.

The DIY 'do is perfect for those of us who love the hun bun, but lets face it, sometimes you need to spice up your life.

Sherry starts by customising her trusty hair doughnut by creating a heart shape with three elastics. 

 Pic: Sherry Maldonado

By making the doughnut in the shape of a heart, all you have to do is pull your hair through the doughnut and secure the bun as you usually would, so it's as easy as our favourite hangover hair style.

Tuck any excess hair underneath the hair doughnut with bobby pins and voila, the heart shaped bun is complete. 

The influencer also showcases how to do this look in a half up, half down style, which would look amazing on a Valentine's night out. 

So at least if love isn't in the air, it will be in your hair. Sort of. 



Blake Lively never fails to impress in the hair stakes, and her latest look is no different.

The actress shared with us one of the most beautiful hairstyles we have EVER seen… and she was only going on a bloomin' hike. 

Blake sported a gorgeous knotted braid for her morning workout, the result of a spontaneous concoction by her hair stylist while out on a hike. 

Blake is currently in Australia filming her upcoming movie The Shallows, and it turns out the area's natural beauty was what inspired her new look.

Speaking to Refinery 29, Blake's hairstylist Rod Ortega described how the spontaneous hairstyle was created. 

"It was impromptu! We were on this really beautiful cliff, with all these gorgeous leaves and branches, and thought, what if we create that with hair?"

And create it they did. 

The gorgeous braid looks complicated but Rod described it as a french braid with a knot added between every rotation. 

To try to recreate the look at home, start by separating the hair into three sections. Then create a literal knot in the hair before starting a french braid. Recreate the knot in the centre after every section of the braid. 

Sounds easy! 

A word to the wise though, it definitely does help when you have perhaps the most beautiful head of hair on the planet. 




Who knew tying your hair in a bunch of knots could be SO cool? That's what hair stylist to the stars, Sarah Potempa created when she did this gorgeous braid for Buzzfeed, and frankly, we are obsessed.

It looks totally complicated but it's really simple when you break it down step by step:

Loop braids

This is literally just tying your hair in knots and it's beautiful.// Hair styling: Sarah Potempa

Posted by BuzzFeed Style on Sunday, 8 November 2015


First, start with a triangular section of hair from your hairline going back to your crown – just like you would with a regular French braid. 

Next, separate that section of hair into two pieces and tie them in a knot tightly. 

Once that's done, hold the two ends in your right hand and pull another section of hair from the left side of your head to create another knot.

From there,hold the ends of the two pieces of hair you just knotted in your left hand and grab a section from the right side of your head to create another knot.

Then continue this on both sides until you come to the end. And viola! a deadly braid in under two minutes.



Your hair style will always be something that is totally unique to you. 

Saying that, it's also something that can make you feel fabulous or make you feel like total rubbish. 

Either way, there comes a time when you have to change your style, and these signs might be your little last push:

1. You still have The Rachel

Yes, we know it's a great hair style, but there comes a point when EVERY style should pass.


2. Your roots have taken over

Ah, we've all been there. But when they become really noticeable, it's time to make that appointment. 


3. You spend ages trying to style it… and then throw it up in a bun

The bun and ponytail are our best friends and there's nothing wrong with wearing one, just not every single day. 


4. You look back on photos from 5 years ago and your hair is the exact same

This is not a good sign. Yes, we know if it ain't broke and all that, but there's no problem with altering it a slight bit. 


5. Someone tells you look just like your mother

Run to the hairdressers!


6. You can visibly notice your split ends

You NEED a trim, whether you like it or not, you're hair is just getting damaged at this stage. 


7. You comment on everyone else's hair do'

Forget about the rest! Love your own hair style.


8. You keep saying that you're think of changing it

We know it can be hard and scary to go for the chop, but just do it – you'll thank us when you have a great new style!



Is there any style that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini cannot pull off? We’re thinking the answer to that is a resounding ‘no’ after seeing her new ‘70s ‘do!

The X-Factor judge had teased her fans on Instagram shortly before unveiling her new look by posting a photo of hairdressers' utensils and writing: "Long over due…"

The singer later shared a photo of her new hairstyle, which is much shorter than we are used to seeing on her and captioned: “I [love] the 70’s #newdo colour is @lorealparisuk Casting Creme Gloss Berry 565. @percyhair thanks for the chop.”

Although Cheryl often experiments with lots of natural colours in her hair, we reckon this is a favourite and will be flying off the shelves now that she’s given her secret away! 

Has Cheryl's new '70's do almost tempted you to go for the chop…? 



Taylor Swift has been rocking a bob for a few months now and we have to say we are mad about it – it even convinced a few of us here to go for the chop!

So we’re a little confused as to why Vogue didn’t embrace Taylor’s new haircut for their upcoming November issue and instead slicked her hair back so it looks like she has a mullet… eek.

We love the cover in general – the pastels look great and Taylor looks stunning, as always. 

She was just recently topped People magazine's best dressed list, and there's no doubt why – she has been rocking some serious outfits recently!

But that hair though…is it just us?!



Khloé Kardashian has unveiled her brand new hairstyle – cornrows!

The reality TV star debuted her new hair on her Instagram account in a candid gym snap where she also blamed sister Kourtney for her unhealthy eating habits: “Monday with @gunnarfitness!!! I am determined to get my pre-hamptons, pre sympathy kourtney pregnancy weight off. Nothing comes east. Why do I blame Kourt though?!? Lol.”

The youngest Kardashian sister can be seen in the gym with her trained sporting some sunnies and her new cornrows.

We have to say, we’re not so sure about them but then again, a little experimenting every now and then can be lots of fun!




Selena Gomez has been a busy girl of late. Not only has she gone and gotten back with none other than Mr. Bieber –  oh, Selena will you ever learn?!  – well, she’s gone and gotten herself a new set of bangs.

The star debuted her new look on Instagram in a particularly saucy shot. She simply captioned the photo “bangs” – just incase we all failed to miss her new do, we suppose!

We have to say, while we’re not particular keen on the idea of her being back with the Biebs, we do love her hair.

Oh if only she was as good at picking men as she obviously is at choosing hairstyles! 




There is something about Lauren Conrad’s hair that leaves us feeling slightly jealous – well, it is perfect all the time!

Thankfully, the former The Hills star shared a video tutorial on her blog, so now everyone can have her gorgeous curls!

While some of the techniques Lauren uses look a little tricky and ridiculous (if we are being honest) she makes it seem so effortless and easy, that we just can’t resist copying the look.

Now all we need is her blonde hair, California glow and uber-chic style and we could be twins!



Move over Peter Pan!

Kaley Cuoco was inspired by a much more stylish star for her suer cute pixie haircut.

“My girl, Christine Symonds who cut it, and I had been messing with a couple of things,” the Big Bang Theory star said.

“I wanted it to be my own, but my inspiration was Michelle Williams in her Louis Vuitton campaign. I loved that haircut so much.”

The end result was a more textured, wavy style than Michelle’s famed pixie.

“I feel like I can do this hair a thousand times differently than I did with my long hair. It can be edgy, it can be cute, sixties, whatever I’m feeling,” Kaley said.

After 10 inches were left on the salon floor, the actress has no regrets. “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made,” she said. “I haven’t had my hair short in over 20 years, so I needed a change.”

We love it too Kaley!