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Many commoners such as ourselves simply aren't able to handle the fringe lifestyle. Between keeping it cut properly in parallel to the rest of your hair, making sure it stays in place and isn't blinding you; it's a 24/7 job.

Kendall Jenner has seemingly decided to commit to that bangs lifestyle, but then again she does have a team of hairstylists to help her.

She's showing off her brand new look in a recent selfie, and we have to say: she's lookin' FINE.


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While most fringes tend to divide people, we're fairly positive that Kendall's will get the A-plus rating.

The 24-year-old model looks really different to her normal lewk, and some are even saying she's resembling her mum, Kris Jenner, a lot more now.

The famous Kardashian family are renowned for trying out wigs and hair extensions, so who knows if the hairstyle is just temporary or if it's a permanent move.


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Kendall captioned her Instagram image; “yes, no, maybe so?” and people are LOVING it. We think… there was the odd 'no' response, but it's probably just minor sh*t-stirring.

The last time she rocked a look even remotely like this was at the AMAs back in the olden days of 2015  with a long fringe, and she really does look like her mom-ager there.

We think she looks shockingly like fellow model Emily Ratajkowski, especially with all that pouting. What do you gals think of the look?

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We hardly recognised Prince Harry’s ex Cressida Bonas at Glastonbury yesterday, as she swapped champagne for cider and posh gowns for…well, see for yourself!

The 25-year-old was snapped swigging cans of cider and beer and having a laugh with friends at the super muddy festival campsite.

With a gorgeous mystery man in tow, Cressida arrived at the festival ready to bed down in the mud with tens of thousands of other campers.

We’re not sure what the Queen would think of Cressida’s festival style, but she doesn’t look as if she gives a hoot!

We sooooo wish we were there!





Where is the girl-next-door version of Taylor Swift we’re used to seeing?!

The 24-year-old singing superstar could be seen showing off a much darker side in a just-released poster for the upcoming summer sci-fi flick The Giver.

The 24-year-old has a smoldering look on her face and has not only traded in her blonde locks, but also the signature bright red lips she rocks every day!

Taylor plays Rosemary, the mentor of the Giver himself, played by Jeff Bridges.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening to me,” Taylor said about the role.

“I learned so much,” she added while working with the A-list cast including Jeff, Katie Holmes and Meryl Streep.

Some of Taylor’s fan took to Twitter on the release of the poster to say they weren’t too sure of the singer’s transformation for the movie.

“Didn’t recognise her. Bring back the blonde!” one fan tweeted.

“What have you done to Taylor?!” another said.

We quite like the darker style!