Style is something very unique to everyone.

Some pieces you might have in your wardrobe for 11 years, and others you wear once or twice and never see again.

Who What Wear is one of the best sites for up-to-the-minute fashion, but when we came across an article titled 5 Items a Celebrity Stylist Would Remove From Your Wardrobe, we were a little miffed.


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Micaela Erlanger works with stars such as Hilary Swank, Lupita Nyong'o and Jennifer Hudson, and while they all dress beautifully in their own right, we don't think their stylist Micaela is the one to tell us what socks to wear.

And that's one of her first critiques; mismatched socks. Some people are guilty of wearing these on a day-to-day basis, and guess what? They probably don't give AF. Who's going to see them? What if you got up at 6am and they were the first thing you found?

Plus, they're socks. Not a Chanel embellished jacket. Is it really that big of a deal?


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The next piece of clothing that Micaela would remove from your wardrobe is a "dingy white tee." Instead, she suggests buying a Gucci logo t-shirt which costs around €600.

Apparently, "dingy white tees happen to the best of us," and after a while they become "not-so-lovely." But does that not happen to mostly everything we wear?

We'll stick to our dingy Penneys' basics, thanks.

In today's society, we all know that trends aren't exclusive to fashion. They extend beyond what we put ON our body, and include what we put IN.

Most women experience weight fluctuation, whether it's because you ate too much over Christmas and still can't shift those extra inches… or just because life is getting in the way of having your five-a-day.

And this is why Micaela's next tip – "jeans that don't fit" – isn't that realistic. If you want to keep those Topshop Jamie's in the hope that you'll squeeze into them next month, work away.

And when you are able to fit into them, you'll feel mega-proud of your achievement.


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So now that we've had our socks, t-shirts and jeans scrutinised, Micaela turns her attention to our apparent inability to spot a soiled garment with her 'no stained blouses' tip.

Obviously, if a blouse has a coffee stain down the front it's going in the wash and not hanging up in our wardrobes. 

"If there's evidence of a stain, it's time to toss." …No hun, it's time to wash.

The last piece of advice Micaela gives is to chuck out shoes that you can't walk in, which is fair enough, but all in all… her guidance is askew, and very much so for the more… privileged of us.

Celebrity stylists may be great for choosing demure, classic red carpet looks, but for day-to-day style, we'll stick to our own fashion guns.