If you are bored with your wardrobe it may not be your clothes that are the problem.

Try adding some of these fun accessories to your outfit for an instant lift and style update.

1. Rings
Stack lots of rings for a fashionable look.

2. Hat or headscarf
A cute fedora will be great for springtime while a headscarf will add a certain retro charm.

3. Scarf
Scarves don’t only have to be for winter! Wrap a beautiful pashmina around you for a summer look.

4. Ankle bracelet
There is nothing more charming than a cute ankle bracelet with a bikini, maxi dress, skirt, shorts, the list goes on!

5. Hair bows, ribbons or flowers
Hair accessories can match your outfit and look really adorable. Channel your inner Belle and wrap a pretty coloured ribbon around that pony tail!

6. Sunglasses
It’s almost summer so it’s time to find your perfect pair of sunnies. Are you brave enough to go for the stylish cat eyes? Or maybe your more of a classic aviators gal? Whatever your into, sunglasses will add style to your outfit on top of protecting your eyes.

7. Statement earrings
You don’t have to go all Pat Butcher on it but a cute ear cuff or chain will add an edge to your look.

8. Layering necklaces
Long necklaces, and lots of them will give you that boho look that everyone loves. Add it to a flowing maxi and kimono for a seriously stylish look.

9. Handbag
Bags are a style staple and adding a trendy one to your outfit will update your look.

10. Statement lips
If in doubt, always add red lippy. Or perhaps brave the spring time trend of berry coloured lips.