Katy Perry’s major style fail goes viral


Katy Perry is known for her girly and sweet dress sense with a sexy twist and rarely gets it wrong. Even when she does, she manages to pull it off!

But this? No, we cannot forgive this.

The singing superstar was seated front row at the LA Fashion Awards alongside Kanye West and Rihanna dressed from head to toe in bubblegum pink…complete with pink Adidas flip flops.

Yes, Katy Perry actually wore real-life flips flops to a fashion event. And Twitter have LOTS of feelings about the pink flip-flops:

She better be careful or Kanye might be gifting her with some fur-flops very soon!

In one way, we admire this clear laugh in the face of the fashion world, but in another way, we’re scared for Karl Lagerfeld’s reaction…

Good luck with that, Katy!