Top tips for organising your wardrobe


Have you ever felt like you have no clothes to wear, despite the fact that you have absolutely no space in your wardrobe, because of all the clothes?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone and there IS help out there. All it takes is a little organisation. Here are some top tips on how to do it:

Throw it out
If you have piles of clothes that you haven’t worn in years for whatever reason, you need to get rid. If they’re in good enough shape you could sell them, or bring them to a charity shop. Otherwise, it’s off to the clothes recycling bin for you, unless, of course, you’re handy with a needle and thread and could turn them into something amazing.

Lift and separate
Separate all your jeans from your jumpers, your tops from your dresses and your underwear from your outerwear. Having all the different types of clothing in a different place makes picking an outfit MUCH easier.

There are different ways to organise jeans – whether by size, colour, or style. The easiest is probably by colour, as it’s the most visual which is what you need when you’re staring into your wardrobe at 6am. Whether or not you decide to fold them neatly on a shelf, or hang them on the railing, is up to you.

It’s best to fold heavy jumpers so that they don’t lose their shape on the hanger, and do use some kind of moth repellent to protect your woollen clothes. Natural repellents such as patchouli oil, or cedarwood oil are always worth a try.

A hanger is the only place for your dress. Organise them by colour rather than length, as it makes them easier to find. You could also have sub-categories of day and night dresses, if you’re REALLY organised!

It’s best to hang these on those hangers especially made for skirts with the clips. Fold them in at the sides so the outside doesn’t get damaged and organise them by colour, but also by style. That skirt you wore in Ibiza last year probably isn't going to make an appearance any time soon, so you could stick that one at the back.

If you have one of those closet organisers that are made for holding shoes, use it. They do collect a lot of dust, but isn’t that better than running around the place looking for your missing shoe first thing in the morning? If you don’t have one, the bottom of your wardrobe does the job too. Organise them by the height of the heels and style.

Keep your fancy underwear separate from your normal, everyday underwear. Otherwise you’ll end up wearing your nice things to work, and they won’t seem so fancy anymore. If you want to REALLY go all out, you could line your underwear drawer with silk. How very seductive!