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Being single on Valentine's Day definitely isn't the ideal situation, but choosing to celebrate your love for your friends instead of your lack of romance IS. 

Boohoo have just dropped their Valentines range, and among the luscious lingerie and silky night wear, are a series of empowering slogan t-shirts that are perfect for spending the day with your platonic nearest and dearest.

Romantic relationships can be fleeting, but your girls are there for life, after all. 

Galentines Slogan T-Shirt €7.00

Our personal favourite os this slogan t-shirt, which completely encapsulates the mood. 

Rock up to your gal's drinks in this yourself, or get one for every member of your squad – after all, it's only €7,00.

Here is how we are styling ours:  

 Lace body suit €18.00 (to be worn over t-shirt) , Leopard print heels €23.00, Textured earrings €7.00, Black skinny jeans €23.00

Layered necklaces €4.00, Bum bag €13.00, Chunky boots €32.00, Leopard midi skirt €16.00

Shaggy cardigan €42.00, Beaded handbag €23.00, Mom jeans €26.00, Metallic heels €18.00



 The weekend is finally upon us, so it's time to hit the town. 

And, you can't even use the "I've nothing to wear" excuse not to head out, because we've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping.

 Left to right: H&M white top €24.99

H&M gingham dress €69.99

H&M denim skirt €44.99

H&M crop top €39.99

Left to right: River Island dress €35.00

River Island blue blouse €37.00

River Island fishnet top €35.00

River Island purple skirt  €40.00

Left to right: Bershka dress €19.00

Bershka skirt €9.99

Bershka top €17.99

Bershka fluffy heels  €39.99

Left to right: Penneys mesh top  €9.00

Penneys silver shoes €16.00

Penneys red high heels €14.00

Penneys shirt dress €20.00

Left to right: Topshop handbag €46.00

Topshop T-shirt €20.00

Topshop yellow top €36.00

Topshop orange denim skirt €40.00

Left to right: New Look orange dress €24.99

New Look embroidered crop top €24.99

New Look skirt €29.99

New Look black dress €49.99



Mass is still a part and parcel of Irish society, and not going at Easter or Christmas can be considered an atrocious offence by the parish.

However, heading to mass can be a bit of an ordeal. 

There's the whole what to wear question, and the panic when you realise that you're actually expected to sit up and listen to the Gospel according to whoever rather than scroll through Instagram for the hour. 

Luckily, Emma Doran's new comedy video is your ultimate field guide on how to handle that mandatory mass. 

"We've all had to do it, we've all had to go to mass for some sort of family reason, but I have some tips that will hopefully help you pull off the look," she says, before bestowing upon us the most blessed of all mass hacks to help us through.

First up, Emma advises rocking that noughties foundation lips look, so that know one knows you're completely bluffing your way through those prayers (seriously, we can't be the only ones who still aren't used to the new format of the prayers?) 

Secondly, she recommends donning some nice, chunky bangles to clatter together when the donation basket comes around to distract people from knowing that you're not putting a cent in the thing. 

And finally, no mass outfit is complete without a crutch, to avoid the whole sitting/kneeling/standing debacle.

Check out Emma's full repertoire of tips for yourself: 

Feature image: Emma Doran/YouTube

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Panicking about what to wear tonight? 

Never fear, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

Image result for nothing to wear

From embroidered denim that will look gorge thrown over a slinky slip dress, to crop tops that are screaming to be paired with a cute skirt, the high street has us covered when it comes to nabbing a last minute purchase ahead of a big night out.  

Left to right: H&M embroidered jacket €69.99

H&M slip dress €22.99

H&M ruffled top €39.99

H&M leather skirt €129.00

Left to right: River Island clutch €25.00

River Island bodysuit 37.00

River Island ruffed dress €45.00

River Island mesh top €33.00

Left to right: Penneys gingham crop €13.00

Penneys dungarees €21.00

Penneys mules €23.00

Penneys ruffled dress €12.00

Left to right: New Look striped top €29.99

New Look mustard wrap skirt €24.99

New Look lace-up belt €14.99

New Look floral distressed jeans €39.99

Left to right: Bershka biker jacket €29.99

Bershka high heels  €19.99

Bershka pearl hoop earrings €5.99

Bershka ruffled playsuit €19.99



It’s festival season and now is the perfect time to invest in some much needed jewellery – remember your outfit will never be complete without a bit of bling.

Here are five of the best festival-friendly jewellery pieces that will channel your inner ‘at-one-with-music’ vibe:

Beatrice Headdressm, Accessorize


Perfect if you want to channel the Bohemian vibe. If Khloe Kardashian can rock one, so can we!

Blue Eye Charm Choker, Topshop


This choker is perfect for dressing up a simple white tee. Simple is key for festival style.

Roses Flower Anklet, Asos


This is perfect for a true at-one-with-nature style.

Pasha Seedbead Crystal Collar Necklace, Accessorize


Nothing says ‘I’m going to a festival’ than a gorgeous tribal style necklace.

Medley Pink Friendship Watch, Asos 



We need to know when the next band is playing – plus it’s extremely cute!