How can you tell if you two are really serious, or if it's just a flash in the pan?

Well, rewind ten or fifteen years and you'd have to cross your fingers that one of your friends overheard him mention you to HIS friend down the pub. Nowadays though, it's much easier to figure out what's what.

According to a new survey by Netflix, over half of couples (51%) believe that sharing the same Neflix login is a big indicator that things have turned into this-could-be-love territory.

In fact, 17% of those polled said they wouldn't even consider such a *gasp* drastic move until they were engaged or married.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of modern-day indicators that your relationship is built to last…

1. There's always a little flame next to his name on your Snapchat
The legendary flame emoji only appears if you have both been sending snaps to one another for multiple days in a row. So that definitely means it's love.


2. You follow each other on Instagram, Twitter, Periscope you name it.
Got to support bae, like.

high five friends ross rachel


3. And you'd NEVER leave his latest tweet/photo hanging without at least liking it
No need to comment, mind you, a cheeky like will do


4. You share a Netflix login because you watch all the same shows anyway
It's just convenient.


5. And you wouldn't DARE skip ahead on House of Cards without your other half
In fact, 60% of the couples Netflix surveyed said it was just more fun watching shows with their other half than without them.


6. Your phone's wi-fi connects automatically at their house
And at their parents' house too, if you two are really serious


7. You keep a spare phone charger at his house
No more frantic 'DOES ANYONE HAVE AN iPHONE 4 CHARGER?' emails in work


8. Anyone looking back through your WhatsApp conversations would get a shock
Not because of anything dirty, mind, but because the number of AWFUL selfies you send each other


9. You two definitely bonded over your shared love of true crime dramas/awful 90s rom-coms/gruesome nature documentaries on your first date
Finally, someone who likes what you like – or who has just done his research, like this guy: