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Suzanne Jackson is no stranger to launching some of Ireland’s most highly coveted beauty products, and her latest endeavour is no different. 

The social media influencer turned makeup mogul had teamed up with pal Lauren Pope to create what is bound to be a sell-out line of lashes. 

The first faux mink addition to her already extensive eyelash collection, the range collaborated on by both Suzanne and Lauren features three distinct styles. 


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Each style strives to make the most of every eye shape, with Lauren citing her own difficulties with creating an open eyed look on her self-proclaimed ‘smaller eyes’ as inspiration for the range.

The products, called #Boss, #Slay and #Queen respectively, were named as such to empower women and remind them that they are, in fact, an embodiment of all three. 

#Boss is a stand out, which both Lauren and Sue say are their favourite style. 


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The lashes are the perfect volume for a dramatic night out look while still being wearable for day time.

Meanwhile, #Slay and #Queen win beauty points for being the finishing touch to both a red carpet style look and creating the elongated cat eye shape Lauren is known for creating in her own night time beauty look.

The collection launches exclusively in ALL Penneys this Wednesday, and will be priced at a slightly higher €10.00 compared to the rest of SoSubySJ’s lashes. 

See you in the queue. 


While fans of former TOWIE star, Lauren Pope, are still obsessing over her burgeoning romance with Geordie Shore star, Aaron Chalmers, it sounds like public speculation over her new relationship is the least of Lauren's concerns.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 24-year-old revealed she has been the target of online harassment, and despite seeking the advice and protection of the police, she is no closer to learning the identity of her stalker.

‘I’m basically being stalked. I’ve been to the police and they’re not doing anything," she claimed.

Outlining the lengths this individual has gone to in order to unsettle the reality star, she continued: "This guy has posted pictures outside my house, they’ve posted my parents’ address, my family’s names, they’ve threatened to stab me and the police do nothing."

Worryingly, Lauren doesn''t appear to be his only victim as Lauren told the publication in a candid interview.

"I had about four or five different glamour girls that DM’d me saying, ‘I think I’m being trolled by the same person.’ We all kind of chatted on WhatsApp and sent each other screen grabs and it’s definitely the same guy because it’s the same grammar and words."

Despite contacting Twitter to report the harassment, the social media site have reportedly done little to help her.

"The last few times Twitter has come back and said that the person hasn’t violated the terms and conditions and bearing in mind this person is calling me horrific things. It’s a joke."

Acknowledging that it costs the police force approximately £10,000 to track an individual accused of stalking, Lauren has resigned herself to the notion that the budget simply isn't there.

And she sure as hell isn't gong to fork out the funds herself, she insists.

"You can go and do it yourself but as if I’m going to pay £10,000 to find out who some loser is who’s probably sat in his lounge masturbating and listening to nothing. He’s a weirdo."


After weeks of speculation, it looks like Geordie Shore's Aaaron Chalmers and TOWIE's Lauren Pope have finally gone public with their relationship.

The rumour mills began spinning earlier this year when Lauren alluded to the fact she found the Newcastle lad more than a little easy on the eye.

Speaking to New magazine in May, she explained that she had crossed paths with the Geordie lad that month, and had herself a whale of a time altogether.

"I was DJing at a club and he was there," Lauren explained. “We had a very funny, drunken night. We went to bed at 6am!"

Not content to leave it there, Lauren added: "I think Aaron is the hottest on the show and my type is tattoos and a beard, so he fits the bill."

And it sounds like Lauren's comments must have done the trick as it seems the pair are a fully-fledged couple these days.

Heading along to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland in recent days, the reality stars were reportedly all about the public displays of affection – something which bystanders were only too happy to discuss.

"It was a very romantic date, they were holding hands throughout," an onlooker revealed. 

“They looked completely loved up and really enjoyed the day out," they added.

Well sure look it, tis the season and all.


Lauren Pope was no shrinking violet when it came to her exploits on The Only Way is Essex, so when she finally decided to heave-ho in 2015, viewers were left wondering what exactly went down between her and her equally fiery co-stars.

Up until recently, the 33-year-old claimed that a mixture of family commitments and upcoming projects was the reason behind her surprise departure last October, but it looks like there was more to it than that… a lot more!

Speaking exclusively to Closer magazine, the star, who was involved in various spats with female cast members, recently admitted that she had sought some supernatural help before ultimately throwing in the towel and waving goodbye to the drama-filled Essex streets.

"I saw a psychic who told me told leave, and now I’m very calm and relaxed," she admitted. "The latest series was girls against girls – it was too much.”

Lauren, who first hit our screens as part of the ITVBe reality show in 2010, explained that she had the fear in the run-up to her exit, saying: "I was nervous to leave TOWIE, but when I felt most nervous, the rewards have been amazing.”

Well, you know, they say the tea leaves never lie…


It's not all fun and games in the reality TV world; something that Lauren Pope has come to understand. 

The Essex native has recently revealed that she was "pushed out" of reality TV show, TOWIE by the other women taking part and claims that she was frozen out of the TOWIE social circle too.

The 33-year-old, who quit the program after five years, has admitted that she was heavily mocked on the last series of the show.

The DJ told the Mirror Online: "They took the mick out of the way I look and did impressions of my face – stuff like that. I'd rather they picked on my personality because you can't change the way you look.

"There was a small group of girls and they all followed one another by sharing one common dislike – me. I suppose it's easy when you're in a group to just find one girl to pick on and make her your target.

But even though Lauren claims they mocked her, she also said that she didn't feel like she was bullied, just left out.

"I didn't feel bullied as such but they did make me feel really uncomfortable. It was like being back at school. I felt pushed out, particularly last series. I didn't feel part of that social circut."

Ms Pope had to keep her exit from TOWIE a secret for several weeks, which she said was particularly difficult to keep from her loyal fans.

"It's been really hard because TOWIE has some hardcore fans. They've been tweeting me and I haven't been able to respond," the reality star said. 

But it's not all bad news for the blonde beauty as she has recently hired new management and has also launched Hair Rehab London Academy. 

"TOWIE was a huge part of my life and leaving was a scary decision but I wanted to take a step back and work on my business because all of this could end at any minute."


After 16 years with the series, one of the last original cast members of The Only Way Is Essex, Lauren Pope, is saying goodbye.

The model-turned-DJ has apparently decided to leave the ITVBe reality series in order to spend more time on her other business pursuits.

A source has told the Mail Online: “Lauren has decided to leave as her business ventures are demanding too much of her time.”

“Her various businesses are doing really well and she’s expanding internationally and just can’t give the time that TOWIE requires.”

It was also noted that while Lauren feels that now is the right stage to move on, after five years with the series, producers for TOWIE would love for her to stay.

Before joining the cast Lauren had already had success as a DJ and her hair Rehab London company was going strong. Little Mix are also reported to be huge fans of Lauren's and a valued client.

The Mirror also reports a source as saying Lauren has had “a couple of other TV offers, which she might test the water with.”

Lauren, 33, will continue filming until the end of the current series and leave during the next break in filming which the cast will have.

She joined that cast in 2010 during the first series as a love interest of Kirk Norcross. She also enjoyed romances with other cast members including Lewis Bloor and Dan Edgar.

Jessica Wright, James 'Arg' Argent, Lydia Bright and Nanny Pat are the only original cast members left, following Lauren’s departure.


They are the pictures that speak volumes: Lewis Bloor crouched on the side of a beach-bed; his shoulders hunched; his left hand wiping away a tear as his right hand holds tight onto his phone.

Clearly,The Only Way Is Essex hunk had received some devastating news. 

Pictured on Monday in Marbella, it has now emerged that the distraught 24-year-old at that moment received the news that his beloved German Shepherd Alfie had passed away.

Addressing the photographs on Twitter, Alfie posted a photo of his long-time pal with a short message to explain his distress.

Poor Lewis, nobody wants to have to say goodbye to a furry BFF, especially being so far from home.

In his Tweet he said it was “sad news for anyone to hear”.

At least Lewis didn’t have to suffer the loss alone as fellow Essex pals James Argent and Lydia Bright were on hand to help him through.

It is believed though, part of the reality TV star's emotional outburst was fuelled by his failed relationship with Sam Faiers. The two had shared a brief romance following Lewis’ rocky relationship with Lauren Pope.

Lewis has admitted that he feels about how rude he was to Lauren during a Towie cast trip to Dubai during which he made some nasty comments about the age difference between the two.

At the time, Lewis was heard saying; "Who wants to go out with a 40-year-old anyway?" Rude is right.

He’s since confirmed that he regrets the comments.

Sam Faiers has also commented on the Lauren-Lewis bust-up in her book Secrets & Lies: she said she can’t even look at the scenes between the two with “cringing at how disrespectful he is towards her”.



It's by now well-know that cast members of The Only Way Is Essex don't do low-key getaways. 

Everything is five-star, high-end, and OTT.

So it's understandable that their elaborate holiday wardrobes really stand out from the crowd – and no more so than during the gang's annual jaunt to Marbella. 

Yesterday, and following a luxurious week-long stay, the Towie guys and gals enjoyed their final day in the Spanish sun.

Chloe Sims in yellow and red; Jessica Wright in a black maxi,
Chloe again in a green playsuit, and Lauren Pope in black


And evidently, the ladies were intent on going out with a bang.

Georgia Kousoulou opted for a skimpy red swimsuit which was cut high on her leg. It also sported a plunging neckline and she accessoried with nude strappy sandals. It was similar to one that Chloe Sims had worn earlier in the week, though that version had a criss-cross tie detail on the waist- and bust-lines.

Meanwhile, Jessica Wright opted for a cut-out maxi dress, which she wore with gladiator flats and oversized aviators.

Lauren Pope was breathtaking in a sheer black kaftan with criss-cross detail on the bust-line. 

Lydia Bright, Ferne McCann, and Chloe Sims


Lydia Bright decided on a seriously sexy black one-piece which showed-off plenty of cleavage, and open-toe black stilettoes. She also had on a fedora hat and shades.

Ferne McCann shunned swimwear in favour of a blue-printed jumpsuit and flat black wedged sandals

Chloe Sims had several stand-out looks over the course of the holiday: a beautiful yellow playsuit teamed with muted accessories, a green caped playsuit which she wore with canary yellow suede shoes, and a white peplum swimsuit in a Grecian style.

Georgia Kousoulou, Danielle Armstrong, and Gemma Collins


Danielle Armstrong had on a chic nude bikini and matching nude sandals. Over her swimwear she wore a sheer white waistcoat with lace detail.

Gemma Collins yesterday decided on a multi-coloured maxi which she wore with flip-flops embellished with glittery ribbons. She also carried a beige tote and had on cat-eye sunglasses. 

Incredibly, the reality TV show is now on its 15th series. Prior to their arrival in Spain, it was reported that the ten main cast members had spent a total of €8,800 on various beauty treatments in preparation for the Towie cameras following their every move.



She undoubtedly raised eyebrows when just 48 hours before her former fiance married his new love, she posted a cryptic message to Instagram.

"She's the kind of girl a guy meets when he's too young, and he f**ks up because there's too much living to do," Lauren Goodger wrote, before adding: "But later he realises she's perfect." 


love this

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The note was widely read as being directed at Mark Wright, her one-time boyfriend of a decade – and the man who married actress Michelle Keegan in a lavish €1.4m celebration last Sunday.

And the comment certainly attracted a lot of criticism – with many observers stating that the former reality TV star was merely looking for attention. "Even if this isn't about Mark, this is just terrible timing on your behalf," another follower also wrote.

Now Lauren Pope, a close friend of Ms Goodger's, has come out in her defence. "I think some people look too deeply into things like this.

"I always say Instagram is the life you want people to see, rather than the life you have," Ms Pope said.

"For all anyone else knows, she could be dating someone else and talking about them," she added while in conversation with Mail Online.

"She probably didn't even think that people could interpret it any other way."

The Towie cast member furthermore confirmed to the website that there certainly was no malice in her friend's online post.

Mark and Michelle are currently on honeymoon. Although it was widely rumoured that they would jet-off to Dubai, it seems the pair have instead opted to holiday in the Maldives.



It sounds as if things went downhill fast for TOWIE star Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross!

The on-off couple only confirmed they were back together once again a month ago – but it appears things have turned sour for them already.

Kirk confirmed what appears to be very much a break-up this morning, when he tweeted: “Phew! Dodged the bullet their! Back to me myself and I.”

While the entire thing may be innocent (although we can’t think what else he could have been referring to) followers have quickly assumed he means his relationship with Lauren is over. 



Speculation has been rife for weeks, and now it looks as though we have confirmation that TOWIE pair Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross are back on.

The reality stars set tongues wagging after Lauren shared an Instgram photo of herself sitting on Kirk’s lap a few days ago, but it was a keen-eyed paparazzo who caught the real evidence last night.

The pair were spotted in a passionate embrace, enjoying a smooch after a night out on the town in London.

Lauren and Kirk were one of the first loved-up couples to grace the screen on the hit reality show, however things turned sour between the pair when they split in 2011.

If their latest photos are anything to go by, it’s well and truly back on for this pair.

Good luck to them, we hope it works out this time around.


TOWIE stars Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross have put their differences behind them and finally rekindled their on-again-off-again romance.

The couple, who have a six year age gap, got together back in 2010 but split up after just eight months saying things had lost their "spark." Last year they enjoyed another brief fling, resulting in a pregnancy scare for Lauren.

Since then, Kirk, who starred in the first two series of TOWIE, has been linked to models Jodie Marsh and Cami Lee, while Lauren enjoyed a brief romance with co-star Lewis Bloor.

She called things off with Lewis during a recent episode of The Only Way is Ibiza after finding out he had cheated on her.

And after some time apart, it seems Lauren and Kirk have fallen in love all over again! Kirk shared a cosy snap of himself and Lauren over the weekend, captioning it "Feeling fresh after a nice chill night with my Popey!"

It seems the couple talked things over once and for all – later in the evening Kirk took to Twitter again to say:

We hope things work out for the couple!