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Iconic singer Kylie Minogue has been left 'very shaken' after a man refused to leave her London home, and launched 'sustained campaign' of harassment, The Sun reported.  

Following a complaint by the singer, the man has been issued with a harassment warning. Police were called to a house in Chelsea and Kensington on January 23, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The mystery man reportedly asked her neighbours where the 50-year-old singer lived, and then pressed the intercom, refusing to leave. Security has since been increased at her West London house as a result.


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The man, who is in his 40s, was lurking around her home for days, and her neighbours spotted him a number of times requesting to know where Kylie lives.

A nearby resident in West London said: "It came to a head when the man repeatedly pressed the intercom button to her home for hours on end last week and refused to leave." 

The resident continued; "Kylie was quite upset and called in police. They spoke to Kylie, and also the suspect in the street for quite a while." She has taken 'sensible steps' to stop this from happening again.


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Another neighbour said: "A weirdo guy was lurking around. He went door to door asking people where Kylie lived."  The man repeated the singer's name again and again, in a disturbing manner.

The apparent stalker was described as wearing a raincoat and possessing a European accent.

The star suffered another security issue a few months ago when a man made threats against her before her German performance in November.

She was then guarded by 20 police officers who were armed at her next concert in Belgium. Images of the suspect were plastered around the venue and all male concert-goers were frisked heavily.


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Kylie as been seen enjoying her West London neighbourhood with her boyfriend, Paul Solomons. The 43-year-old is the creative director at British GQ and GQ Style magazine, and the pair went public last summer.

The singer was previously engaged to British actor Joshua Sasse, but they parted ways in February 2017. Kylie achieved her sixth UK number one last year when Golden reached the number one spot.

A number of celebrities have been plagued by stalkers and have been forced to hire extra protection or relocate, such as Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley, Noel Edmonds and Christine Lampard.


Our summer days are well behind us and with that the weather is changing for the worse.

*Cue crying*

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