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Katie Taylor has arrived at Dublin airport after her incredible win against Delfine Persoon at Madison Square Garden.

The Bray native was faced with a massive challenge in her boxing match against the Belgian lightweight champion, and it was almost too close to call in the end.

Thankfully, the Irish sportswoman emerged victorious and is now the five-belt undisputed lightweight world champion. She received a warm welcome upon her return to Ireland, with fans flocking to the airport to meet her;

She spoke to RTÉ Radio 1's Today with Sean O'Rourke, opening up about the win: 

 "It was a very very close fight but we knew from the earlier rounds that we won the fight. This is what happens when the best fight the best. It was an absolute battle I'm so glad I came out as the winner. It's a fight that people want to see again.

"I can't wait for it." After declaring a rematch with Persoon was 'inevitable', since the final decision was met with controversy, Katie spent time with some of her younger followers and stayed for pictures.

The gifted sports star thanked fans for their support and for showing up at the airport to greet her;

"It's a great welcome. It's great to be home and to see the support is absolutely phenomenal.

"It was great to come through such a tough battle on Saturday night and to come out victorious. This is what it's all about," she added.

Her defeated opponent has already vowed to make an appeal, but Katie landed 93 punches versus Persoon's 83, so the stats don't lie. Persoon told Sudpresse that a claim is already being planned.

A tribute the incredible boxer is apparently in the works, and is set to appear in her hometown of Bray, Wicklow. 

A motion will be tabled at the first new meeting of Wicklow County Council this Friday to have a statue erected in Taylor's honour, as well as a proposal to have post boxes in Bray painted gold to celebrate her achievement.


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Councillor Joe Behan praised Taylor for her contribution to her community:

"However, there is a great desire to have a statue erected in Katie's honour to celebrate what she has done, both as an amateur and a professional, as an ambassador for Bray."

Congratulations to Katie on her electric win, she's always the champion of the world in our eyes. She's basically Million Dollar Baby personified.

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Taylor Swift is one of pop's biggest superstars, and has a rake of security on her team whose sole job is to protect the Reputation songstress.

Her tour has attracted millions of people, and after the attack on Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester last year, the use of facial recognition technology is on the rise at stadiums and areas.

It has now emerged that Tay Tay uses special software to detect stalkers at her ground-breaking shows, and that fans who were mesmerised by her May 18 Rose Bowl rehearsal clips were unaware of this detail.

The Rose Bowl is an annual college football event, and used hidden cameras to capture images of guests in order to transfer them to a command post based in Nashville.

These snaps were later cross-referenced with a database of the musician's well-known stalkers, of which there are HUNDREDS.

According to chief security officer of Oak View Group, the advisory board for concert venues; “Everybody who went by would stop and stare at it, and the software would start working,” 


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A man who had broken into Swift's New York townhouse and stopped by for an actual NAP made a plea deal last week and as a result, he will only serve a mere six months in prison.

The stalker, full name Roger Alvarado, gained entry when he  “allegedly climbed up a ladder and smashed a window with his hand”

While Taylor needs to make sure she is safe at all times, whether in concert or in her home, there are clear privacy concerns of the photographs.

Issues of ownership and the length of time for which they can be kept on file are the obvious queries…we wonder if Taylor ever has a sneaky peak at them? 

More and more arenas and stadiums are turning to facial-recognition technology; this year, Ticketmaster invested in a start-up named Blink Identity.

This company claims that its sensors can identify anyone walking past its cameras at full speed in just half a second… whoa.

The veteran ticketing corporation intends to use the technology to help fans pass through the turnstiles faster and in a more practical way.

Ticketmaster’s chief product officer Justin Burleigh commented that: "It holds a lot of promise. We’re just being very careful about where and how we implement it."

We want our snake-obsessed icon to be safe, but does anyone else think it's a tad 1984