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One thing's for sure; Liam Payne doesn't waste any time when it comes to his romantic life.

He may have only split with Naomi Campbell this month after some outrageous Instagram flirting, but the former One Direction star has already been dining with another supermodel.

The 25-year-old singer was spotted heading in to a Berlin restaurant to meet Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell.  He's really punching above his weight there…


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They apparently arrived at the Grill Royal separately but then sat beside each other at a table, and were later joined by more of their entourage.

An insider told The Sun: “They’re both ­similar ages and bonded over their experiences in showbiz.

“They were seen deep in thought at the dinner and were clearly ­having a good time. Who knows where this could lead?”


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Stella Maxwell was dating Twilight actress Kristen Stewart until last December, and the 28-year-old bisexual actress is thought to be single currently.

The model and Payne both attended Coachella on the same weekend, so perhaps that's how they met?

The Strip That Down singer's brief romance with renowned veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell cooled down before the festival; it's claimed she "got bored of him". Ouch.


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Liam and the 48-year-old model enjoyed a four month fling but parted ways after acknowledging they were "living different lives". 

The singer has one-year-old son Bear with former X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole, and was invited to Naomi's post-Bafta Vogue party two months ago.


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They arrived and left separately, but rumours were swirling after their public Instagram flirtations.

Liam commented; "Perfection in a person…don't give me those eyes," on Naomi's post, and it got even spicier from there. It was a lot.

Feature image; Instagram/@liampayne


There's no doubt about it; Tyra Banks changed the face of the modelling industry forever. From starting a massively successful TV show on the concept of model-hunting, to fashion lines to movies (Lifesize, anyone?), the woman is iconic.

Her star is set to rise even further, if that's even possible, because apparently she's set to open a 21,000 square foot AMUSEMENT PARK in Los Angeles about models. Seriously…Just picture the level of fierce.

We, for one, were literally obsessed with America's Next Top Model; the show spanned 24 cycles and we watched them all. The television series had a huge number of hooked fans, so her Model-Land theme park should be a success.


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The woman is legit the Walt Disney of beauty.

She posted a stunning image to her Instagram, and captioned the snap; "My dream for you will soon be a reality. #ModelLand. A place where everyone can be a model. A place where all beauty is celebrated."

"I can’t wait for you to step into your light. Head over to Model-Land.com to sign up for more information." Oh, sign up we did. The veteran model recently opened ANTM for all genders, more inclusive body types, heights and rid the show's of an eligibility age limit.


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According to Model-Land's press release, the amusement park is;

"A first-of-its-kind experiential attraction, Model-land will intersect a fantasy version of the modelling world with state-of-the-art interactive entertainment, creative collaborations, curated retail, dining and special events." 

"The breakthrough new attraction is set to open in late 2019 at Macerich’s Santa Monica Place, the iconic open-air shopping, dining and entertainment destination just blocks from the beach in Santa Monica."


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“I created Top Model to expand the definition of beauty based on my own pain of being told ‘no’ that I couldn’t do something because I’m curvy or I’m black. My empathy for women in general increased through the experience," Banks told Booth Moore of WWD.

Tyra continued, expressing her hope for even more expansion;

"And now with Model-land, I’m taking it ten steps forward, giving people the opportunity to engage with the elusive world by opening it up to everyone. Men, women, families, all generations can come and enter this model world for a day, have a fun shopping experience, and an eventful meal. This will be the first of many.”


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As a permanent destination, visitors will be able to "step into their light" so just about anyone can be a model. Banks spoke about her Disneyland inspiration, a place she went a lot as a child; 

"There is a storyline I have been working on for a year. Anybody can enter and feel like a model,” she said about the space.

Banks, as the godmother of breaking beauty barriers, is continuing her mission to bring modelling to the masses. She really does bring the industry into the mainstream, and we love her for it.

Feature image; Instagram/@brunettebitchbabe


Naomi Campbell has reportedly been spotted out and about on a date with the one and only Liam Payne. 

The stunning 48-year-old supermodel has been exchanging flirty messages with the former One Direction star. 

The iconic model commented; 'Beautiful Soul' on one of Liam's pic earlier this month, to which Liam replied, 'takes one to know one.'


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In response, Liam commented 'Perfection in a person … don't give me those eyes,' on a shot of Naomi before she walked for Louis Vuitton. 

Following their saucy public exchanges, it seems their flirtationship has made it's was off Instagram and into real life. 

The pair reportedly attended an intimate gig together last night at London's O2 Arena, where Nigerian singer Davido was performing. 


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A source told The Star: 'Liam and Naomi were keen to keep a low profile.'

'They entered and exited the arena via the back door and were quickly whisked up to a VIP suite on Level 3.'

'Naomi was more than happy to pose for official pictures inside the venue but didn't have a single one with Liam.'


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'After the show they left together in the back of a blacked-out green Range Rover and Liam was seen putting his arm around Naomi's waist,' the source continued. 

Maybe they're just pals? However, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a new celebrity romance. 



Literally everyone in the audience of Valentino's revolutionary Paris Fashion Week haute couture show bawled like a baby.

For one, the iconic supermodel who has been slaying the game for three decades returned to the iconic house of fashion after FOURTEEN YEARS to close the show- Her Royal Highness Naomi Campbell.

Celine Dion is moved to tears by haute couture relatively often, she's an appreciator of art. However, this show moved both Dion and Campbell to tears for it's celebration of black beauty.

Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli designed the stunning collection, which saw each model inspired by a beautiful flower, and featured bold and bright colours, diversity and petal eyelashes.

Celine Dion is an ebullient presence at every fashion week she attends, giving thumbs up to paparazzi when she's impressed and occasionally jumping for joy.

She couldn't help the tears from falling watching Piccioli's work, modelled by women of every ethnicity, but when Naomi walked down the catwalk in a sheer black dress, Dion WEPT.

It was one of couture's most diverse line-ups ever, with 39 black women walking. Picciolo said of his collection;

“Couture is the way that you can evaluate the uniqueness of life, but it was never meant to be for black women. It was meant for just white women. This is a celebration of black beauty.” 

Campbell wept silently as Picciolo was given a standing ovation at the finale, she has witnessed the inherent racism in the industry since she began.

The iconic supermodel broke down barriers, and was one of the first black women on the covers of high fashion magazines and on their runways.

The billowing gowns were modelled by Alek Wek, Liya Kebede, Adut Akech, Duckie Thot, Akiima, Sabah Koj and Ayak Veronica, among other powerful, high fashion faces.

The soundtrack was soul icon Roberta Flack’s The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, which matched the emotional ambience perfectly.

The subversion of the racial norm was clearly hugely important to Naomi Campbell, who praised the designer on her Instagram;

“Congratulations on a historical moment, done in such an elegant manner no words needed to be said. Blessed to be part of such an incredible, spellbinding moment.”

Image: @susiebubble/Instagram

Paris fashion week has one of the worst records when it comes to casting diverse models.

Data gathered by The Fashion Spot revealed that just 15.6 percent of models in the Spring 2015 shows were women of colour, making Paris the least inclusive of any fashion week.

It's easy to see why both Celine and Naomi were overcome with emotion, given the immense occasion.

Image credit: Harper's Bazaar


2019 has already been a whirlwind. January is officially 51 weeks long, and the only thing keeping us entertained during this dark time are random AF celebrity couplings.

From the weirdness that was (possibly) Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson, now there rises a newer, just as odd pairing; Naomi Campbell and none other than LIAM PAYNE.

*Gasp* Cheryl's ex-beau and baby daddy to Bear has been leaving flirtatious notes on the supermodel's Instagram, which is the modern day equivalent of a love letter.


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Ms Campbell is always lookin' fresh to death, and it's well known that she doesn't age.

She uploaded this stunner snap of herself pre-show at Louis Vuitton, rocking the 'fro, and captioned it; "Pre-show XX".

Never one to get left behind, Liam snuck up and wrote THIS steamy comment underneath: "Perfection in a person … don't give me those eyes."

There were some rose and eye emojis inserted, which really brought that flirt game up.


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This ain't the first time there has been flanter between the duo; almost a week ago, Mr Payne posted this image to Instagram of himself seductively gazing at himself in the mirror.

The iconic veteran model commented; "Beautiful Soul", to which Liam replied, "takes one to know one." PHEW.

It's getting hot in here, alright. There's quite an age gap, but who are we to judge? 

Let's see where this one goes, shall we? *Puts binoculars on*


Kim Kardashian has finally made a triumphant return to social media after she was robbed in an armed heist at a luxury apartment in Paris.

Just days after the selfie queen's comeback, top supermodel Naomi Campbell has spoken out to revel that she has also been targeted by thieves in Paris in the past.

Speaking on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, the catwalk veteran told the audience that she was attacked by an organised crime ring in 2012.

The star said that from the moment she was picked up from the airport, something felt off. 

The driver who collected her was acting suspiciously, and kept all of the car windows down for the entire drive despite the freezing November temperatures.

When she arrived at her destination, the Azzedine Alaïa store which doubles up as the designer's home, things got violent.

"They followed me from the airport, they attacked me. They opened my car door and said, ‘Naomi Campbell, we’re going to kill you.’" she told the talk show host. 

"I didn’t make it so public. I didn’t want it to be. I think there’s a picture of me in a wheelchair at the time."

Luckily, store workers saw the violent events unfolding and rushed out to help the supermodel.


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"In the interim, you decide in a very split moment – I don’t know if I’d ever do this again in hindsight – ‘Am I going to let this guy take my bag with all my passports or am I going to fight for it?," she said.

"My decision was, ‘I am not letting my bag go.’"

"The driver was in on it. It’s a whole ring that’s been happening for a few years now,” she continued.

When asked about Kim Kardashians experiences, the The Face host replied: 

"I very much sympathize. I felt for her right away. I hated hearing these stories that it wasn't true. It was absolutely true, and it happened to me and it’s happened to a few other people that I’m not at liberty to say, but are well known also."

The thieves who robbed Kim Kardashian are still at large. 


Along with Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell was instrumental in creating the 'supermodel’ phenomenon.

Setting themselves apart from other women in the industry throughout the 80s and 90s, Naomi and her counterparts enjoyed worldwide fame, and soon became synonymous with fast living, front pages and fashion runways.

But at the age of 46, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Londoner might now be happy to take a step back and allow the Kendalls and Gigis of the world to flourish, but that’s just not the Naomi we all know and love.

Reminding the public she still has what it takes to wow the masses and astound the fashion pack, Naomi took to the runway during Milan Fashion Week, and epitomised the supermodel aura she helped to create.

Walking for Versace, Naomi showcased Donatella’s latest creation in athleisure, and let's be fair, she absolutely slayed.


I love you !!!! @donatella_Versace #thankyou Home away from home. #family #love #forever@Versace_official #teamDV

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Would you LOOK at those cheekbones?!




Last week's Video Music Awards saw Naomi Campbell walk to red carpet; but it wasn't her outfit that made people stop and stare – it was her lips.

The famed model rocked a red glitter lip and every beauty addict on the world wide web swooned uncontrollably.

Even Rihanna had a little fit over them:


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However, you can now rock the glitter lip too. 

The world-famous make-up artist Pat McGrath just launched the glitter kit two days ago and it has become the talk of the beauty world.


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Coming in at €53, the Lust 004 Lip Kit is a bit steep, but each kit contains TWO lipsticks, a vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment (dreamy) and the glitter.

You can also choose from three colours; Flesh, Vermillion Venom (Naomi's choice) and Bloodwine.


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We think we're in love with a lipstick…



Naomi Campbell just made the same mistake as Scott Disck (who knew that would ever be a sentence?!).

The superstar model took to Instagram the other day to share a pair of new runners she received.

But, she made a massive boo-boo by posting the entire email she got to tell her what to write for the caption.


But then, she made another Scott Disick error and deleted the original post, only to pop it back up again without all the niceties.

We ALL know what you did, Naomi.

Ah, well. We all make mistakes, right?


Along with pretty much everyone else in the country, we were oh-so in awe when the world's leading supermodel (don't let Gisele tell you different) landed in Dublin last week.

Yup, Ms Naomi Campbell is now the brand-new face of Newbridge Silver – and she's going to be hanging 'round these parts a lot more too: the 45-year-old Londoner has a signed a two-year deal to front the brand.

This morning, a gorgeous behind-the-scenes video was also released by the Irish accessories giant… and suffice-to-say it has us on a major fashion high.

In the minute-long clip, Ms Campbell can be seen donning a load of fabulous Newbridge pieces – not to mention an oh-so-cool hard metal bodysuit (only Naomi could pull it off, frankly).

The resulting snaps – which will be used as part of the brand's forthcoming Little Blue Box campaign – haven't been released just yet, but if the sneak-peak, on-location footage is anything to go by, we're already VERY excited to get a glimpse of them. 

Meanwhile, Naomi this week caused a social-media storm when she shared a topless snap on Instagram – a platform on which she boasts some 2million followers – as well as on Twitter.

The model, who has been in Manhattan working during New York Fashion Week, was getting behind the gender equality #freethenipple campaign – and her photo lasted an impressive 22hours before being removed by Instagram officials.

Thankfully, however, the image remains on her Twitter account.  



Fashion icon Naomi Campbell has just been named as the new face of Irish brand Newbridge Silverware, and was in Dublin to celebrate last week.

Over the next two years, the style queen will front campaigns for Newbridge, kicking off with their Little Blue Box drive. Welcoming "one of the the most beautiful and recognisable faces in the world" to the brand, Newbridge CEO William Doyle said Naomi was an "ideal fit."

Before she rushed off to film a Late Late Show pre-record with Ryan Tubridy, Naomi spoke to gathered Irish media in the sumptuous surroundings of Dublin's Merrion Hotel. 

And when it came to questions we couldn't resist asking one or two toughies.

Such as, for example, what a recognisable face like Ms. Campbell would get up to if she was suddenly invisible for a day. Check out her answer below…



She was unveiled this afternoon as the new face of Newbridge Silver

And now official snaps of Naomi Campbell taken in the Merrion hotel in Dublin's city centre have been unveiled – and let's just say that they're totally gorgeous!

For the event, the 45-year-old supermodel had worn a €4,250 black, wrap-effect leather dress by Alexander McQueen, teaming the number with purple suede shoes and – of course – Newbridge accessories. 

Over the next two years, Ms Campbell will front campaigns for the Irish jewellery company, kicking off with the Little Blue Box drive.

She'll also be launching an as-yet still under wraps project next month. And in a personal capacity the Londoner she's looking forward to visiting the famed Newbridge Silverware Museum Of Style Icons.