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So, we're all more than a little obsessed with Kylie Jenner's famous lip kits, but now there is a new version that's a little closer to home.

Penneys have launched their own version of the metallic liquid lipstick duo, and we're obsessed.


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The shades look as though they could have come Kylie Jenner's personal lipstick vault, with dupes for two out of three of Kylie's metallic shades.

Molten Lava is the perfect substitute for Reign, and Molten Bronze could easily pass for an affordable version of Heir. 

Penneys clearly have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to lip trends, and these kits are sure to sell out as quickly as Kylie's.


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We're also dying to get out hands on them for festival season and at only four quid a pop, we might just have to get both shades.

We'll see you in the queue, basket full of lip kits in tow.

Feature image: Instagram / secondnamemakeup

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Topshop is the latest brand to give makeup mogul Kylie Jenner a run for her money in the makeup department.

The high street store have come out with a lip kit, but they're attempting to spice up our lives by making the kit completely unique.

Topshop Lip Kit in Same Difference €25.00

Topshop are adding a new dimension to the lip kit concept by adding glitter into the mix.

Realistically, the more glitter in our lives the better, and these kits are bringing it in droves. 

Topshop Lip Kit in Perfectly Flawed €25.00

The kits provide lippie lovers with a lip paint, liner, mattifying top coat and lip glitter.

The kits come in six shades, and we may have to order them all.

We can only imagine how amazing these glitter lip kits would look for festival season!



So, we're all more than a little obsessed with Kylie Jenner's famous lip kits, but now there is a new version that's a little closer to home.

Penneys has just launched their own version of the liquid lipstick duo, and the best part?

They're only €4.00. Yes, you read that right. 


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The gorgeous lip liners and liquid lipsticks are available in store now, but they're definitely going to fly off the shelves. 

They kits currently come in two shades, Cookie Dough, a gorgeous nude, and Chocolate Brownie, a deep 90s brown, and we'll certainly be stocking up on both. 

The world went a bit mental when Kylizzle released her kits, so now that Penneys has them we don't know what kind of craziness is about to go down.


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We're expecting fully fledged scrums to obtain the last battered package on the shelf.

Irish beauty blogger Makeup Love Story gave the kits a little review over on her Instagram, and admitted she was pretty impressed with them.

"Tried the Penneys Lip Kits. Lip liners are creamy and easy to apply and the matte lipsticks are very opaque," she said, captioning a snap of the shades on her Insta. 

Well, if it's good enough for the beauty bloggers!

We'll see you in the queue. 



Kylie Jenner has been the talk of the beauty business lately with the launch of her hotly anticipated Valentine's Day collection, but the teen has also gotten some flack after some customers complained of an intense odour omitting from her coveted Peach Palette.

Now, angry Kylie Cosmetics fans have called out another potential issue in the reality TV star's range.

Kylie faced a lot of drama before Christmas when her limited edition Holiday Collection selling out in mere minutes as fans clamoured to get their hands on the pricey, festive beauty bits.

Since customers have received their products, some have taken to Twitter to point out that one new mini lip kit shade Blitzen looks suspiciously like old autumn shade Spice from Kylie's regular line. 

The pre-existing purple hue is sold for €27.00 on Kylie's site, while the limited edition shade was sold as part of a set of minis for a marked up €44.00. 

Fans are accusing Kylie of some pretty shady behaviour, as they feel that she repackaged Spice in the holiday collection and simply renamed it, rather than concocting a brand new, exclusive colour. 

Whether or not this is actually true remains to be seen but the photo swatches that have been posted online look like pretty similar shades.

Perhaps Kylie just has a penchant for berry-toned purples? 

Kylie and her cosmetics camp have yet to comment on the issue. 



Teen queen Kylie Jenner may be the master of all things makeup, but OG brand M.A.C Cosmetics is coming for the reality TV star's crown.

The high-end beauty brand has created its own lip kit bundles to rival Kylie's (and Chloe Ferry's, and Megan McKenna's).

 M.A.C has paired up some of it's most classic combinations of lipstick and lip liner to be sold together as a kit. 

MAC Lip Kit – Mehr & SoarTaupe & Hover and Twig & Half Red, €28.66

M.A.C lippies are an iconic makeup bag staple, so taking on the modern obsession with lip kits was a wise move.

Also, the lip kits are a mega bargain at €28.66. With lip sticks retailing at about €20.00 each and liners going for €17.00 each, those are some serious savings on premium makeup.

As if we needed another excuse. 

MAC Lip Kit – Whirl & Whirl, Velvet Teddy & Boldly Bare, and Honey Love & Subculture 

The lip kits are currently only available to Macy's customers for now but considering the fact that the kits were a smash sell-out success, fingers crossed they make their way to Irish shores.

Don't let us down, makeup Gods. 



The lucrative popularity of liquid lip kits has not been lost on some of our favourite reality TV stars.

While it all started with Kylie Jenner, the likes of Megan McKenna and now Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry are getting in on the action. 

The 22-year-old Geordie lass brought out her range of eyelashes earlier this year, and just expanded her Chloe Ferry Cosmetics range to include liquid lipsticks. 


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The lipsticks have received a mixed response online, with some Kylie Jenner fans accusing Chloe of copying the youngest member of the Kardashian clan.

One tweeter even described it as being like "single white female," in reference to the infamous movie featuring an obsessed female stalker. 

"I love Kylie and she is one of my idols, I often get comparisons to her with how I look so now to be also bringing out my cosmetics line is a dream come true," Chloe told Reveal.

"Hi everyone! So I've got some amazing news! I'm bringing out my own lipstick collection. It's very affordable and it's exactly like Kylie's," the star said on her Snapchat.

At least the similarities haven't gone unnoticed by the Geordie Shore star.

"This is just the start!" she said, so maybe there are more than lipsticks in the pipeline. 



Ah, another day in the life of Kylie J…

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram yesterday to share a bunch of selfies to promote her Kylie Lip Kit and phone cases.


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She went down the racy route and snapped pictures of her in her house wearing either only fur (we hope it's faux) and white lingerie.

However, in one of the snaps, Kylie is standing in front of her bathroom mirror, posing very á la Kimmy K.

But, WAIT. Who the Hell is that standing in her bath tub?!

Is it Tyga? A randomer? A man? A woman? Someone helping her get good light to take the shot? WHO?

What a weird picture to put up online…



Last week's Video Music Awards saw Naomi Campbell walk to red carpet; but it wasn't her outfit that made people stop and stare – it was her lips.

The famed model rocked a red glitter lip and every beauty addict on the world wide web swooned uncontrollably.

Even Rihanna had a little fit over them:


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However, you can now rock the glitter lip too. 

The world-famous make-up artist Pat McGrath just launched the glitter kit two days ago and it has become the talk of the beauty world.


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Coming in at €53, the Lust 004 Lip Kit is a bit steep, but each kit contains TWO lipsticks, a vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment (dreamy) and the glitter.

You can also choose from three colours; Flesh, Vermillion Venom (Naomi's choice) and Bloodwine.


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We think we're in love with a lipstick…



Move over MAC, Kylie Jenner is on the lookout for her flagship makeup store.

Yesterday the reality star brought her Snapchat followers shop-hunting as she toured LA with momager Kris Jenner in search of the perfect place for Kylie Cosmetics.

Filming empty shop space, she said: “Looking for Kylie Cosmetics stores right now… make-up stores about to be lit!”

And demonstrating what a productive business woman she already is, later that day 18-year-old Kylie snapped pieces from the latest Kendall + Kylie collection – telling fans just how much she loved the jacket and striped pants in the frame.

If Kylie's first physical store enjoys anywhere near the success her online shop has, the teen's star is only set to keep on rising.



The break-up blues must be hitting Kylie Jenner hard lately as she has just revealed some wild new lip colours.

The reality star took to Instagram to show off two new lip kits: 'Freedom', which is deep navy and 'Skylie', which is a bright powder blue.

In a video posted on the social media site, Kylie explained that the new colours are fo the 4th of July celebrations in America.

She also revealed that 'Skylie' is based a a blue Ferrari, and we have to say, it's not for the faint-hearted.

Kylie seems to love them, but other than going to a festival, we doubt we'll ever don these colours.



Well, it seems that Kylie Jenner is really taking her new business seriously. 

The reality star is ALL about her lip kit these days, so much so, that she's even shared a video of herself in the lab putting together the products. 


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Ms Jenner even has her name embroidered onto her lab coat. Fancy.

To be fair, she's kinda reminding us of ourselves in third year science class, but some how she looks sooo much better in a lab coat and hair net than we ever did. 


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We're presuming she's packaging up Posie K, which she has teased on Instagram recently.

And if her last collection was anything to go by, we're guessing the next Valentine's special lip kit will sell out very, very fast.



She's been teasing her new lip colours for a while now, after her first batch was a major hit. 

First, she shared a photo on instagram of the colours in BLACK AND WHITE, so we really had no clue what they would look like. 

But now, she's showed us Posie K in all its bright glory. And we're kinda loving it.

It looks a tad darker than the promo image, but we're guessing it will look different depending on skin tone.

We've no doubt her new shades will sell out as quick as her last batch did.

All we need to do now is get our hands on some!