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“Accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives!"

This was the style advice which legendary actress Joan Collins had to share with SHEmazing earlier today at the unveiling of her collection at the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons.

"Focus on the good parts rather than what you don’t like,” she replied when asked what advice she would give to any budding fashionistas.

The actress was on hand to unveil her incredible collection which boasts a range of fashion and jewellery  belonging to the Dynasty actress that are a must-see for any fan of fashion or indeed film.

And certainly, Ms Collins did turn heads when she arrived in Newbridge earlier.

She was wearing an outfit which she designed herself and had previously debuted at Buckingham Palace when she received her DBE (meaning she's a legitimate Dame).

The white peplum hemmed dress and matching capped jacket were paired with some very elegant Newbridge Silver pieces, naturally. This particular ensemble is one which Ms Collins said will be auctioned in December at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills.

Some of the pieces include personal favourites such as the couture halter dress which she wore on the red carpet of the Doctor Dolittle premiere.

Another personal favourite which the star included in the collection- a beaded Yves Saint Laurent jacket; which was her "go-to Christmas party piece for over 20 years."

Speaking about her personal style, the actress noted that she believes it does require a certain amount of disciple to maintain such ‘effortless’ glamour.

She added a healthy lifestyle would help and avoids excess sugar whenever possible- and it certainly shows as the 82-year old is quite radiant despite joking she had recently experienced something of a "cola hangover" after she had her first soft drink in almost two years. 

She noted Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren as some of her favourite designers along with Donna Karen as they design clothes “for women and not for teenage girls.”

Working alongside some of Hollywood’s most well-known faces, including Elizabeth Taylor and recently Elizabeth Hurley in the E! drama series The Royals, the screen legend said it is "incredibly difficult" for young actresses to get started now.

Meanwhile, she noted that older actresses are still feeling the pressure to be as thin as possible for certain roles:

"I have heard from some fellow female actresses that even though they weigh 8 stone, they may be told to lose even more weight."

Helen Mirren and Judi Dench were two actresses whom Ms Collins noted as rising above the film industry's body image trends and producing great work in fascinating roles. Something which she herself seemed keen to do-  in Ireland no less.

While she has not worked in Ireland before, she did reveal that it is her intention to work on a project based here in the future. 

"A modern Thelma and Louise type buddy film about two women who travel from Ireland through England and into France to find happiness," is how she describes the film. 

While no official word was given as to who would take on the role of Joan's pal in the project she did note that she's a big Meryl Streep fan- aren't we all?

CEO of Newbridge Silverware William Doyle said of the collection: “It is an honour to have the legendary Dame Joan Collins represented at the Museum of Style Icons. The collection is filled with a number of show stopping pieces and we are proud to introduce them all to our visitors.”

The Museum of Style Icons will display the Collection of Dame Joan Collins free of charge to the public until Sunday 8 November. The exclusive exhibition will give fans the chance to see the prized pieces before they go on sale at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills. You can find more information on the Newbridge Silverware website here


Along with pretty much everyone else in the country, we were oh-so in awe when the world's leading supermodel (don't let Gisele tell you different) landed in Dublin last week.

Yup, Ms Naomi Campbell is now the brand-new face of Newbridge Silver – and she's going to be hanging 'round these parts a lot more too: the 45-year-old Londoner has a signed a two-year deal to front the brand.

This morning, a gorgeous behind-the-scenes video was also released by the Irish accessories giant… and suffice-to-say it has us on a major fashion high.

In the minute-long clip, Ms Campbell can be seen donning a load of fabulous Newbridge pieces – not to mention an oh-so-cool hard metal bodysuit (only Naomi could pull it off, frankly).

The resulting snaps – which will be used as part of the brand's forthcoming Little Blue Box campaign – haven't been released just yet, but if the sneak-peak, on-location footage is anything to go by, we're already VERY excited to get a glimpse of them. 

Meanwhile, Naomi this week caused a social-media storm when she shared a topless snap on Instagram – a platform on which she boasts some 2million followers – as well as on Twitter.

The model, who has been in Manhattan working during New York Fashion Week, was getting behind the gender equality #freethenipple campaign – and her photo lasted an impressive 22hours before being removed by Instagram officials.

Thankfully, however, the image remains on her Twitter account.  



She was unveiled this afternoon as the new face of Newbridge Silver

And now official snaps of Naomi Campbell taken in the Merrion hotel in Dublin's city centre have been unveiled – and let's just say that they're totally gorgeous!

For the event, the 45-year-old supermodel had worn a €4,250 black, wrap-effect leather dress by Alexander McQueen, teaming the number with purple suede shoes and – of course – Newbridge accessories. 

Over the next two years, Ms Campbell will front campaigns for the Irish jewellery company, kicking off with the Little Blue Box drive.

She'll also be launching an as-yet still under wraps project next month. And in a personal capacity the Londoner she's looking forward to visiting the famed Newbridge Silverware Museum Of Style Icons.









She may have been delayed for more than an hour – but in the end Naomi Campbell proved to be very much worth the wait.

The supermodel flew into the capital – a city she once called home – on a private jet (natch) yesterday morning and this afternoon was unveiled as the brand new face of Newbridge Silver

Over the next two years, Ms Campbell will front campaigns for the Irish jewellery company, kicking off with the Little Blue Box drive.

Proud as punch Newbridge CEO William Doyle said this afternoon that the supermodel was "one of the the most beautiful and recognisable faces in the world".

He added that she embodies "grace, style, beauty and strength," and was thus an "ideal fit" for the brand.

And certainly, Ms Campbell looked radiant this afternoon wearing black leather sleeveless dress by Alexander McQueen. 

Facing around 40 members of the media, including the likes of Anne Doyle, Glenda Gilson, Andrea Roche (who booked her on behalf of Newbridge Silver), Holly White, and Michele McGrath, the model said she misses her time in Dublin.


We delighted to announce one of the worlds biggest supermodels @iamnaomicampbell is the new face of #newbridgesilverware #NSbluebox

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"The city has changed so much and grown so much, though," she added. "I remember walking down Grafton Street and popping into a load of the different pubs – I always remember getting free pints of Guinness. I never used to pay!"

She also made sure to look up old friends; Ali Hewson, the wife of U2 frontman, Bono, being top of her must-see list.

Undeniably, and now into her fifth decade with an incredible 30-year career under her belt, Naomi looks breathtaking – something this afternoon she attributed to plenty of yoga and Pilates as well as a "balanced" approach to food and diet.

"Not too much sugar," she stated, "plenty of water and sleep – but I live my life too."

Though she swore she's not high-maintenance when it comes to her off-duty beauty regime.

"Yes, I do love fashion," she confirmed, "but I like to go fresh-faced when I'm not working – I like to let my skin breathe."

The 45-year-old beauty, a former love-interest of Irishmen Adam Clayton and Michael Fassbender, this afternoon makes her way to RTE to pre-record a segment for The Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy.

As well as boasting one of the most impressive and lengthy catwalk careers of any model, Ms Campbell also has something of a reputation for court-appearances.

Earlier this year, the Londoner was convicted of scratching a photographer's eye in Sicily six years ago.

She even was handed down a six-month sentence by an Italian court – though the term was subsequently suspended.

Still, Ireland certainly suits her and it seems that Naomi will be spending significantly more time here now that she's signed the dotted line with the Kildare-based brand.

Up first: she'll be launching an as-yet still under wraps project next month, and in a personal capacity says she's looking forward to visiting the famed Newbridge Silverware Museum Of Style Icons.

"I have to see Michael Jackson's glove!" she laughed. 

Ms Campbell, who has reportedly been courted by Newbridge for some time and has taken a generous six-figure sum for the gig, of course takes over as the face of the company from Amy Huberman.

Mr Doyle praised Amy for her "major contribution" to Newbridge, but also said it was time for a change. "That's just the nature of brands," he explained.