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There are few things in life more frustrating than waking up after heavy night only to realise that your brand new suede shoes have been scuffed beyond recognition. 

It's a sure-fire way to put a damper on an otherwise great night, but thanks to one clever Twitter user, we'll never have to mourn a pair of killer heels ever again. 

Kiera O'Hagan shared her genius tip after realising that an everyday product worked wonders at removing stains from her nude sandals – and it's very likely to be sitting in your bathroom cupboard. 

“Micellar water has just took [sic] all the stains out my suede heels. Everyone needs to try this,” she wrote. 


And it's not just for heels. Apparently the brilliant trick works on suede runners too. 

May users have thanked Kiera for sharing the 'life-saving' tip, with one even crediting the hack with saving a pair of heels she was about to throw out. 

We'll definitely be trying this!



One Galway nightclub has been praised for its new cloakroom policy that allows you to trade your killer heels for some ballet flats when all that dancing takes its toll.

DNA (formerly known as Karma), unveiled the new service on the clubs official Facebook page yesterday, and it proved to be a popular move.

The post reads: “Ladies, when your heels become too much, check them into the cloakroom quoting your shoe size and we will swap them out for a pair of new flats while we mind your heels for the night. Dancing…it's in our dna!”

One user commented, “I need this in my life”, and honestly, we couldn't agree more.

The ballet flats are available to purchase from the cloakroom for just €5.00, and they'll even mind your heels until you're ready to go home.

Bye-bye blisters and hello painless walks to the taxi rank. 

We just hope more clubs will follow suit.



The weather has been crazily changeable lately, so while we'd rather be in sandals at this stage of the summer, we're still rocking our favourite boots to ward off wet feet in the spontaneous downpours.

Penneys has us looking to the future when it comes to footwear, and with the reveal of the A/W collection came a pretty parade of up-coming footwear styles we're dying to try (weather be damned).

Here are a few of our favourite pairs, in stores over the coming months. 

Floral boots €19.00

 High heels €22.00

Floral boots €17.00

Pink boots  €19.00

Orange ring boots €17.00

Floral high heels €20.00

Pearl studded ballet flats €12.00, Bag €12.00


Wish your man had a face like David Beckham?  Well, the solution might be closer to hand than you think.

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has revealed that the secret to her husband’s enviable complexion actually comes from her own beauty bag, but says she has no problem with David dipping into her stuff as “he looks so beautiful” because of it!

In a new interview with This Morning, the fashion designer spoke candidly about her husband’s love for women’s beauty products and her five-year-old daughter’s special talent.  


Pie & Mash Friday on set

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on


Speaking at New York Fashion Week, the star confessed: “David does steal my beauty products…It doesn’t annoy me, he looks so beautiful, that no, it doesn’t annoy me.”

And while high heels still manage to turn the best of us into a team of unstable giraffes, young Harper Beckham has officially got her heel strut down.

Her mum said: “Harper loves beauty!  She loves it, I’m very close with all of the children but the great thing about Harper being a little girl, she loves to play with makeup and that’s really great mother and daughter time.”


Happy Birthday baby girl  We all love you so much  X @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham kisses from mummy X

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

“She is very, very girly, she also loves to run around in the garden with her brothers and play football but she is very very feminine and she loves playing with makeup and my clothes as well – she has been able run in [Alia] platforms for a few years right now, she can wear heels like most grown-ups cannot.”

According to The Mirror, the 42-year-old also told This Morning that contrary to popular belief she does actually smile on a regular basis.

She said: "I mean I actually do smile quite a lot, I know that that really does shock people… Smile! I think it is really good to be happy, I feel very happy, lucky, blessed, I really do, I’m very, very lucky.”


@glennscottwright I LOVED this!!! @victoriamirogallery X kisses from London VB

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on


Between her heel-wearing daughter and her “beautiful” husband it seems Victoria has plenty to smile about.



If there’s one brand which inspires classic fashion like no other it’s Chanel, and during the iconic fashion house's Autumn/Winter ‘15 campaign there was one shoe that caught everyone’s attention.

On the day Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into a giant Parisian café, each of his models walked down the runway wearing the same pair of nude and black sling back mid-height heels.

The simple shoes were the latest reincarnation of the brand’s legendary two-tone sling back shoe which – according to Chanel – give the impression of smaller feet and longer legs.

Thankfully for those of us whose budgets won’t quite stretch to high fashion, there is currently a wonderful highstreet dupe of this classic shoe available in Zara for just €25.95.

Besides the price point, the main obvious difference between the Zara and Chanel shoe is that the Zara version has a closed rather than sling back, but given that we are now in the season of Autumn/Winter we think the closed back could actually be preferable.

But if the shoe’s back is your favourite feature there’s no need to worry as Topshop have a similarly styled pair of flats for €68. 

You're welcome!


We love wearing heels. We just hate the fact that by the end of the day, or night, they have got us in some serious pain most of the time.

However, this could possibly become a thing of the past.
The world’s first pair of convertible shoes have been invented! Yes, someone has finally done it, they have created the ultimate style-hack, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Canadian designer Tanya Heath decided to develop the shoes with detachable heels (of various heights, FYI) when she got sick of suffering from crippling heel pain.

Speaking to The Sun, Tanya explained: “I just could not manage the pain anymore but I did not want to stop wearing heels.”

After buying all of the various gel pads and inserts she was fed up and found that despite shelling out all the cash to avoid the pain, nothing was working.

"I used to always say I wish I could just take the heel off and finally my husband encouraged me to look for a solution. I think he was fed up with me complaining and buying so many shoes and he saw this as an answer."

The shoes took 3 and a half years to develop and Tanya needed to help of over 20 engineers and shoe designers to construct the perfect heel.

"Expect a lot more diversity from us this fall but the brand will remain essentially Parisian. The 4cm heel while not flat is very, very comfortable, great for walking and gives you a tiny bit of lift.”

They are currently available online and from Tanya’s boutique in Toronto.

If you wondered about how well they work, university graduate Catherine Reid put them to the test on a night out in London and sang their praises. She wrote a review of the shoes for website The Tab, and she was seriously impressed.

Another reason to love them, Catherine brought her smallest handbag out to see how convenient the heels really were and said they take up less space than she imagined:

"I took out my smallest clutch bag as a test to see if they fitted in alongside my make-up, keys and phone and they fitted in perfectly."

All you have to do is pick your desired heel and then when the going gets too tough, swap the lower and more comfortable heel. So now there's really no excuse for throwing some shapes on the dance floor. 


We do love a good pair of heels around these parts, we can’t even try and deny that. There’s something about slipping a pair on and feeling like you really pulled together an outfit that’s a bit addictive.

Or when you find your favourite pair under the bed, put them on and know your look is really finished. That’s nice before you walk out the door.

However, one issue, they can be so painful. While there are many reasons why we love heels, sometimes we actually can’t stand them. We concluded these are just some reasons why high heels are actually the worst.

Running, jumping, dancing or just general activity doing is not that easy in heels

Men say they love them.Then why are they always wearing runners?

There are many surfaces completely off-limits in heels, including stairs.

It’s hard to look professional when you’re totally off balance

They don’t actually make you look that much taller, which is just ridiculous

They are SO uncomfortable, so eventually you just:




Ok, so we have picked out a few things you need to purchase on your next pay day, and, yes you guessed it, they are all SHOES!

We know the good weather isn't always promised but June has been good so far so we definitely think it's safe to invest in a few sandals.

With mid-season sales beginning everywhere at the moment, we don't think you need much convincing either…


First up, for those summer nights out, you need a good pair of wedges. These will see you through the long BBQ/evening pints that turn into a full blown night of dancing as they are SO comfortable!

River Island – €60

Zara – €50


Lace up

These are absolutely EVERYWHERE and they are gorgeous. You definitely need to get yourself a pair of lace up heels for a night out or the flats version for heading to a festival.

Penneys – €18

Missguided – €50




We have seen a lot of this trend this spring/summer so far, and that's not about to change now. Our only rule with fringe is – choose ONE item of clothing. Wearing a fringe leather jacket and fringe suede jacket to go with your shoes is definitely a bit much. 

Zara – €50

New look – €40



This one goes without saying, we all need a few pairs of sandals for the summer months. Definitely worth investing in a good pair if you are heading on holliers. 

River Island – €50

New look – €49



These are really comfortable and ideal for a day out which involves a good bit of walking around. 

Oasis – €56

Oasis – €56



These are the perfect in between if you don't want to wear casual flat or high heels either. 

River Island – €36

ASOS – €68




When it comes to heels, the majority of us have accepted that there is no such thing as style and comfort.

However, thanks to one British designer, we know longer have to endure any pain at the cost of remaining fashionable.

Shoe designer, Chris Shellis has created the “world’s most comfortable stiletto” with a 1,000-year guarantee. Yes, you read that right.

Shellis’ label, House of Borgezie designed the heel with a stainless Steel and sterling silver stiletto, which is fashioned out of the same materials as your kitchen cutlery.

What makes these shoes so uniquely comfortable, as well as stylish, is the slope of the shoe, plus silicone liners on the toe strap and rear heel. There’s also a removable heart-shaped sole, which can be replaced with spares after some wear and tear.

Unfortunately, price-wise these might be a little out of our range, as one pair is estimated to be £995. But Chris insists they are a “good investment”.

“Women could even hand them down to their granddaughters.”



Rihanna has never been one to shy away from strutting her stuff, so it comes as no surprise that the 25-year-old admitted that she won’t wear a bra under a shirt.

Speaking to Vogue, she says that growing up with mostly boys around her, meant the Diamonds singer didn’t really take to girly clothes and after a while, her mother didn’t expect her to either:

“I was very much a boy in my style, my demeanor. All my friends were guys. I loved things that boys did. It was my way of rebelling. I wanted to dress like my brother. After a while, it was just easier for Mom to dress us both the same,” the March cover girl explained.

She went on to say: “If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra. If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.”

Each to their own!