We do love a good pair of heels around these parts, we can’t even try and deny that. There’s something about slipping a pair on and feeling like you really pulled together an outfit that’s a bit addictive.

Or when you find your favourite pair under the bed, put them on and know your look is really finished. That’s nice before you walk out the door.

However, one issue, they can be so painful. While there are many reasons why we love heels, sometimes we actually can’t stand them. We concluded these are just some reasons why high heels are actually the worst.

Running, jumping, dancing or just general activity doing is not that easy in heels

Men say they love them.Then why are they always wearing runners?

There are many surfaces completely off-limits in heels, including stairs.

It’s hard to look professional when you’re totally off balance

They don’t actually make you look that much taller, which is just ridiculous

They are SO uncomfortable, so eventually you just: