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A man accused of harassing Sharon Ní Bheoláin on several occasions will face trial next year.

The 40-year-old Portmarnock resident will appear in court charged with harassing the RTÉ News anchor at various locations between October 2013 to February 2014.

It's understood that the man, named as Conor O'Hora, is also being charged with possession of child pornography in text communications and images.

Mr O'Hora appeared before the district court in Dublin earlier this month where he was served with a book of evidence.

His case was then sent to the higher Circuit Criminal Court.

According to The Irish Times, at the defendant’s first appearance, the district court heard “in reply to the charge after caution the accused had nothing to say and was handed a copy of the three charges”.

The case is due back before the courts on February the 20th where Mr O’Hora will enter his plea on the three charges.


Last night Six One viewers bid a sad farewell to Bryan Dobson, who has co-anchored the programme for more than 20 years.

However, it's not just Bryan who will be leaving the Six One news desk, as his co-anchor Sharon Ní Bheolain will also be taking up new roles within RTÉ.

Sharon, who started her career with RTÉ back in 1994, is set to present the Nine O'Clock News on rotation with Eileen Dunne, but will also remain as a presenter of Leaders Questions.

And while Bryan will join the Morning Ireland team on-air from November 1, Sharon will be the new presenter of Crimecall on RTÉ One.

So, who will replace the Six One dream team?

Well, RTÉ News today announced that Keelin Shanley and Caitriona Perry will take up the reins on the RTÉ Six One News from January 2018. 

Broadcaster Keelin Shanley who currently presents News at One on RTÉ Radio 1 and Crimecall on RTÉ One, will be joined by RTÉ's current Washington Correspondent Caitriona Perry, as co-presenters on the flagship programme. 

Announcing the new appointments, Director of RTÉ News & Current Affairs Jon Williams said: "For over a decade, Bryan and Sharon have set the standard for TV News in Ireland and I couldn't be more grateful and more excited as each embarks on new challenges for RTÉ News."

"I’m thrilled that Keelin and Caitriona will bring their intellect, competitive drive, and focus on storytelling to RTÉ's Six One News."

"In a news environment where we are bombarded by opinions and half-truths all day long, there’s no bigger challenge than to make sense of it all on Six One – and no better new presenting team to do so." 

Times are a-changing, ladies.

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We think we can all admit that the style on RTÉ's Six One News isn't the most… daring.

We're usually just welcomed with a suit jacket or blazer (which is all well and good – we're not there for the fashion).

However, long-time newscaster, Sharon Ní Bheoláin, dared to be different last night and wore a cropped-sleeved leather jacket, zipped all the way up to her neck.

We think Sharon looks really well, and we're glad that she decided to jump out of the newscaster box and show off her own style.

And of course, Twitter was all over it:


It goes without saying that any of the main presenters of the Six One news on RTÉ tend to be watched with something of a close eye. This is never truer than when somebody decides to make a unique fashion choice.

Exhibit A:

It can sometimes seem as if the entire nation comes to a standstill if one our most famous faces is spotted making what would appear to be a scandalous sartorial choice. For example, last night’s evening news was causing a bit of a stir for exactly that reason.

Sharon Ní Bheoláin appeared dressed wearing on outfit so shocking we were surprised the national wasn’t moved into an official state of crisis.

The issue: she wore jeans.

No, we’re deadly serious. Some viewers were really not alright with her wardrobe last night.

Though this wouldn’t be the first time she’s come under the gaze of the Irish fashion police. This has been going on for years now. 

Well, we honestly didn’t think that denim still wielded so much power but it would seem that your go-to for casual evenings can be enough to shock the Irish people on a Thursday evening.

Thankfully, many more Twitter users came to the conclusion that Sharon can pretty much wear whatever she likes while presenting us with the evening’s headlines.



We don’t pretend to know much (or indeed anything) about making television programmes, but maybe they should start telling the presenters when they are about to go live? Just a suggestion.