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A man has been slammed by Facebook users after he revealed that he wanted to ask his girlfriend to lose weight.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, made the admission on the popular Humans of New York Facebook page – a photography project featuring a number of portraits and interviews collected in the streets of NYC.

In the post, he explained how his girlfriend's weight had bothered him since the beginning of their one-and-a-half year relationship, though he had hoped he would be able to “get past it.”

He went on to explain how he loves everything else about her, and doesn't want to end the relationship over that “one little reason.”

“It’s been 1.5 years. And I feel horrible, but I just can’t get past it. And I feel like a bad person for being bothered by it. I can’t bring myself to tell her,” he said.

“We’re going to couple’s therapy next week, but I still don’t think I’ll be able to say it. Is there any right way to ask someone to lose weight for you?”

Comments immediately began to flood in, with many users expressing their outrage at the man's comments. 

 "If you're concerned about her health, approach it from that angle. If you're concerned about her appearance, you should probably just stay single," one user wrote. 

Another said: "No. You are the one with the problem, not her. Do her a favour and end it." 

Speaking to The New York Post, couples counsellor, Rachel Sussman, gave her thought gave the issue: 

“When you see your partner change significantly, it may change the way you feel about them,” she said. 

“He might find [that he’s] attracted to someone else, that he has intimacy issues, that he loses attraction to his partners after a certain period of time — or he might be super immature.”

Other users were quick to jump to his defence, with one even describing his dilemma as a "natural issue." 

"He’s asking for your advice, not your validation to hurt his girlfriend, which is obviously the last thing he wants to do. So stop attacking him for dealing with the way he feels in a really reasonable and self-reflective way."

Either way, I think we can all agree that Facebook probably isn't the best platform to seek advice for such a sensitive issue and an open and honest conversation bewtwen the pair is what's really needed.  



The Humans of New York Facebook page is easily one of the most popular on the site, and while it generally gives an insight into the lived experience of anonymous members of society, yesterday it put Barack Obama under the spotlight.

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, Barack Obama, who spent two terms in the White House, shared a message with the public which was added to the HONY page.

In an incredibly candid account of his rise to power, the father-of-two revealed that constant knockbacks resulted in a loss of confidence and sense of unease about personal goals.

“I first ran for Congress in 1999, and I got beat. I just got whooped. I had been in the state legislature for a long time, I was in the minority party, I wasn’t getting a lot done, and I was away from my family and putting a lot of strain on Michelle." he said.

"Then for me to run and lose that bad, I was thinking maybe this isn’t what I was cut out to do. I was forty years old, and I’d invested a lot of time and effort into something that didn’t seem to be working."

In an attempt to inspire others, Obama shared his method for navigating personal and professional pitfalls, continuing: "But the thing that got me through that moment, and any other time that I’ve felt stuck, is to remind myself that it’s about the work."

"Because if you’re worrying about yourself – if you’re thinking: ‘Am I succeeding? Am I in the right position? Am I being appreciated?’ – then you’re going to end up feeling frustrated and stuck."

"But if you can keep it about the work, you’ll always have a path. There’s always something to be done," Obama finished in a post which has been likes 752,000 times since its upload ten hours ago.

The post has been inundated with support from Facebook users, with one writing: "I will always be proud to have lived during the Presidency of Barack Obama. He was the true progressive and he'll be sorely missed."

"He and Michelle brought so much grace, youth, and intelligence to the White House. They're so *real* too, just genuine, fun-loving people." added another.

Donald Trump will be sworn into the Oval Office in January of next year.



Humans of New York is the hugely popular website that has shared the countless inspiring, and often funny, stories of the cities’ citizens with the world.

Founded by photographer Brandon Stanton, the site has inspired many replicas and has been recently been credited with raising almost €2 million for an activist group in Pakistan.

“I’ve fallen in love with literature. I try to read for one or two hours every day. I only have one life to live. But in books I can live one thousand lives.”(Anzali, Iran)

Posted by Humans of New York on Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thanks to social media the website has changed the lives of many and it’s been one of our favourites for a long time.

However, a new parody of the site has also been making us laugh recently.

Millennials of New York is a new Facebook page created by Alec McDonald and Connor Toole, both writers at the popular site Elite Daily.

Elite Daily is a site which is dedicated to millennials everywhere and if often not afraid to take itself too seriously, despite what others may say, apparently.

Proving that the generation is not afraid to poke fun at itself, the pair have come up with a hilarious take on the HONY approach to street photography.

Just some of the millennial lifestyle trends they’ve had a laugh at:

The social media obsession:

Interesting ideas on 'essentials':


Humans of New York has been one of our favourite Facebook pages for an extremely long time, and we think it may have just gotten even better.

The photographs posted on the site of the different people living in New York city have made us laugh until we cry… and sometimes just cry in general. 

The owner of the site, Brandon Stanton, has been travelling around Pakistan for the past few weeks taking pictures for his site and they are truly amazing. 


A photo posted by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

With a photograph and a quote, he has given us all an insight into the lives of people in a country we don't actually know too much about and it is so absorbing.

As part of his trip, Brandon visited a brick kiln factory and its workers. In Pakistan, the brick kiln industry is the closest thing to slavery that exists and the people there work in awful conditions for very little money. 

“Over 20,000 brick kilns operate in Pakistan, supported by millions of workers, and the system is largely underpinned by an extremely close cousin of slavery—bonded labour,” Stanton wrote on Instagram.

“If the labourer dies, the debt is passed on to his or her children. The practice is illegal. But due to the extreme power and wealth of brick kiln owners, the law is often unenforced in rural areas,” he said.


A photo posted by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

The Facebook page shared some inspiring stories of the individuals working there and their life struggles and it turns out, with the help of fans, he has now been able to make a huge difference to their lives. 

Brandon introduced the world to Syeda Ghulam Fatima, an activist who helps people who are stuck in the brick kiln industry and she leads Bonded Labour Liberation Front, a group who are fighting to end the practise. 

“She has been shot, electrocuted, and beaten numerous times for her activism,” he wrote. “Quite literally, she places herself between the workers and their owners.”


A photo posted by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

Before the picture of Syeda was shared on Facebook along with her story, she feared her and her group would no longer be able to help people and that she wouldn't be able to even pay for her own medical expenses. 

However, in a truly heart-warming turn of events, Brandon announced on Monday that with the help of his followers they almost €2 million had been raised online for them. 

Brandon shared Syeda's thanks on his account:

"I struggle to find the words, I don't think I have the words to tell you how grateful we are. You have donated for freedom, for rehabilitation and we are indebted. Thank you so much. The prayers of every labourer are with you and they will always hold you in their hearts."