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At this stage, we all know that Caleb Followill is far from complimentary about the track which catapulted Kings of Leon into superstardom, but if anyone is a fan of Sex On Fire, it's the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crew.

Or, more specifically,  the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crew and comedy band Everly Pregnant Brothers.

In a move which they hoped would help alert the public to the dangers of domestic fires, the two groups decided to team up and release a parody of the 2008 hit, dubbing it Chip Pan.

Commenting on the tribute, assistant chief fire officer, Martin Blunden said: “This record is clearly a bit of festive fun, but with chip pans still responsible for large numbers of house fires every year, we think there’s a safety message in there somewhere.”

"We also want to remind people that tens of thousands of firefighters and 999 operators – not to mention many more of their colleagues in the emergency services – will be on duty this Christmas keeping people safe."

The lads behind the parody are keen to remind the public that every penny made from the track will go towards supporting the older and homeless in society.

Prepare yourselves for this one, ladies.




The Mass Facebook page has been doing the rounds all week, but this post has possibly taken the biscuit.

Kevin RyanFitzgerald took to the Facebook group and posted a parody of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and we have to say, it's brilliant.

"In the west side of Rome born and raised, in the Vatican is where I spent most of my days, chilling out with priests and praying all cool and all saying Hail Marys outside Sunday school, when a couple of prodies who where up to no good, started slagging Jesus in my neighbourhood, I got in one little row and me Ma had a mare, she said you're moving with your aunty and uncle in Kildare."

The post already has 63,000 likes and has been shared over 2,000 times.

We think this song needs to win a prize.



Humans of New York is the hugely popular website that has shared the countless inspiring, and often funny, stories of the cities’ citizens with the world.

Founded by photographer Brandon Stanton, the site has inspired many replicas and has been recently been credited with raising almost €2 million for an activist group in Pakistan.

“I’ve fallen in love with literature. I try to read for one or two hours every day. I only have one life to live. But in books I can live one thousand lives.”(Anzali, Iran)

Posted by Humans of New York on Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thanks to social media the website has changed the lives of many and it’s been one of our favourites for a long time.

However, a new parody of the site has also been making us laugh recently.

Millennials of New York is a new Facebook page created by Alec McDonald and Connor Toole, both writers at the popular site Elite Daily.

Elite Daily is a site which is dedicated to millennials everywhere and if often not afraid to take itself too seriously, despite what others may say, apparently.

Proving that the generation is not afraid to poke fun at itself, the pair have come up with a hilarious take on the HONY approach to street photography.

Just some of the millennial lifestyle trends they’ve had a laugh at:

The social media obsession:

Interesting ideas on 'essentials':



Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese has made a parody of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and it is EPIC!

It’s called “Please Go Home” and tells the story of an awkward one night stand where the person just will not go home.

We think Damien would definitely approve of this cover – it is SO fetch! 



In a skit that will ring true for so many of us not blessed with height Ellen Page and Kate Mara are the Tiny Detectives.

The parody of True Detective shows the everyday struggles encountered by the women, from reaching evidence to being stuck behind tall people in meetings.

We kind of think this should be a show?! Or at the very least Page and Mara should be the lead detectives in the second series of the HBO hit. 



The cast for the upcoming rom-zom-com Pride, Prejudice and Zombies has finally been announced, and involves some of the biggest up and coming stars this side of the atlantic.

The film, based on the best selling book by Seth Grahame-Smith, is a comedic twist on the original 19th century novel where the country dances and witty wordplay is interrupted by a zombie attack.

Playing the now action-hero Elizabeth Bennett is Lily James, best known as Lady Rose in Downton Abbey.

Playing opposite her will be Maleficent’s Sam Reilly as Mr Darcy and Australian actress Bella Heathcote as Elizabeth’s sister, Jane.

The film adaptation has been slow to get off the ground, with Natalie Portman, Lily Collins and Emma Stone involved at various points.

Natalie will not be acting in the movie, but is still attached to the project as a producer.



When two couples book Gumbo the clown for 5 kids parties in a row, the neighbours have something to say.  The creators have said  that ‘All characters are fictitious. Those appearing similar to Garth Brooks fans or certain County Councils and/or music promoters is purely coincidental’. The best bit, it stars Caroline Morahan.



When the ‘First Kiss’ video appeared on the interweb it exploded and spread like wildfire. A bunch of jokers have come together and created a parody entitled ‘The Slap’, whereby a bunch of strangers meet each other for the first time and you guessed it, slap each other.

Let us know what you make of their remake.



This is the latest video from the WhatsUpMoms channel on YouTube. These mom’s have released their very own parody of Iggy Azalea’s song Fancy. The song which is called ‘I’m So Pregnant’ pokes fun at pregnancy symptoms. Check it out.


This is just genius!



Rihanna and Shakira get the lol factor in this parody of their latest single, Can’t Remember to Forget You.

“Just stay put my butt will find your butt” is just one of the brilliant lines that makes you realise how ridiculous the video actually is!



It looks as if the Academy are a little suspicious about Matthew McConaughey’s career to date.

They have a few questions they would like to ask him, True Detective style.

Matthew answers as Rustin Coehl.

So funny. This guy could take Matthew’s place next season!