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Have you ever laid in bed, pondering the thought that your bedroom would look a million times better if you had dragon-fire to light up the space? We know we have.

Game of Thrones fans may just lose their minds when they see that Etsy is now selling dragon lamps, which literally blow three-dimensional fire in an array of colours.

Just switch on the button on your remote control to change the colour of the dragon fire and set the atmosphere as you wish. We have to admit, they'd look pretty damn cool in our gaffs:

Image: Etsy

We're still not entirely over that shocking GOT finale, and we've got years to wait until Bloodmoon, the much-anticipated prequel, airs on TV. 

This lamp is the perfect reminder of the good old days when Daenerys Targaryen had three full dragons; Drogon, Rhaegra and Viserion.

Remember when one of them were White Walker baddies or fell into the ocean after being speared? Good times. Thankfully, some genius figured out a way to make a 3D printed dragon lamp with fire coming out of it's mouth:

Image: Etsy

This lamp may just be the greatest thing Westeros has ever seen…imagine how jealous everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms would be if they saw this in your house?

You can change the position of the dragons by either leaving them down on a table or placing them on the wall, so it can be a bold Night King ice dragon or a Dany Drogon with warm orange tones.

It's an unofficial GOT piece of merchandise, by the way, but we're choosing to decide that it was made by Daenerys for us personally. Get yours now on Etsy for €45, what a steal.

game of thrones dragon GIF

Feature image: HBO


Summer is here, and we're ready to give our interiors a little bit of a lift to go with the bright and airy season. 

Luckily, one of our favourite homeware havens Zara Home is giving us just that with their new collection.

Check out a few of our favourite pieces: 

 Pillow covers €22.99Place settings €15.99, Mug €6.99, Rug279.00

Pink cushion €22,99, Bed set €45.99, Rug €99.99, Green cushion €22.99

Candelabra €39.99, Chalice candle €9.99, Elephant candle €19.99, Floor cushion €69.99

Photo frame €17.99, Wall mirror €69.99, Glass pot €22.99, Ceramic vase €29.99

Tree candle €11.99, Bell bulb lamp €59.99, Coral lamp €99.99, Round table nest €149.00


As every dedicated pinner will know, Pinterest is a haven for interiors inspo and there are few rooms in a house which deserve more design dedication than the bedroom. 

Unfortunately the problem with developing a unique personal space is that it can take a lot of time and effort, so we’ve pulled together some eye-catching ideas from the online board sharing platform to help you kick your creativity into gear.

The bed: The main focus of any bedroom is obviously the bed but even if it is the room’s most practical feature, it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.  Whether your sleeping space is flat on the floor or stacked on top of someone else’s, Pinterest will know how to make it look magical.



Walls: While all white bright rooms will always be super chic, Pinterest also has a great collection of contrasting colour bedroom images.  It demonstrates that there is no need to keep walls boring as striking wallpaper can be applied to create a unique focus point in the bedroom and mix and match paints can be used on alternate walls.


Lighting: Whether it comes from a natural light source like a large framed window or an artificial base like a quirky lamp, light in a bedroom is an absolute essential.



The little things: Sometimes it can be the smallest details which give a room its authentic feel.  From stacks of magazines to framed positivity quotes if Pinterest promotes anything it’s well placed small touches.

All images: Pinterest


We all know Kate Moss is no novice in the world of design, but now the supermodel has dipped her feet into the interiors world – and she did VERY well. 

This month, the 41-year-old is unveiling The Barnhouse, a five bedroom country house in luxury Cotswolds, England.

Complementing its dreamy rural setting, the decor brings the outdoors inside with an earthy and romantic colour palette, floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors opening onto decking, a swimming pool and the 650-acre woodland estate. Nice!

Ms Moss mixed vintage comfort with pop-culture pieces such as a huge log burner centrepiece and artwork by Damien Hirst and Chris Levine – as well as her own collaborations with Chris Allen. 

Kate spoke to Vogue about how she stepped into the world of interior design:

"John [Hitchcox – the chairman of design company YOO] and I became friends through our love for the English countryside – and the pub!" 

"When he told me about the Barnhouse in the middle of the silver birch wood I was intrigued and then excited to become part of the design team. We have created a luxurious haven in the woods, a perfect place to escape with family and friends."




Winter has arrived with a vengeance, and on a rainy and windy Irish day, there is no place in the world we'd rather be than in our bed!

The colder weather definitely calls for an extra blanket or two, but why not really embrace the festive months with some seasonal touches like fairy lights, plush cushions and faux fur?

Here are a few cozy bedrooms for inspiration – we are just dying for a snooze right now!

1. Hiding out upstairs
This lodge-style attic bedroom is simply stunning – we can imagine spending many an evening tucked away here with a good book and a cuppa!

2. Let the light in
That low winter sun is one of the best perks of the season – especially when the rain finally stops! This compact bedroom makes the most of the available natural light.

3. Lie back and relax
When in doubt, just add some more cushions. The red furnishings really add a festive twist to this bedroom:

4. Get frosty
The festive season is not all deep reds and greens you know – why not go all Ice Queen with some winter whites? The artwork is just perfect for the winter months, too:

5. Outside in
Some greenery and a few hanging stars bring the magic of a wintery forest scene into this bedroom. Beautiful!

6. Warm things up
Plush furnishings, deep reds and a few pretty lights are great starting points for winter bedroom décor. We reckon we'd be very happy here!

All images via Pinterest



Our bedroom is where we come to relax and unwind, and it should be a welcoming and warm environment. After all, it’s where you spend almost a third of your life!

Making your bedroom bright and beautiful is easier than you think. Even if you’re stuck in the tiny box room, make use of the space and light to have to create an area you’ll look forward to waking up in every morning!

Here are a few tips…

1. Be wise with your lighting
In the colder months, soft bulbs and fairy lights can go a long way to making your room appear cozy and warm. We love this cluttered but cute look:

2. Make it personal
Some strategically placed photos and artwork can really make a space your own. If you don’t have shelving to put photo frames on, try hanging the pictures from wire or string rather than just sticking them up with Blu-Tac. Instant sophistication!

3. Choose the right colour palette
If your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, don't overdo it on from darker colours that will just make the room appear smaller. We love this mixed palette of white and yellow with touches of sober grey. Gorgeous!

4. Customize!
That boring wardrobe, headboard or chest of drawers is a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch! Geometric designs are deceptively simple to create – simply mark off the areas with masking tape and get painting:

We love these wallpaper-lined drawers, too – so easy:

5. Be wise with your storage
By keeping as much floor space as possible free, your room will appear far bigger. Simple bookshelves and storage units – like these from Ikea – are handy for everything from books to clothes to cosmetics. We love the baskets too!

6. Ditch the wardrobe
If you can’t spare the space for shelving, a stand-alone hanging rack is a perfect alternative – or get really smart with this rack that sits above the floor.




Florals will never go out of fashion and it’s not surprising – there is something so feminine about pretty flowers as they brighten up any dull space.

It’s quite easy to go overboard, so stick to these tips for a subtle hint of the trend.

Floral patterned cushions are a great way to incorporate the trend. Throw a few on your bed or even on your couch – if your roommates let you…

Bring some florals into your room by investing in a gorgeous flower duvet cover or even a light blanket.

Lamp shades
Purchase a few cheap shapes and pop them on a couple of the lamps in your home. Subtly at its finest!

If you are really brave, floral curtains would be a good way to bring flowers into your home. A whole wall of flowers? Amazing!

Table cloth
Decorate your table with a cips clean table cloth and a vase of fresh flowers.

Now the summer is here, it’s time to brighten up your space and have a little fun.



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