Petra Eccleston, the daughter of the Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, shows us all that money can’t buy class. The 24-year-old bought a 56,000sq ft mansion three years ago for a mere €65 million and decided to do it up herself, but not for the better of it.

The 123-roomed home originally belonged to Aaron Spelling – American film and TV producer – who designed it to resemble a French chateaux, although this was quickly destroyed when Petra moved in.

The model spent €17m redecorating her home which included installing a Marilyn Monroe themed hair salon, two 5ft Pamela Anderson sculptures, white marble flooring and a dog pampering room. However, we have to admit some of the things she has in her home has us feeling pretty envious like the bowling alley, pool room and her very own nightclub.

Talking about the house, Petra said: "I know the house is huge, but with the other houses we looked at that were a similar size to this, you felt like you were in a museum. They didn’t feel homely. I think because there was a family here previously it was warmer and cosier."