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In terms of commitment, buying a house is up there with tying the knot. For that reason, house-hunting can feel strangely like dating. Just like those folks in your Tinder feed, there are so many potential homes out there to choose from. Each has their own unique characteristics. Some look fantastic on the outside but need a lot of work on the inside. Others might bore you slightly at first but eventually charm you over time.

Perfect Property, Ireland’s leading property search platform, has discovered the four types of house you’ll probably encounter in your house hunting adventure.

The Charming Older House

It’s a little older than what you’re used to, but you just can’t help yourself. You’ve been totally seduced by its charms and classic appeal. Like a fine wine, it has aged beautifully and only taken on more irresistible character over the years.

Your friends and family may have reservations about its structural stability and longevity. Sure, there may be a few creaks here and there, but you just can’t stop thinking about its timeless features. One thing is for sure, they don’t make houses like this anymore.

The Out of My League House

You get butterflies just looking at it. The proportionate aesthetics, the well-defined features, the size of it – ugh it’s hard not to hit that super-like button. Simply drop-dead gorgeous. You can’t help yourself dreaming about the luxury, the sophistication and the opulence.

But in reality, you know that the chances of even setting up a viewing are slim with a few too many zeros in the price tag. Maybe someday you will own a house like this, but for now you’ll have to be content with the photos and the fantasies they inspire.

The Diamond in the Rough House

It might feel a little beneath your usual high standards, but you just can’t help to see its potential. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, however, given enough time and effort you can surely turn it into something special. If you can picture the end result, there’s nothing that a newly purchased toolkit and a few YouTube videos can’t fix.

Your parents may initially disapprove of what they think is a sub-par choice for their offspring. But in a few years, you know that they’ll come around to appreciate what a wonderful home your house has become.

Despite the work required, you should be able to negotiate a decent price on properties like these and put your own stamp it exactly the way you want,” comments James Durr, English / Irish developer (Property Solvers).

The Take Home to Meet the Mother House

Practicality and functionality are the order of the day here. This is the kind of place that your mother would love to boast about down in the parish centre.

It’s well refined without being flashy. It’s interesting without having a host of hidden secrets. It’s charming without being cheesy and you can always rely on it no matter what. Once you get to know it, you’ll fall deeply in love with it. The only problem is that independence may be short lived with your mother knocking on the front door frequently.

Find Your Perfect Match

With so many properties to choose from it can be a daunting task to commit to one that you know you’ll love for the rest of your life. The good news is that unlike dating, a home won’t ghost you after a first viewing or still have an ex-owner in the picture.

Whether you’re starting your house hunting adventure or you’re a seasoned veteran, be sure to find a property that doesn’t just suit you right now but one you can grow into. With Perfect Property’s Perfect Match feature, your ideal home is only one search away.

For more beautiful homes like the ones mentioned above, visit perfectproperty.ie., Ireland’s most innovative property search platform.


Have you ever sat back and wished that the wizarding world of Harry Potter was real? Well, so have we. 

With that in mind, we have some siriusly (lol) exciting news for you all! 

Harry Potter's childhood home is officially on the market, and it's actually super cute, and we NEED to live there. 

You can buy the Potter family home childhood home in Godric’s Hollow, if you have a cool £1 million lying around, and don't mind the fact that it was the place where Voldemort killed the Potter parents.

The listing on the real estate company Carter Jones’ website is for the De Vere House in the village of Lavenham in Suffolk, England.

While James, Lily, and Harry Potter didn’t really all live there (or did they?), the house was used in both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the setting for the Potter’s Godric’s Hollow home.

Needless to say, the house is in much better shape than the time Harry and Hermione saw it ruined by dark magic and time in The Deathly Hallows — Part One.

The home is furnished to perfection, in the most rustically chic way! 

BRB, heading to Gringotts to enquire about a mortgage. 

Living room area


Dining room


Room with fireplace and couch




Back of home


Backyard table


Backyard lawn with chickens



Kylie Jenner and Tyga were spotted during the week going house hunting together which sparked numerous reports that the couple are moving in together . 

The duo were checking out pricey pads near Kylie's home in Calabasas, which is making everyone believe that they're taking the next step.

But one source told HollywoofLife that that's not the case: “Kylie is helping Tyga look for his own place to buy or lease in the Calabasas neighbourhood. They are not moving in together, he is just looking for a new place closer to family."

We're not surprised that Tyga has to look for a new home as there has been many reports that he was kicked out of his last place because the landlord couldn't put up with his antics anymore.



Ah, house-hunting. Things always start off so well with dreams of bay windows, heaps of natural light and giant cloud-like beds.

Then all of a sudden you find yourself handing over your entire month's wages as a deposit for a glorified prison cell that smells like old cheese. The joys!

If you're unlucky enough to be looking for a new rental at the moment, here are some of the stages you're no doubt going through…

1. False hope
I know the markets tough, but I'll probably get lucky, right? RIGHT?

2. Trying and failing to find ANY houses on Daft, let alone nice ones
But the world is full of houses? Why in God's name are none of them up for rent?

3. Re-evaluating your budget after about five minutes of searching for places
So… we're going to need to rob a bank. Now.

4. Going to some seriously dodgy house viewings…
"Oh, yeah, I love this kitchen-dining room-bathroom-bedroom combo. It's so cosy."

5. And yet still having to queue behind fifteen other hopefuls
Why, cruel world?

6. Frantically emailing landlords within ten seconds of a new listing going up on Daft

7. Finally getting an offer in AND getting accepted
Your prayers have been answered! Who cares how much the deposit is? We just won't eat for a few months.

8. Hiding your depression at the fact that your new place is really very grim
Oh… it's fine. We'll just hang up some fairy lights and have loadsa candles. It'll be FINE. *runs away sobbing*