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Saoirse Ronan has put her Greystones home on the market and I’m ready to move in- has anyone got a lend of €1.5 million?

The beautiful five bedroom house is located along a sweeping tree lined driveway, surrounded by high walls and manicured lawns.

Photo 2

Each room in the Mary Queen of Scots star’s home looks as classy as the next.

The Little Women star certainly modernised the home which was built in the 1970s.

Photo 13

We’re honestly obsessed with that kitchen- just look at those blue cupboards.

Photo 24

And the emerald green sofa in the sitting room? Obsessed.

Photo 21

Don't even get me started on the adorable garden.

Photo 35

The house features five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a reception hall, two interconnecting reception rooms, a dining room, a reading room, a private garden

Photo 43

One of the most elegant rooms is the living room, located at the rear of the house. The room features a stunning marble hearth and open fire place at its focal point.

The huge kitchen would be the dream place to drink your early morning cup of coffee.

The listing states;

Photo 49

‘As you ascend the elegant timber framed staircase upstairs, the first floor is home to five bedrooms – all of them substantial, with fitted wardrobes and four with full en suite. One of the bedrooms close to the master bedroom has been converted to a large walk in wardrobe with a luxurious en suite bathroom with separate shower comparable to a hotel suite in uptown New York. On the second floor there is room for a home cinema, gym or full guest accommodation with fully functional kitchen.

Photo 8

‘Details externally include a beautiful west-facing veranda that runs almost the length of the front, the wooden sash windows and granite sills, the red-tiled roof, tall chimney stacks and filigree ridge tiles.

Photo 18

‘Once you arrive at the property there is a real sense of peace and tranquillity where the only sounds pervading the quiet calm are the birds in the day time and the noise of the ocean nearby by night.’

Photo 29

It really is the dream home. If only I was a millionaire. The Lady Bird actress has impeccable taste. 


Lady Bird stars Saoirse Ronan and Timotheé Chamalet will join forces again for a remake of one of the best novels.

The duo are set to star in Greta Gerwig's adaption of the beloved Louisa May Alcott book Little Women.

Variety reported that Meryl Streep, Emma Stone Florence Pugh will also join the Lady Bird actors in the remake.

Little Women follows the lives of the March sisters -Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy- and their mum during the Civil War. Their father is away at war and the family face many difficult times, but their sisterly bond helps them get through the highs and lows of teenage life.

The four sisters travel down different paths and soon realise that growing up isn’t as easy as they once thought it would be.

Saoirse Ronan recently gushed about her love for coming-of-age movies, so this will be the perfect fit for her.

She told RTÉ Entertainment about her love of movies similar to The Breakfast Club and Lady Bird.

“I loved things like Rebel Without a Cause and Dirty Dancing. Lots of films that, I suppose, were about a young person figuring out who they were in the world. That seemed to be what I was really drawn to,” Saoirse expressed.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Gerwig’s adaption of Little Women will win the hearts of fans across the globe, especially with such an impressive cast.

We cannot wait to hear more about it!


Lady Bird is one of the most talked about films of the year. The coming-of-age tale touched the hearts of millions across the world.

I couldn’t hold back the tears when I first went to see Lady Bird at the cinema. The tears just wouldn’t stop rolling and it wasn’t because it’s an upsetting movie, it’s because Lady Bird is real.

It’s the coming-of-age movie that we’ve wanted to see for years. It’s brutally honest and has real heart, so it’ll come as no surprise to hear that star of the film Saoirse Ronan is honoured to be part of such a life-changing film.

She gushed about playing the rebellious and relatable Lady Bird in an interview with RTÉ Entertainment.

“It really has sort of become a film for the generation, which is so cool, and so cool to be involved in something like that."

Coming-of-age movies like The Breakfast Club and The Perks of Being a Wallflower hold a special place in the hearts of youths all across the globe.

“I loved things like Rebel Without a Cause and Dirty Dancing. Lots of films that, I suppose, were about a young person figuring out who they were in the world. That seemed to be what I was really drawn to,” Saoirse expressed.

She continued: “Things like Clueless – I think that was such an important film for so many young people when that came out. More than anything, it was about three girls being themselves, and they all had such distinctive characters."

The Oscar-nominated Lady Bird raked in $76.9 million at the box office, Saoirse won a Golden Globe for her performance in the film and writer-director Greta Gerwig has inspired millions of women to get their work out there, but more importantly, Lady Bird became the movie that our generation has needed for years.


Saoirse Ronan's latest film has already broken a seriously impressive record. 

Rotten Tomatoes is notorious for it's hyper critical reviewers, but Lady Bird has become the best rated movie on the site. 

The movie has a 100% rating from 164 critics. 


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Toy Story 2 previously held the record for the most positively rated movie on the website.

'1999′s Toy Story 2 originally made the record with 163 Fresh reviews, and today, Lady Bird – Greta Gerwig’s coming-of-age circa 2002 film, starring Saoirse Ronan – sets the new standard with 164 Fresh reviews (and counting),' reads a statement from Rotten Tomatoes.

The film follows Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird as she navigates the transition from teenhood to adulthood, as she struggles to live in her generic hometown. 


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Longing to leave for the bright lights of the East Coast, self-titled Lady Bird gets into a spot of trouble as she navigates the murky waters of familial relationships and battles with her volatile emotions. 

'In Ronan's marvellous performance, tough and transparent at the same time, we can see the blurred outlines of the equally assured filmmaker behind her,' reads one review. 

Could this be the film that nabs the Carlow native an Oscar?