Rules for the ultimate bedroom


Oh how we love our bedroom, it’s all ours and we can do with it and, ahem, in it what we please. But if yours is anything like ours it is a mismatch of leftover paint colours and haphazardly arranged furniture.

However, instead of enviously pawning over gorgeous bedrooms on Pinterest, why not get to work on your own – but make sure you read these five rules before you start anything.

Stock up on testers
Before you go crazy decorating your room in bright colours, test it out first. Yes that bright red might look all cool and retro in the pot but not so much all over your walls.

Place focus on the bed
Invest in some new and clean bed linen – Penneys have a pretty good stock, obviously budget-friendly. It will look expensive and inviting even if your walls and furniture are bland looking. Pile it with pillows for an added touch of luxury.

Go with what YOU like not what’s ‘in’
Unless you really love it, avoid going for a style that is 'in' as it will just as quickly 'go out'. Remember to always think ahead otherwise you will end up either disliking your room again. And you’ll have to do it all over again.

Make it functional
Make sure everything is easily accessible otherwise your room will just irritate you, no matter how nice it may look. And everything will just end up on the floor. Everything.

Use natural light
Natural light is not only the best light for putting on your make-up but it helps you wake up gradually.