Who knew tying your hair in a bunch of knots could be SO cool? That's what hair stylist to the stars, Sarah Potempa created when she did this gorgeous braid for Buzzfeed, and frankly, we are obsessed.

It looks totally complicated but it's really simple when you break it down step by step:

Loop braids

This is literally just tying your hair in knots and it's beautiful.// Hair styling: Sarah Potempa

Posted by BuzzFeed Style on Sunday, 8 November 2015


First, start with a triangular section of hair from your hairline going back to your crown – just like you would with a regular French braid. 

Next, separate that section of hair into two pieces and tie them in a knot tightly. 

Once that's done, hold the two ends in your right hand and pull another section of hair from the left side of your head to create another knot.

From there,hold the ends of the two pieces of hair you just knotted in your left hand and grab a section from the right side of your head to create another knot.

Then continue this on both sides until you come to the end. And viola! a deadly braid in under two minutes.