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If there is only one woman who knows a seriously good hair flick – it is most certainly Ms Beyonce Knowles. 

From killer curls, to long sleek locks, ponytails, plaits, and chic updos, the superstar singer can work pretty much any look with a whole load of celebrated Queen Bey attitude.

And now a video has emerged from her current Formation tour that has us – and much of the internet – totally transfixed. 


About to get in hair formation… #beyoncebraids

A video posted by Connor Castle (@concastle) on

Yes, at a recent concert in Dusseldorf, the 34-year-old mother-of-one sports a SWOON Rapunzel-like, super-long braid which was secured high on the head.

More significantly, Beyonce can be seen in the video whipping the braid around from one shoulder to the next – a move with has #girlboss written all over it.

And suffice to say that here at SHEmazing we’re pretty transfixed.

Posted by Mrs Carter uber-fan Connor Castle, who attended the Dusseldorf concert recently, his Instagram profile is wonderfully dotted with all things Beyonce.



Blake Lively never fails to impress in the hair stakes, and her latest look is no different.

The actress shared with us one of the most beautiful hairstyles we have EVER seen… and she was only going on a bloomin' hike. 

Blake sported a gorgeous knotted braid for her morning workout, the result of a spontaneous concoction by her hair stylist while out on a hike. 

Blake is currently in Australia filming her upcoming movie The Shallows, and it turns out the area's natural beauty was what inspired her new look.

Speaking to Refinery 29, Blake's hairstylist Rod Ortega described how the spontaneous hairstyle was created. 

"It was impromptu! We were on this really beautiful cliff, with all these gorgeous leaves and branches, and thought, what if we create that with hair?"

And create it they did. 

The gorgeous braid looks complicated but Rod described it as a french braid with a knot added between every rotation. 

To try to recreate the look at home, start by separating the hair into three sections. Then create a literal knot in the hair before starting a french braid. Recreate the knot in the centre after every section of the braid. 

Sounds easy! 

A word to the wise though, it definitely does help when you have perhaps the most beautiful head of hair on the planet.